Please pass on the word – Call for concrete action, call to indict

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-08-25 10:55:58

Attachments : The email below (everything below the first divider line) is intended to target the general public, particularly New Yorkers – not members of the 911 Truth Movement. Several folks out there sent some good feedback (built-in in this second edition here), while others remarked that the facts I presented were not exactly the full truth and maybe even misleading – e.g. the fact that most of the jet fuel exploded outside anyway. All true, but keep in mind it’s important to keep things simple in order to address as many people as possible.   My point is – even if all of the jet fuel did FEMA a favor and found its way into the offices, it still wouldn’t come close to melting a single bit of steel. That is as clear as day and requires about 30 seconds of CPU time to think through. As the saying goes: “If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention!”   Others mentioned the danger that by going after L. Silverstein and R. Giuliani we are distracting attention from the real instigators of these crimes.   While I understand this fear, with respect I don’t agree. Obviously there were and are a good number of amoral people involved, but it seems to me that these two perps are just as guilty as the rest. More importantly, like Clay Shaw, their crimes were very concrete and thus much easier to pursue than those of the perps in Washington and certain Middle Eastern capitals. We have to think strategically here: Indicting them is much more concrete than a call for another investigation, which might simply result in a newer better lie than the last one. Besides, prosecuting these folks in New York City would create plenty of trails leading to the other pips (perps-in-power).   Of course, before we get there, we have the little problem of that pesky fictitious ‘State Secrets Privilege’ that is used to suppress all anti-pip cases these days. But we’ll have to cross that bridge in any case.   One other idea: Organize a boycott of the New York Times for its criminal failure to represent the interests of New Yorkers and report on this crime. Maybe they should change their name to “American Pravda”?   Suggested Email Subject Line: Please pass on the word – We need as many New Yorkers as possible this September 11th!     5 years later, it’s time to demand that the criminals be prosecuted for demolishing 3 buildings with almost 3,000 people inside – including Larry Silverstein for 1st Degree Premeditated Murder and R. Giuliani as an accessory to the crime. Make your voice heard this September 11th!   Larry Silverstein even admitted on television that he ordered WTC7 demolished. It would take weeks to lay the required explosives – so he is basically admitting that explosives were planted long before September 11th! See: www.whatreallyhappen…   The official fairy tale maintains that fires ‘weakened the buildings’. Jet fuel supposedly burned so hot it began to melt the steel columns supporting the towers. But no fuel, not even jet fuel, which is really just refined kerosene, will burn hotter than 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit. Yet steel-framed skyscrapers have never in history collapsed from fire – anywhere in the world – since they’re built from steel that doesn’t melt below 2,750 degrees Fahrenheit.   No skyscraper anywhere, much less the World Trade Center Towers, which were 2 of the largest buildings in the world – 145,000 tons of steel and concrete. If anyone still believes the government fairy tale, he/she could make a cool million – see details at the end of this email!   Sponsor: ny911truth.orgEmail: Make plans for this upcoming weekend NOW!  See… for overview, schedule and NYC info.For general background info,… (Loose Change 2E) and… (Terror Storm)   Here’s a message from, one organizer of events in New York City from Sept. 8th – 11th: Hello all,Here’s an update for 9/11 Truth events coming soon in NYC. Click on the link for schedule, travel info, and more. Please spread the word far and wide today as we seize this opportunity to create a breakthrough for the all-encompassing cause of revealing the official deception pertaining to the 9/11 attacks. Towards truth,Les JamiesonNY911truth.o… Be part of history.
Come to NYC for the 5th anniversary of 9/11,
the new Pearl Harbor event which
shocked and awed the world.
The weekend will be one mass demonstration of 9/11 truth actionsfrom Fri. evening Sept. 8th through Mon. Sept. 11 comprised of keynote speaker events, films, forums, and outreach actions!Partial speaker list*: Alex Jones, Bob Bowman, Barrie Zwicker, Ralph Shoenman, Ian Woods, Barbara Honegger, William Pepper, Wayne Madsen, Jesse Richard,Jim Fetzer, Dr. Faiz Kahn, Kevin Barrett, Jim MarrsOn the Sunday, Sept. 10th we’ll previewLoose Change Final Cut and be entertained by Immortal Technique.On Mon. the 11th, we need to have thousands of truth patriots in black T-shirts at Ground Zero, New York Cityat 8 am for a dignified, respectful display of solidarity with the victims and their families. Let’s end the cover-up, investigate the evidence, and create a wave of justice to prosecute the real crimes!Join us as we make September “9/11 Breakthrough Month”on the street, on the web, and in the eyes of the world.   The Million Dollar Challenge Jimmy Walter, of, has issued a Million Dollar Challenge: The first person to prove explosives were NOT used in the destruction of the World Trade Center with a full, detailed mathematical analysis covering all of the points will receive $1,000,000. The proof will be subject to verification by a scientific panel of PHD engineers, physicists, and lawyers. This contest has been in existence since the summer of 2005 and so far nobody has been able to explain that the collapse of the towers took place as a natural occurrence. Not even for $1,000,000! Full details are available at…   “History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period … was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.” – MLK

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