FW: Starchild Hardcover Book

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-04-04 08:34:44

Attachments : From Lloyd Pye….     This is both sides of a promotional postcard featuring the Starchild book’s brilliant front cover designed by Daniel Huenegardt. I’m sending it only to friends and acquaintances I think might consider forwarding it, or posting it, to people and places where it might be appreciated. I guess this means websites and/or blogs that you might be associated with.   We’ve shifted from a lax printing schedule to a very tight printing schedule to give people a bit more time to figure out what an outstanding financial value the Collector’s Edition of this book will be for them in a year or two. The window now closes for good on April 15.   If you haven’t yet taken advantage of the opportunity to pre-order one of these books, let me urge you here for the last time to do so. What else can I say? If you order one of these limited edition, signed-and-numbered copies, you’ll have something that will always be worth more than you paid for it. If you buy one of the later editions of it, that copy will never be more than just another volume in your collection.   Thanks for any help you can give with circulating these to places you think they should go.   Lloyd Pye lloyd@lloydpye.com      

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