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From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-07-02 09:24:39

#ygrps-yiv-1185289116 DIV { MARGIN:0px;} Please share by e-mail but don’t post to Websites.   Tom Carey – Roswell Testimony Coast to Coast – Jun 30 2007.mp3 (19.9 MB) (Modified: Jul 02 2007 01:05:13 AM) Linda Moulton Howe ‘Strange Craft’ Sightings and Bees – May 25 2007.mp3 (12.9 MB) (Modified: Jun 29 2007 05:02:55 PM) Jesse Marcel Jr & Stanton Friedman – Roswell Coast To Coast AM – Jun 21 2007.mp3 (19.6 MB) (Modified: Jun 29 2007 04:22:35 PM)   Steve Bassett – Disclosure and Politics – Coast To Coast AM – Jun 14 2007.mp3 (12.9 MB) (Modified: Jul 02 2007 08:57:49 AM)   I have re-organised the audio2 section (note: not the /audio section) on checktheevidence and split things into folders:   www.checktheevidence…   so if you are re-using old links, they won’t work.   Andrew —–Original Message—–From: Lloyd Pye []Sent: 01 July 2007 22:16To: ad.johnson@ntlworld….Subject: Fw: Re: Andrew:   Any chance to get this tape from you?   Listen, you are now in the book. Amy and I just kept looking at each other saying, “We HAVE to put Andrew in it! Andrew deserves to be there!” So we just went ahead and shoehorned you in with that paragraph where I say the other people who contributed money apart from Belinda and Kevin and Pat Snuffer. So it looks like of like you contributed money, but in a way you did with all the time you spent on us.   We feel a HELL of a lot better about it, and we hope you do, too. That’s one thing that has just nagged us and nagged us and nagged us. The first 2000 hardback copies will not have you in them, but all subsequent copies, and all paperbacks, which are the ones that will sell the most of by far, WILL have you in there front and center where you belong.   WHEW!!! What a load of karmic relief that is!!!!   Lloyd…     —– Original Message —– From: Ted Robinson To: Lloyd Pye Cc: John Wong ; Chad Deetken ; Charles Davis ; Gordon Tong ; Johnston Reesor ; Marni Hay ; Dan Robinson ; Grace Zakrzewska ; Marvin Levant Sent: Sunday, July 01, 2007 10:47 AM Subject: Re: Re: Lloyd, I don’t know how David will react, but he WILL stick to his guns – that’s your challenge for the future! In case you missed Coast to Coast with Art Bell last night, it was -at last – the best best proof that we are gonna get that the government has been lying about Roswell. The guest was Tom Carey, author of a new book available from Amazon. com entitled “Witness to Roswell – Unmasking the Cover-up”. According to Tom Carey, (and the book), Walter G. Howe, a military person who was present at Roswell in 1947 left a sealed envelope when he died in 2002. In it, he detailed his eyewitness account of the events that occurred on July 21, 1947. His eyewitness account was in the form or a sworn statement, which was witnessed by a notary public. He states that the incident did occur, that there was a UFO crash, that there were two debris fields, one on Brezel’s ranch, and one 40 miles away in Chavez Canyon. The first site contained many small pieces of the strange metal descibed by Brezel junior and others, plus 3 occupants, beings about 4 feet tall, with large heads and small bodies, The faces had only two small holes where the nose would be, and a small slit for a mouth. The second site contained a craft wreckage, possibly an escape pod, and 4 beings, one of which was still alive. It is not clear how long the letter remained alive, but it communicated by thought, and said that it accepted its fate. At last, the truth! The 60th anniversary of Rowell that you are attending will no doubt be a very exciting event, as both you and Tom Carey arre guest speakers. Sorry I will not be in attendance!   —– Original Message —-From: Lloyd Pye To: Ted Robinson Sent: Saturday, June 30, 2007 12:25:52 PMSubject: Re: Re: #ygrps-yiv-1185289116 DIV { MARGIN:0px;} Ted:   Glad to hear you liked it! You were one I very much worried about because you thought it should be strictly science. I think this way works much better for a general audience, much more involving them emotionally as the story progresses.   What do you think David will think about how he is depicted? As I’ve said to Chad, I did my best to not demonize him, but he does come out as the villian in the piece, if there must be one. I’m sorry for that, but we all have to face that his mistakes, or whatever they were very nearly derailed us. I know he’s not one to take criticism lightly, and he ordered two copies of the Collector’s Edition, so I know he’s read it by now. I just hope he’s not TOO mad about it and could see, in context of the whole story, that I was very even-handed with him.   As for EYKIW, I’m still working on the files for what I’ll change. Mostly I’ll add new material. Not much of it needs to be altered or removed. Same book with more parts to it, mostly, things like the electric universe, add the Skookum body cast to the hominoid section, things like that. I’m very much looking forward to digging into the actual writing of it.   Roswell is going to determine a lot for us. We’re very nervous but also excited about it. We’ll know in a fortnight how we did, so I’ll let everyone know when we get back.   Lloyd…     —– Original Message —– From: Ted Robinson To: Lloyd Pye Sent: Saturday, June 30, 2007 1:48 PM Subject: Re: I have read the text and I think it is GREAT!. Glad we picked up the typos – very polished and professionally presented. I am very pleased with photos, especially the SEM cross-sections of the bone showing the weird fibers and the red residue. You must have had a heart attack when some guy told you it was a modern specimen! Amy sounds like a great lady and I wish you every success in life and in romance. I can wait for the new improved version of EYKIW. What changes are you making.   —– Original Message —-From: Lloyd Pye To: Ted Robinson Sent: Friday, June 29, 2007 9:57:08 PMSubject: Re: #ygrps-yiv-1185289116 DIV { MARGIN:0px;} Ted:   FINALLY!!! I don’t know what the trouble is with your mail service, but it sucks!   Glad you like it. It’s really beautiful, isn’t it? SUCH a great cover! Brilliant in every way!   Anxious to hear what you think of the text, so read away!   We leave for Roswell on Monday. As for EYKIW, just wait for the updated version, which will be available in a few months, by October if all goes as we plan. I still have a few copies of the old version if you really must have it, but if not pressed, wait for the improved one.   Lloyd…     —– Original Message —– From: Ted Robinson To: Lloyd Pye Sent: Friday, June 29, 2007 8:08 PM Finally got THE book! It is really cool! Conratulations on a job well done and good luck @ Roswell. Let us know how the world receives it!. I was shoing the book to my girlfriend, and she asked if she could see EYKIW. I went to my bookcases, but could not locate it. I am sure it was there before my last move! Are copies still available? If so, how do I get one?

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