[Khaleej Times] Foiled UK terror plot is ‘a diversion from bloody

From: clive.denton

Date: 2006-08-12 10:46:56

Foiled UK terror plot is ‘a diversion from bloody attacks on Lebanon’From our correspondents 11 August 2006 Source: Khaleej Times Online LONDON/DUBAI — Britain claimed yesterday to have foiled a terrorist plot to blow up trans-Atlantic flights, and then brought Heathrow to a standstill even as there was no incident, and, strangely, no information was forthcoming about the alleged plot. Chaos and confusion prevailed in Heathrow as also other British airports, as several flights were cancelled and the departure of large numbers of flights was delayed throughout the day, following the announcement of the alleged plot. It had its immediate impact at airports elsewhere, mainly in the US, as flight schedules were hit. The plot, as per a minute hint that came from the police, “involved a liquid chemical device” and the main targets were trans-Atlantic flights  bound for the United States from Britain. Scepticism was palpable in several quarters, as this is the first time that the authorities remained tight-lipped about a “plot” of such magnitude. “It is a complete smokescreen to deflect attention from the fact that Britain is doing absolutely nothing about Lebanon”, said Peter Donnelly, a British journalist now working in Dubai. “We’re in a high alert situation and Blair goes on holiday? I don’t think so”, he added.  “Why no details? Is this how Bush and Blair want to divert people’s attention

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