The Hardcore of 9/11 Truth?

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-04-29 23:53:27

I think this is a good commentary… posted at 911insidejobbers yahoo group — In 911InsideJobbers@yah…, “Lynn Ertell” wrote: QED. What I’m trying to say here is… Yes. The Media Brainwash (fake TV planes and an electronically pumped narrative) is definitely the Key to this. BUT… I think we can use the ExoW and other operational aspects of the attacks themselves, as a vehicle to get people to LOOK at the media fakery. The ExoW expose is our most powerful weapon to get to the fakery, when we cannot get people to accept the fakery up front. Because the TVFakery is central to grasping the mind-control involved. Which makes the realization so shocking and painful, that people run away from it as fast as they can. The realization of Media Mind-Control (via cartoon planes melting into butter-creme Towers) is so jarring, that I suspect it scares more people and with greater intensity .. Greather than the instantaneous gestalt that the buildings were “blown to Kingdom Come” which can be side-tracked into arguments about .. by .. whatever … (thermate, ExoW .. you know … all that technical stuff) (which then can be extended to “whoever ..”… thus mystifying the faces of the perp … in a titanic feat of kultural trivialization.. The core psychological truth here is that the Media Psy-Op is more crucial than the Debord-ishly spectacular “operational details” of the attack(s) themselves. While the standard textbook need to cloak and mask the “operational details” (ExoW, thermite side-shows, etc.) lights us a path to the personnel and psychological (Cointelpro-style) methods which will be used to sustain future control. So they try out their methods on the “truth movement” first. Just like in any Red team/Blue team exercise. The political rottenness of people like Jones and the cowardice of those like Fetzer .. can be exposed only by isolating their endorsement of the insanely stupid “crash physics” of the 2nd Tower Hit. Every day … every creeping moment .. that they FAIL to speak out and expose the horror of the media fakery; and implied truth that there were no planes… every creeping moment makes them more culpable in the crimes that will proceed. That is not a scientific or theoretical issue. That is a personal one … A question of ethics and morals. Any educated “scholar” who has failed, by now, to expose the Mass Media Mind-Control success of the “2nd Tower Hit”, is prima facie exposed. Today on RevereRadio, someone argues that simple repeated showings of the Tower “going down” (eruptions/collapses/disintegrations) But then the speaker links “explosive squibs” to “Steven Jones thermite analysis”. What simple-minded analysis. So what if they used varied and multiple modalities (thermate, microwave, pulse laser, amplified LRAD) …… If they were bold enough to use the population of lower Manhattan as guinea pigs in such a grand experiment; why not show off ALL their achievements. For the benefit of all families represented on the commission, around our world. When what is really being missed here is the Centrality and Continuity of the Psy-Op. 9/11: The Media Hoax. Precisely: getting people to grasp that they were snookered by stuipid CGI tricks. Without that, who gives a flying f**k about “explosive squibs” or “directed energy effects” ? So that is why I endorse the overall strategic argument made here (even though I still think the ExO angle is crucial to deciphering the POLITICAL and PSYCHOLOGICAL angles manifest in Cointelpro-style manipulation and brainwashing of 1) First (experimentally, the “9/11 truthling” movement, as a test- case, try-out, dry- run, preliminary casting) 2) Next: As a model for the Next Stage of Myth Manufacture and Management… for the rest of the population as a whole. That would be my main disagreement with stilldiggin’s strategic thing on this. The political structure of “Los Alamos 9/11 Truth” (the Truth which dare not speak its Name), I see as a test-case and paradigm for how they permanently brainwash the masses of minds. ================ > No virus found in this incoming message. Checked by AVG Free Edition. Version: 7.5.467 / Virus Database: 269.6.2/779 – Release Date: 28/04/2007 15:32 No virus found in this outgoing message. Checked by AVG Free Edition. Version: 7.5.467 / Virus Database: 269.6.2/779 – Release Date: 28/04/2007 15:32

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