Bush asks for $46 billion more for wars

From: Clive Denton

Date: 2007-10-23 08:27:35

Bush asks for $46 billion more for wars 22 Oct 2007   $196.4 billion has been requested by Administration for operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere for budget year that started Oct. 1 President [sic] Bush asked Congress on Monday for another $46 billion to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and finance other national security needs. “We must provide our troops with the help and support they need to get the job done,” Bush said.   Read Full Story   And Surprise Surprise! Bin Laden urges Iraq insurgents to unite 22 Oct 2007   Just as Bush asks for billion$ more for Iraq, a new audio recording emerges: Osama bin Laden has called on insurgent groups in Iraq to unify their ranks in an audio recording aired by Al Jazeera television on Monday.   Read Full Report     Clive (*_*)

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