Abduction Cartoon Released by Disney/Pixar

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-07-01 22:52:40

  presidentialufo.com/…   Abduction Conditioning July 1, 2007 PIXAR’s “Lifted” is released. Last night, June 30th, I sat in a full theatre of kids to see the new 5 minute short just released by Disney/PIXAR Animation Studios. It is the story of an alien in training, as he attempts his first abduction of a human sleeping in the upstairs of a lonely country house. While his alien instructor agonized in pain over what was happening, the kids in the theatre roared with laughter at every move. The piece was amazingly funny, and it led me to carefully watch the reaction of the children around me. Would they now be willing to accept abduction as just another part of life to be laughed at, rather than the terror that has been used so often in UFO abduction books to describe the phenomena? My conclusion – they loved it and so will you. Be sure to see it along with Ratatoulle which is the movie it precedes.

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