FW: PRG Update – July 17, 2007

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-07-17 14:26:01

 We could be building up to something….    July 17, 2007
Newsletter of Paradigm Research Group  X-PPAC and Bassett in the Washington Post   PRG’s political action committee, X-PPAC, and executive director Stephen Bassett were featured in a front page article written by William Booth in the Sunday, July 8, 2007 Washington Post.  This article is significant for a number of reasons:   1) nothing makes it onto the front page of a major daily such as the Washington Post without being cleared by the front page editorial committee. 2) William Booth remarkably balanced the fun & games, serious core issues and some fringe thinking which made up the 60th Roswell Anniversary Festival.  Notably, he showed he has been paying attention to exopolitical developments. 3) in PRG’s view the article was a milestone for the Post because it represented the first time the paper: – used the term “truth embargo” in the ET context – used the term “disclosure” in the ET context – placed Bassett or X-PPAC on the front page – put Richard Dolan into a front page article – put Dr. Roger Leir into a front page article – referred to the abduction issue on the front page Also of note, Booth referred to squestered ET technology, the black budget, special access programs, implants, failure of the mainstream media, the O’Hare Airport sighting, the French CNES sighting reports release, Richard Dolan’s book UFOs and the National Security State, and much more.   Most important to PRG Booth brought up the “ET Ticket” from an article recently published in UFO Magazine, Fate Magazine, the American Chronicle and at the PRG website.  This article is part of a larger effort by PRG to bring the ET issue into the ongoing (and endless) 2008 presidential campaign.   See “Fox and Friends” below Post Article at >>> “ET Ticket” article at >>> Fox News Picks up on the “ET Ticket”  Two days prior to the Washington Post article, Bassett was interviewed on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” morning show.  The “ET Ticket” was featured as per arrangement with the producer.  Consequently, a graphic was up during the interview highlighting the point.  PRG could not be more pleased. Fox & Friends Interview >>> 11th Hour Vacation Convention in the Yucatan  Stephen Bassett will be in attendance and a back-up speaker at an unusual conference in Mayan Riviera, Mexico, November 10-17.  The event is seeking attendees who are working as researchers, activists lectures and leaders in various fields of alternative thinking to come and interact in rotating, small groups with the speakers.  Bassett is slated to speak at the 2008 convention in Greece. Conference Site >>>   Washington Post Article

“At Roswell Festival, Doubt is an Alien Concept” by William Booth, Sunday, July 8, 2007, Page AO1.     Fox & Friends ET Ticket Executive Director, Stephen Bassett, was interviewed on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” on Friday morning, July 6. PRG Video Archive This word  searchable archive of mainstream news coverage of extraterrestrial phenomena and exopolitics since 1942 is now 1300+ articles  the largest archive of its kind on the Internet. X-Conference 2007 Hotel and conference bookings are being taken for X-Conference 2007, September 14-16, Hilton Gaithersburg near Washington, DC  11th Hour Vacation Con-vention in the Yucatan Check out a one-week deluxe conference in the Mayan Riviera slated for November 10-17 at the Club Hotel Riu Tequila. Paradigm Research Group is an advocacy organization in pursuit of truth in government.   To remove your address from this list, please email  PRG@paradigmresearch…  with “Remove” in the Subject line.  Mailing Address: 4938 Hampden Lane, #161, Bethesda, MD 20814.    Phone:  202-215-8344.If you no longer wish to receive these emails, or you wish to update your profile, please click here.

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