Saucer photographed at Radiohead Gig

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-07-01 23:39:52

www.coasttocoastam.c…   I am the House Photographer for Viejas Entertainment. Viejas Entertainment was putting on the big sold out Radiohead concert (6/27/06) when just at dusk the rocket launch from Vandenberg (Air Force Base) occurred. All eyes went off the stage and to the sky. While I was watching the rocket I saw a shiny object moving above and apparently way beyond the roof top of the stage. It was not a camera glitch or dirt on the sensor (just had the sensor cleaned a week ago) and you can see that the object was moving and not on the same spot on the photo as the previous shot. It was not a bird either….it’s hard to tell distances but it seemed to be further and higher then a bird would have been visible. And as I watched it move….it moved not like a bird. Kind of sauntering or floating. Then in an instant….poof….it disappeared! I even have shots of the same scene seconds later and….rocket trail still there but no UFO. On the close ups it’s clear to see that a flying saucer was watching the launch 😉 And I will say this….that rocket had a top secret payload and spy satellite on it and was the largest rocket ever launched on the West Coast 😉 They’re watching us :-)) Below are 6 photos, including the close ups. Oh I’ve sent along a few shots from the Radiohead concert as well. After watching these guys I can understand why a UFO might be hanging around !! Radiohead is like from another planet !!! Take Care–Paul Parks San Diego, Ca.

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