9/11 Physicist Contacted To Appear On The View – Ask for More

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-04-06 18:03:35

It has been announced that Steve Jones has been asked to appear on “The View”.   www.prisonplanet.com…   Whilst this will be good for exposing more new people to 9/11 Truth issues, we cannot forget Steve Jones reluctance (failure?) to answer certain basic questions and his involvement with the Cold Fusion energy cover-up. I therefore suggest, if you are interested, you should point these issues out to Rosie O Donnell and ABC – we want to try and avoid a repeat of the cons that have been  done and half-truths that have been told.   You can possibly e-mail through links on the left here:   abc.go.com/daytime/t…   but when I tried this, it didn’t work (an error was shown when I clicked “send”). You are limited to 500 characters with this:   abc.go.com/site/cont…   Therefore, after at least an hour searching, I found these contact addresses too   ABC DAYTIME
contact: Abbie Schillertel: 818-460-7736 fax: 818-460-5204 and ABC Media Relations:
Karl NilssonEmail:Karl.T.Nilsson@abc.c…   Dear Sir/Madam,   I am glad to know that “The View” has begun to tackle the issue of 9/11 Truth. I have heard that Rosie has invited Physicist Steven E Jones to discuss some of the Science behind certain events of the day.   You may not be aware that there are several reasons to question Steve Jones’ research, which cannot answer basic questions about what happened to the WTC. For example, Jones has been heard to say there was no fine dust generated during the destruction of the towers, but this is contradicted by the evidence which shows the dust was hanging in the air for many minutes and hours. Other Professors, such as Morgan Reynolds and Judy Wood have also studied 9/11 in detail and agree 9/11 was an “Inside Job” which had little or nothing to do with Muslim Hijackers. However, they have written a critique of Steve Jones’ research, pointing out flaws which indicate that his theory does not go *far enough* to explain all the physical evidence at the WTC. Please read a summary of this critique here:   www.nomoregames.net/…   Prof Reynolds and Wood along with Investigative Writer Ed Haas have recently submitted, through attorney Jerry Leaphart a legal challenge to NIST’s NCSTAR1 report which challenges many of the assumptions that NCSTAR1 is based on. A description of this can be found here:   www.prweb.com/releas….   You can hear Jerry Leaphart discuss these RFC’s here, with Prof Jim Fetzer:    www.checktheevidence…   I hope you will consider this information carefully and consider inviting Prof’s Fetzer, Reynolds or Wood  and perhaps Jerry Leaphart onto a subsequent edition of your show, so that they may give you “their take” on matters related to this.     Or see this page:   www.checktheevidence…   For a more detailed look at some of the background to all this, please see this article:   www.checktheevidence…   Ensure you check out the links and evidence for yourselves.   Thank you very much for reading this.   Regards   Andrew Johnson UK            

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