Gary McKinnon & Steve Bassett

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-05-19 14:05:00

Paradigm Research Group

PRG Update – May 19, 2006
UK Gary McKinnon Hacker CasePRG has been following the case of computer hacker, Gary McKinnon, who is facing extradition to the United States for violating national security by hacking into government computers seeking information regarding UFOs and government cover-up.  Recently he gave a fairly impressive accounting of himself in an interview to the BBC.   See:… some consideration PRG executive director, Stephen Bassett, has contacted Mr. McKinnon’s solicitor, Karen Todner, and offered his services pro bono as an expert witness and consultant to counsel as regards the political, economic, scientific and technological implications of the extraterrestrial presence and the US Government imposed truth embargo.  Further, he has offered to make available PRG’s massive database of media, research and activist contacts to assist in the preparation of Mr. McKinnon’s defense.Mr. McKinnon has broken the law and should be punished.  However, there is a real possibility the enormous pressure currently being exerted on the truth embargo may prompt the United States Government to overreact by seeking to punish Mr. McKinnon to an excessive degree.   If asked, PRG will assist to help prevent this from happening.UK MOD BSA study by the Ministry of Defense in the United Kingdom has just emerged and concludes there is no substance whatsoever to the UFO reports of the past 60 years – all natural phenomena.Based upon early returns from researchers in the UK who are reviewing the 1996-2000 UFO “study” by the UK Ministry of Defense, it has every appearance of being an attempt by the UK to create a Condon Report* type propaganda effort to counter the gathering momentum for disclosure developing at that time.  When they were finished, they realized what an embarrassing piece of crap they had created and buried it.  It came to light because outside researchers, some no fans of the extraterrestrial hypothesis, requested its release under the UK’s equivalent to the US Freedom of Information Act.If you like irony and think the comparison to the Condon Report is accurate, you will appreciate the name of the UK MOD report – “Project Condign.”   To ad to that irony, the definition of “condign” is “adequate, deserved.”   In fact, the name is so ridiculous, it is tempting to think the whole thing is a UK Government joke.   There is also the possibility the public report is a cover for a more comprehensive, classified report.  This has been done before.As regards media coverage, the contrast between the recently disgorged UK MOD UFO report and the 2000 French COMETA report is notable.  The COMETA Report raised important points as to the validity of UFO phenomena and challenged the US to act.The US press wanted nothing to do with the COMETA Report, made no effort to translate it, when it was translated and presented, wouldn’t cover it.   The exception was freelance journalist Leslie Kean – to her everlasting credit.The UK MOD report has been all over the US media – Reuters, NY Times, Drudge, MSNBC, CNN, FNN, many smaller papers.That the American press went from being a formidable force for understanding the world and challenging questionable government policy circa 1970-75 to a pathetic collection of overpaid useful idiots is one of the saddest and most dangerous political realities of the 20th Century.* The Condon Report was headed by Prof. Edward U. Condon and based at the University of Colorado (a black mark the U of C will eventually have to account for) and released in 1968.  It was an awful study but passable propaganda.   For an excellent summary of the history of the Condon Report see the following article by W. Todd Zechel:…New Publication – UFO Data Magazine new full color, 48 page magazine has debuted in the UK working to fill the vacuum left by the demise of UFO Magazine UK and the death of Graham Birdsall.   It is UFO Data Magazine and is edited by Russel Callaghan. New Documentary – UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Deniedwww.theufomovie.comThis new documentary is produced by Jose Escamilla Media Works, LLC.  If it is as good as its superb website, it is very good indeed.Stanton Friedman and Michio Kaku – Together!
www.talkradionetwork…PRG Hall of Fame recipient, Stanton Friedman, will be the guest of theoretical physicist, Michio Kaku, on Kaku’s new radio show Science Fantastic on Saturday, May 20, at 6-7 PM, EST.   The show is syndicated on 90 stations and webcast.Kaku appeared in one of the better segments on the “Peter Jennings Reports UFOs” special on Feb. 24, 2005.  Seth Shostak of SETI will guest during the hour prior to Stanton.  It would appear Kaku, who seemed to position himself in the Jennings special on the side of the ETH, is going to engage the issue .  It is well known that a significant percentage of top scientists are in the closet regarding the UFO/ET issue.   They know, but they fear to speak candidly.    Is Kaku one of them? ________________________________________________________                     Paradigm Research GroupE-mail: ParadigmRG@aol.comUR…:…Cell: 202-215-83444938 Hampden Lane, #161Bethesda, MD 20814_________________________________________________________
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