The Sheffield/Howden Moor UFO Incident – 1997

Investigator: Max Burns
Date: March 24th 1997
Time of Incident: 19.30 – 00.00

The incident occurred west of the City of Sheffield in Northern England. It is also known as "The Howden Moor Incident"


  • Witnesses reported seeing a triangular UFO
  • Witnesses reported seeing Jets and other aircraft soon after the UFO sighting
  • News reports talked of an air crash, which was then later denied.

Max Burns comprehensive investigation reveals a story – and a cover up – which few seem to be aware of.


Watch Flash version of his presentation and listen to the accounts of 3 witnesses.

Also read his comprehensive article describing unsavoury events which happened as a result of his persistent investigation.

Click here to read his 11000 Word Article

PDF Version of the 11000 Word Article

Update – Mar 11 2009

  • This map shows how the Centre of the NOTAM zone was at 53.43N, 1.75W – a point just next to the reservoir.

  • This point will most likely have been determined from the crew’s GPS locators – built into their suits.

  • However, the search teams were sent to Howden Moor – about 3-4 miles away – why? (It is not accessible by road).

  • Note that the airman, smelling of aviation fuel was met on the A57 by Jonathan Daggenhart. This was a distance of about 4 – 5 miles along the reservoir road, as shown in blue on the map. He could’ve comfortably jogged this distance in 1 hour.
  • (Added by Andrew Johnson after chatting with Max Burns – Daggenhart’s Location shown incorrectly on other maps)

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