9/11 – Mysterious Flashes at the WTC Complex

This was sent to me anonymously on 03 May 2024.



Dear Andrew,

I have watched a lot of videos from you, but I cannot remember whether you have mentioned or discussed what I just discovered.

I have noticed strange flash lights on different spots around the wtc.

It is visible on the videos, but it is not easy to see. But once you know where to look at you will see it in many videos.


Unfortunately it is not visible when the first “plane” crashed into the tower; there is just not enough video footage.


But here it is for all the other “big events” on that day.


2nd “plane” crash:

Please watch the CBS Live footage again. But don’t focus on the plane or the tower.

Keep an eye on the World Financial Center (the dome) and you will see a flash light 4 sec before the impact.

And you will see another flash light on top of the “antenna” 4 sec after the impact (see the screenshot and the arrow).

Here is the youtube link. Watch it from 1:43.



1st tower goes down:

On this footage I can see most of the blinking lights. I count at least 3.

Here is the youtube link. Watch it from 10:50.



Here is a better view of the blinking thing:

It is on the same video at 2:27.


2nd tower goes down:

You can see the blinking before the “collapse” and after, when the camera zooms out again.

There are 2 different lights pretty close to each other.

Here is the youtube link. Watch it from 6:34.



Same video from 1:01.

This is the best view of the “telecommunication mast” with a blinking light on top.


Building 7 goes down:

Youtube link:



It is just like in the John Hutchison experiments.

Multiple parts of the “devise” are placed around the wtc and they create the electromagnetic/static field.


I only found the big one on the following picture:


I guess you have the larger archive of pictures and videos. Maybe you find all the others and you can complete a “map” of them.


The building with the 2 masts on top is the “32 Avenue of the Americas” building.

I googled a bit and found out that it was renovated from 2001-2002.


Guess what… the 2 “telecommunication masts” were installed just some days before 9/11 by the company Budco.

I found a video from Budco containing pictures of how it was installed:


In the description they say: “While nearing completion of the project, the airplane which struck the World Trade Center passed directly over us”.


There is already a lot of activity going on with these 2 masts… for a project that is not yet completed.

Also the 2 containers added on the roof top provide a good view on the twin towers and might be used as an operation center.


The 2 telecommunication masts are still on top of the 32 Avenue of the Americas today.

I wonder if they ever blinked again after 9/11…


There is just one last thing missing; the weapon that shoots the microwaves at the towers.


I believe I know where it is (but I have no real evidence).

I believe it is inside the World Financial Center; either inside the dome or the pyramid (or maybe both).

The World Financial Center provides the perfect view on all the towers.


Here is another interesting video:


The video is almost uncut, but strangely the most interesting moments are missing. Both towers go down were not recorded by the camera.

Coincidence? Just missed by the camera guy?

I believe the 10-20 sec of the towers went down is missing because the camera stopped recording.

I can only think of one reason for that. The people and the camera were in the “line of fire” of the microwaves and the camera stopped working as long as the microwaves were shot at the wtc.


Also Dr. Judy Wood mentioned in her presentations that people on the bridge could “feel the heat” of the towers. I guess they were all in the “line of fire” and hit by microwaves that heated up their bodies from the inside.


If you draw a line from the people on the bridge and also from the camera guy to the wtc, the line will end up in the WFC.


Other interesting facts that you may or may not know:


1st plane slow motion



Just before the hologram of the plane crashes into the tower you can see an “electric light ball”.

You see it best if you play the slow motion video in slow motion again.


2nd plane slow motion



Also play this in double slow motion.

You can see a small “electric light ball” also when this hologram touches the building.



Dr. Judy Wood, Richard Hall and you gave me so much new information, I hope that maybe I could give you one in return.


If you think this is the same important than I think it is, then it would be nice if you could tell me what you think about the flashing lights in one of your next videos.

Take your time for your research which might be more professional than my youtube/ google one.


I intended to send this mail to you, Richard Hall and Dr. Judy Wood, but I could only find your contact.

Please share the information if you want.


I will only check this mail account from time to time, but not regularly.

But it would be really nice if you could give me a short response, just to let me know that you have received my mail.


Thank you for your work on this and other subjects.


Best regards


Versendet mit Tuta. Hol dir sichere und werbefreie E-Mails:

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