Extraterrestrial False Flag Operation to Begin in August, 2007?

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-06-24 23:18:25

exopolitics.org/Exo-…   Extraterrestrial False Flag Operation to Begin in August, 2007? A whistleblower has recently emerged alleging secret preparations are underway for a false flag operation to justify a military response to “alien invaders” by August 2007. The whistleblower claimes that s/he was asked “to write up ‘spin’ and propaganda that would help win the country’s leaders over to our new ‘war effort'” against extaterrestrials. The whistleblower posted his/her message at the Above Top Secret forum and has generated immediate interest by many (see: www.abovetopsecret.c… ). While the whistleblower’s statement appears plausible at first hand, there really is little need to demonise extraterrestrials to justify a false flag operation if an upped military response is desired by those in control of extraterrestrial related information. The extraterrestrial abduction literature is so pervasive and dominant in UFO studies that it has created a set of powerful cultural stereotypes of extraterrestrials. The primary stereotype is that of advanced “alien geneticists” performing a range of invasive medical procedures to abducted women with the aim of creating a future hybrid race to replace current humanity. Anyone having studied Sam Keen’s classic book Faces of the Enemy would recognize that cultural steretyping has already been established for depicting extraterrestrials as the “new enemy” systematically violating the rights of human subjects, especially “blonde blue eyed American women”. As a result of the decades of abduction research by Budd Hopkins, David Jacobs, Whitley Streiber, etc., the dominant cultural stereotype has already been created for a new enemy: the extraterrestrial performing invasive genetic experiments on humanity. Even those depicting the abducting extraterrestrials as friendly, Richard Boylan, Steven Greer, John Mack (deceased), Leo Sprinkle, etc., have promoted their own stereotype of extraterrestrials creating a new or ‘transformed’ human species (homo alterios ) that will replace the aggressive primitive race we know as homo sapiens. We can add to this mix of cultural stereotypes the work of UFO veterans such as Stanton Friedman, Richard Hall, Allen Hynek (deceased), etc., who all point to abduction research as credible and validated by empirical evidence. This makes abduction research the scientific benchmark for understanding extraterrestrial motivations and activities. Consequently, the dominant public images of extraterrestrials is shaped through the prism of the abduction phenomenon. When the stereotypes emerging from the abduction literature (both anti- and pro- ET versions & and the UFO research community) are publicly identified, that’s all the military needs to justify a stringent national security agenda to counter a perceived alien threat. The “enemy images” needed for a militarized response is implicit in the stereotypes found in abduction research through the invasive procedures on individuals and the hybridization program that is underway. These stereotypes will allow black budget programs to be accepted into the “white world” of government funded programs. This would prevent intrusive Congressional inquiries into what’s been happening behind the scenes in the military-corporate sector that is funded by a black budget estimated to be well over a trillion dollars annually (see: exopolitics.org/Repo… ). Maintaining present black projects and funding is the overall national security goal of those in control of extraterrestrial information. Poltical disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence will occur in a way that maintains the present system of black projects associated with advanced extraterrestrial technologies, secret national security laws repressing human extraterrestrial encounters, and mind control programs. The whistleblower claiming to have beeen tasked to depict extraterrestrials as the enemy implies that work is needed to prime the public for a military response to the extraterrestrial presence. In my view, that overlooks that we have already been conditioned by decades of extensive abduction research to view extraterrestrials as at best enigmatic, or, at worst, as a new enemy in the mould of Douglas MaCarthur, Philip Corso and Ronald Reagan depictions of the new alien threat. In either case, a heightened national security response can be justified in order to maintain the present “military industrial extraterrestrial complex” that has been secretly assembled without any public or congressional oversight. The parameters of extraterrestrial disclosure have already been well established in terms of the stereotypes created for exploiting the public over the motivations and activities of extraterrestrials. The idea promoted by the whistleblower mentioned above that s/he was charged to “to write up ‘spin’ and propaganda that would help win the country’s leaders over to our new ‘war effort'” is unnecessary. The negative stereotypes for manipulating the public are already well entrenched. They are promoted by mainstream UFO researchers and those investigating the abduction phenemenon. If those in control of extraterrestrial information decide to up the ante in terms of a heightened military response to extraterrestrials, little more has to be done than point to the facts associated with the abduction phenomenon as the primary justification. An uninformed public and Congress will follow the recommendations of those accepting the abduction phenomenon as the primary modus of human extraterrestrial contact. This ignores decades of research on a different category of human extraterrestrial encounter which is non-invasive and respectful of individual rights. Indeed such research points to human looking extraterrestrial extensively interacting with humanity and even living among us (see: exopoliticsjournal.c… ) Sadly, such research is routinely ignored or minimized by those promoting abduction research as the Rosetta Stone for understanding the extraterrestrial presence. The foundation for developing a heightened national security response and/or new war effort towards extraterrestrials through false flag operations is already in place. Michael E. Salla, Ph.DKona, Hawaii June 24, 2007 www.Exopolitics.Org   Forward as you wish. 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