World Stock Market, Hoaxes, and the UFO Vacuum

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-08-14 09:54:58

  The World Stock Market, Hoaxes and the UFO Vacuum  Grant Cameron    I am often approached by local people who know about my interest in UFOs. They point out that they have heard no news about UFOs lately and want to know what is new. My standard reply is – not much. The true answer is that there are probably just as many sightings as there ever were. The difference I believe is that newspapers no longer cover sightings on front pages or on any page for that matter. Even tabloid magazines like the National Enquirer no longer do stories on UFOs. Secondly, a look back at UFO history will show that the truly big UFO stories were few and far between. This UFO story vacuum has created the impression that the ETs have gone away, and we are back to being an isolated planet floating in a universe where the speed of light restricts us from ever having a friend or as defined by the military industrial complex – an enemy. The lack of publicity on UFOs has also dried up interest in the world of UFO researchers. Many research organizations like NICAP and the Centre for UFO Studies, once well known and populous, have gone under due to lack of membership. The days of UFO conventions held at California’s Giant Rock in the 1950s, which attracted thousands, are no more. The lack of public UFO visibility has come as a Godsend to the intelligence agencies who made the decision in 1952 to “take immediate steps to strip the Unidentified Flying Objects of the special status they have been given and the aura of mystery they have unfortunately acquired.” I recall in the late 80s searching out a Canadian intelligence agent who had reportedly stated in private that creating UFO hoaxes was one of the exercises given to CIA students to train them in counterintelligence. He had stated at that time that the MJ-12 document was such a student project. We never did corner him to hear it from the horses mouth. If this scenario of government muckery is true the present UFO story famine has provided a feast to useful idiots and intelligence agencies to test their skills and further sidetrack serious researchers with skillful hoaxes. Unfortunately, many researchers appear to have put their skills aside in search of the story that appears “too good to be true.” An example of this is the story today that writer Zecharia Sitchin was being charged by a New York grand jury in the United States with contempt of court, false statements, possession of false papers, conveying false Information, and advocating the overthrow of US government. I received the story from three different researchers in a couple of hours. Minutes later the story was being retracted. Based on the suspicions of one researcher Sitchin was contacted by Don Ecker, and Sitchin confirmed that the story was a hoax. As wild and fast spreading as this story was, it pales in comparison with the recent hoax involving the series of Star Wars style videos of UFOs supposedly filmed in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. (Nothing impresses like a good picture) The spectacular videos were quickly picked up by many researchers and spread worldwide in hours. Fortunately, most passing the story labeled it as a possible hoax. For the five researchers in the world who have not seen the clips yet they can be found at… and… Again, it was fortunate that the hoax was quickly revealed before too much damage was done. Damage, however, was done.… The hoaxes and how quickly they spread send a strong signal that the UFO community may be as volatile as the present world stock market, caused by the lack of UFO news for researchers looking for stories that are out of the ordinary. The recent hoax stories also show that we as researchers might be in as much trouble as present stock market investors, as our scholarly opinion becomes less and less respected with every passing hoax. UFO stories, sent of late by e-mail, are quickly becoming to look like those Nigerian e-mails claiming you have chosen as an overseas partner to get $12 million dollars of “trapped money” out of the country. Perhaps we need a seven day waiting period, and a panel to quickly review each new “breaking story.” We better do something to slow this hoax e-mail scam down, because if we don’t our UFO stock will soon be worth nothing.        — We’ve Got Your Name at Mail.comGet a FREE E-mail Account Today – Choose From 100+ Domains

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