Follow-up: Theories of Telepathy and After-life

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-09-11 19:13:03

One of the people on this list sent this:    How can these subjects ever be ‘balanced’ and challenged when so many of these people are closed minded and hostile? Don’t they  know that american scientist J.B. Rhine proved way back in the 1930’s that telepathy was scientifically demonstrated? Recall this statement:”There is something – how much, we do not know – definitely extraphysical about humans. There is an order of reality in humans life not subjected to the laws of time and space.” – J.B. Rhine Ph.D., American Weekly magazine story titled: Scientific Evidence Man Has a Soul, August 25, 1946.Regarding afterlife:”Lets us remember, a single scientifically demonstrated fact of the existence of even an evil discarnate spirit will do more to prove the continuance of life after death than all the sermons on immortality that have been preached in the last ten years. That single demonstration would be the death knell of materialism.” The late Dr. I. K. Funk, as quoted by Dr. Wickland from the Chicago Daily Tribune, March 30, 1905.”The supernatural is only the natural not yet understood” Advanced intelligence on the invisible side continually urge that broad-minded investigators on the physical plane co-operate with them in establishing research centers in asylums, churches, universities and other institutions”  1924, Dr. Carl A Wickland, M.D. – 30 Years Among the Dead, Newcastle Publishing Company, INC.The problem – could it be that the real problem is – many are actually broad-minded enough but are too afraid to co-operate? Too afraid of their physical plane masters?In peace.Dan

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