Do an FOI on “Common Purpose”

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-10-31 13:52:25

Attachments : Dear All,   I have just sent an FOI request to Derbyshire County Council, as given in the attached template. You can usually do this through your counties website – it took me about 10 minutes to find an e-mail address for Derbyshire and 2 minutes to actually do it.   If you are in the UK, I am asking you all to try doing this to see what comes back.   It seems to me that Common Purpose is “the glue” which will hold together those “in charge” of running our Surveillance-based (“post-democratic” society). For those that haven’t seen it, please watch Brian Gerrish’s excellent presentation…   from some weeks ago, but don’t take Roger Helmer too seriously….   If you get an FOI response back, please send it to me so I can collate them. Use the text below to make your FOI, substituting the name of your council (or other body) with your own. Also add your name, address and contact details.   Thanks for trying, if you do (don’t be afraid to forward this message). Andrew   Date:   Chief Executive Ccname Council     Freedom of Information Request Re: Common Purpose.     Dear Ccname   I wish to ask if you can kindly provide information pertaining to the following questions please.        What amount of funding has Ccname Council invested pertaining to the  training of the council’s officers, administrative staff, council members, affiliated contractors, or any other individuals engaged in business relationships or consultancies with Ccname Council in Common Purpose training? The monetary figure I am requesting would include the costs relating to all courses that were attended, and hospitality and benefits in kind over the period of the past five years.        Can you please supply correspondence, by letter and e-mail, between the Council, Councillors and Council Officers and persons or organizations which are external to the council pertaining to Common Purpose?   How many council officers and councillors have participated in training and courses offered by Common Purpose?   How does Common Purpose benefit the community of Ccname?   How is Common Purpose promoted by Ccname Council?   Where is information referring to Common Purpose located within available council literature?   Thank you for attending to my request. I look forward very much to hearing from you.   Sincerely,  

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