The Great Colorado Oil Rush of 2006

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-05-16 19:08:30

Is peak oil a scam?   www.americanchronicl… The Great Colorado Oil Rush of 2006   Moss David Posner April 21, 2006 When you are piecing events together trying to make sense out of them, did you ever get the feeling that there’s a piece missing–a piece with which, if you had it, you could make sense of the whole? For some time now it has been apparent to me that the Bushites wanted to corner the market on oil, as world oil reserves are clearly being depleted at an alarming rate; and our reserves, previous thought to be capable of supplying us for many decades to come, were finally seen as more limited than we suspected or dared to admit. The only thing that I couldn’t figure out was—if this is the case, why was the Administration so lackadaisical about protecting the oil sources we were occupying in Iraq? Clearly, our cavalier entry, ostensibly with the cynical corporate purpose of winning these vast oil fields for ourselves, was not accompanied by any plan to protect them. So, outside of driving prices sky-high, what was the purpose in possessing them? The anticipated pipelines from Russia and through the Caspian Basin were clearly a source, but not enough–and certainly not enough under our control–to make up for the losses. Increase in oil prices together with limited reserves would clearly drive the price up. But after that–what? There was a piece missing. There was a piece of the puzzle missing. The only way this plan could work would be to have a lot of oil under our direct control; and clearly that was something we didn’t have. Or did we? It has just been revealed that what is probably the world’s largest oil source, yet untapped has been known to exist in our country, owned by the Federal government, and now ready to be tapped: Colorado oil shale. In what may be over TWO TRILLION gallons of oil available known to exist in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado lies the ultimate control of this smug self-satisfied administration. According to The Wall Street Journal: “(When the oil is extracted)…America would become the world’s single biggest oil source, exceeding Saudi Arabia’s proven reserves of 261 billion barrels.” This information can be found at: The U.S. Government’s secret oil reserve The area is the Green River Formation — a barren stretch of land covering portions of Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. Each acre holds 2 million barrels of oil. That’s why the government quietly put restrictive legislation, deeming this Federal land, in 1930, and forbidding anyone from using it. Now that technological advances have taken place in oil shale retrieval technology, this is the perfect time and timing for the Neocons. So on August 8, 2005–woopsie! Bush signed The Energy Policy Act of 2005. So far three out of a total of six potential companies have been give 160 acres apiece to test-drill the land and to develop this to a commercial level. So then, why the permanent basis in Iraq, and the threats of assault on Iran? My guess is that we are to continue in our efforts to become–and remain–a global empire. We still have to deal with the ever-increasing and well-deserved enmity of Middle Eastern nations. In view of Bush’s public comments it is clear that he supports–or sanctions–actions against Iran, should they become necessary. Several journalists have debated action against Iran, with legitimate arguments on both sides of the issue: To extend our over-stretched military into Iran is out of the question. The only way this could be accomplished would be strategically to bomb presumed nuclear research and development sites. The question remains—even if we made no attempt to follow this with ground troops, if nothing else, we will have won the undying hatred of Moslem world–if there are any Moslems left that don’t hate us. In addition, there is simply no way to predict to what extent this will intensify attacks on Americans everywhere; but we can all agree that there will be escalating attacks. If we do nothing to stop Iran, if left to her own devices–literally–she will do exactly what her president said–to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. And we all know Israel is not going to allow that. Enter the Israeli military, stage left. There are those apologists who, having graduated with Honors from the Clinton Academy of Word-parsing, wade through President Ahmandinjad’s speech to say that he didn’t say what we all know he meant to say. So what are we do to? The operative word here is “we.” We assume something that makes no sense: Although we know that this administration has absolutely no concern with or for the American people, we have been assuming that, if only in the light of self-interest, our leaders will be concerned–because they need us. There are no executive elections for two more years. Additionally, the shallow distinction between political parties is overshadowed on the executive level by the fact that all of the top people are corporate lovers first, and American loyalists second. And armed with the Patriot Act, total control of the internet, new non-legal and other technology, a populist fragmented in their views, crippled by Public Education, and jointly fearful for the future, that the public will never be able to initiate a political uprising–a revolution. They can withdraw to their gated communities, and if necessary, to vast subterranean cities which currently exist. Add to this virtually limitless oil resources and the ability to control the oil market, these people can sell our fossil fuel predominantly to other nations, at at a handsome price. They actually think that, with their relatively meager numbers, with a country enslaved and with those few that still have jobs in war and petrolium industries, coupled with the continuous demand for oil from overseas markets, that they can ignore us and control us–that they can win their own war of attrition against us, and the world, perhaps even indefinitely. They just may be right. Moss David Posner Moss David Posner, M.D. is a physician currently in practice in the California Department of Corrections. He is prolific as well as versatile, and writes on a number of subjects, including philosophy, religion, and the state of medical care in the California Department of Corrections. Dr. Posner has published articles in a variety of publications, including a Journal of Transcription and the Department of the Navy. He lives in Fresno with his son Aaron, a budding Mechanical Engineer. 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