Pro-Bush Group Allowed, Protest Group Banned at APEC

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-09-05 21:09:47…   (Videos linked in the main article are quite illustrative.)     Pro-Bush Group Allowed, Protest Group Banned at APECDemonstrators refuse to submit to repugnant totalitarian orders, promise civil disobedience, police hype threat of riots Paul Joseph WatsonPrison PlanetWednesday, September 5, 2007 A pro-Bush organization have been allowed to demonstrate within the 3-mile-wide security cage that has been around the business district in Sydney for the APEC summit, while authorities have banned other protest groups from even marching up to the police line outside in a brazen display of favoritism and double standards. Members of the Stop Bush Coalition are now promising non-violent civil disobedience as the only recourse to counter court orders that have set the precedent to effectively ban free speech in Australia. The Aussies for ANZUS group, a Neo-Con organization that professes its love for Prime Minister John Howard and President George Bush, has been granted permits to access the restricted security zone and assemble near the InterContinental Hotel, where Bush will be staying for the duration of the conference. Police restrictions on banner sizes and other measures have also been waived for benefit of the organization. In contrast, the Stop Bush Coalition have been told by the NSW Supreme Court that they will be arrested if they merely attempt to march up to the police line outside the security perimeter. A list of other potential protest routes presented to the authorities was also rejected, effectively characterizing a complete ban on any form of protest anywhere in the city. In Australia, free speech is only permitted for those who agree with the government and the Neo-Con policies of Prime Minister John Howard. “PROTESTERS have been denied permission to march to the edge of police lines during an anti-APEC rally in Sydney on Saturday,” reports the Courier Mail. The NSW Supreme Court today granted Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione’s application for an order preventing up to 20,000 people marching to the corner of George and King streets. Outside the court, rally organiser Alex Bainbridge would not rule out going ahead with the march to King Street, and accepted that he and others faced the possibility of arrest. “The court has made very clear that we have got a right to protest. The court order today prohibits nothing, our rally and demonstration will be going ahead. As we have always said we intend for this to be a peaceful protest,” Mr Bainbridge told reporters. Meanwhile, police are gearing up for a “full scale riot” having acquired new taser weapons and water cannons in anticipation of a little ‘homeland repression’ for those who dare speak out against the APEC gangsters and their agenda for global tyranny. As we reported yesterday, New South Wales (NSW) state Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione characterized the protests as “an unlawful act” during a press conference and urged others not to get involved. Over 5,000 thugs have been drafted in to patrol the city, including military troops as well as secret service personnel. Accredited photo journalists have been threatened for simply taking pictures of the security fence and residents are being harassed and asked to show their ID at checkpoints throughout the city. Armed jet fighter and helicopter gun ship patrols are whizzing around the skies as Australians get a chance to experience the kind of hellish measures that the would-be dictators attending APEC would like to impose on a permanent basis. Should the expected riots take place, we’d be loathe to overlook the culprits who always seems to instigate them – the authorities themselves, via their complete infiltration of a hired goon squad known as the black bloc anarchists. Last month, police in Canada were outed as they posed as violent anarchists during the SPP summit in Montebello. A You Tube video caught the undercover cops disguised as masked protesters wielding rocks and attempting to stage a riot. Authorities were later forced to admit that they had infiltrated agents as a means of gathering intelligence on the protest groups. Previous violence in Genoa, Seattle and Miami all came as a result of a deliberate policy on behalf of the authorities to incite riots in order to justify a brutal police response and demonize peaceful protest groups in the eyes of the watching world.      

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