From Dr. Michael Salla: Confirmation & Update on Secret United Natio

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2008-02-21 10:04:36

  Confirmation & Update on Secret United Nations Meeting Discussing UFOs & Extraterrestrial Life I recently circulated an article describing a secret meeting that allegedly occurred at the New York office of the United Nations discussing UFOs/extraterrestrial life. The confidential source (A) for the meeting is presently working as a member of the diplomatic community who relayed this information to two New York based researchers, Shawn and Clay Pickering. I am pleased to announce that I have received independent confirmation that the alleged meeting did occur on the morning of February 12, 2008 as Clay’s and Shawn’s source claimed. I was also given information by an independent source (B), who I believe is very reliable, on what transpired at the meeting. It was claimed that a document had been circulated at the meeting, and was now being relayed to key ministries of many nations for further study and comments. I have yet to witness the document which allegedly refers to an offer by extraterrestrials to help prepare humanity for the disclosure of extraterrestrial life. The meeting also apparently discussed how the UN was being encouraged to take a proactive stand on the release of secret technologies that will enable the development of free energy. The date 2013 was given as the time when extraterrestrials would unambiguously appear. This was consistent with the date given in my earlier article. I will share more information on the alleged document circulated at the UN meeting and the independent source (B) confirming the meeting in my next communication on this unfolding UN initiative on UFOs/extraterrestrial life. What follows next is a report of a further meeting between Clay and Shawn Pickering and their confidential source (A) regarding the UN meeting on UFOs held on the morning of February 12, 2008. They pointed out that the “unambiguous showing up” of extraterrestrial life – sitting over major cities – would occur in 2017, rather than 2013 as described in the earlier article. The role of religion and population growth was also allegedly discussed, and appeared to raise many issues at the meeting, especially for India. A significant descriptive term chosen by source A for the extraterrestrials that would show up in 2017 was “The Controllers.” Such a term has clear psychological connotations and was chosen to have a particular effect on the target audience – both UN member states in attendance and the general public to which the information was being leaked. This is a clue that source A is conveying information that has been designed to trigger a certain psychological reaction that influences how issues are framed and discussed. Another aspect of the following report is that it was claimed that India would have a difficult time processing disclosure of extraterrestrial life, possibly leading to the elimination of Hinduism. This appears inconsistent with India’s long tradition of advanced technologies and extraterrestrial life in its Vedic texts, and multiplicity of gods. If, as the confidential source claims, that Roman Catholics will have an easier time with disclosure due to the belief of “three Gods in one”, so too might a religion like Hinduism which has a multiplicity of gods and is very eclectic. I believe that the mention of India as a country that might experience disclosure problems is likely a fabrication intended to confuse disclosure related issues. When combined with the use of the descriptive term for extraterrestrials, “The Controllers” designed to trigger a particular psychological reaction and lead discussions in a certain direction, the possibility that the information is being relayed through an intelligence agency with expertise in psychological operations cannot be discounted. In the earlier message (February 13), Clay’s and Shawn’s confidential source (A) referred to an Admiral who was the ultimate authority for disclosure of the UN meeting to UFO/exopolitical community. Is this evidence that the Office of Naval Investigations is involved in the UFO disclosure initiative at the UN, or at least filtering information to be released to the UN and general public? Most interesting for me was contrasting the agenda of the meeting revealed by Clay’s and Shawn’s confidential source (A) , and what I had been told by my independent source (B) who confirmed the UN meeting had occurred. Source B focused on issues concerning the release of restricted technologies for new energy sources and a document for feedback, while source A focused on population growth and religion. Curiously, source A did not mention any document being circulated to UN member states for feedback. In conclusion, I am now satisfied that a meeting took place at the UN headquarters in New York of February 12 to discuss the issue of UFOs and extraterrestrial. What transpired at the meeting itself appears to differ according to the confidential source (A) Clay and Shawn have cited, and the independent source (B) used to confirm the meeting. The emergence of the alleged document circulated at the meeting and relayed to key ministries of other nations will help considerably in clarifying what was discussed and the accuracy of these respective sources. The possible role of the Office of Naval Intelligence in filtering information that is being related through source A is something that cannot be discounted when considering what was specifically discussed at the UN meeting. I look forward to reviewing any documents circulated at the meeting to get a better idea of the agenda issues discussed involving the role the UN would play in public disclosure of extraterrestrial life. Aloha, Michael E. Salla, Ph.DKona, Hawaii 2/20/08www.Exopolitics.Org   —– Original Message —-From: Shawn and Clay To: drsalla@exopolitics….: Wednesday, February 20, 2008 9:21:17 AMSubject: Follow up of source’s UFO meeting at the UN Dear Michael,This email is a follow up of the UN meeting which took place Tuesday 12, 2008 at 8;00AM.We met our source 7:00PM, Monday, February 18, 2008. Our source stated the following:1) The meeting went well; however, our source left with a degree of frustration.2) The meeting covered various topics. The issue of recent UFO sightings was one of manytopics discussed.3) Security around the meeting was intense.4) Everyone was searched. Pens, pins, key chain items were collected and not allowed in the meeting room. There were multiple security checkpoints. UN security cardswere confiscated upon entering the room.5) 50 to 60 people attended. Everyone was in civilian dress, except one Russian. 6) Other countries may have had military there, but they came under their respective civilian titles.7) UFO topic was addressed. The Russians are very paranoid about the west. Putinis not very trusting. This frustrated our source greatly. Our source believes theRussians will eventually come around; “They always come back to the table.”This mistrust appears to be an ongoing issue between East & West.8) The religious implications of contact came up during the meeting. It turned into a20 minute debate. Our source had to reel it in and refocus the meeting. It seems thatthe Indians are very difficult to deal with on this issue of the religious implicationsregarding contact. Population is a major factor in how nation-states deal with a new paradigm. The Indian’s world view has led to an unsustainable food, energy and waterdemand. Source stated that the world must gets its population and resource useunder control. ET will help, but we must show them that we intend to live within ourconstraints. If we don’t show some semblance of intent, they simply will not help.9) Source said the 2013 date of official contact is wrong. That is the date when things heat up. The real date of contact is 2017. It is on this date when very large craft will appearabove cities and sit. There will be NO use of force; they will just sit there. Source stated the “Independence Day” film was close, but their ships are not that big and, again, no use of force will occur. Our source cannot reveal his source for the 2017date. His source is very high up in the government/military/intelligence structure.10) Source stated that it is our choice how we embrace this contact.11) The ET’s who will arrive on 2017 are referred to as “The Controllers.” They are a “galactic federation” type group; however, “galactic federation” is not the realname for their group–it is hypothetical name used as a reference.12) The controllers have a keen sense of freedom and free will. They will not intervene and help humanity if humanity does not show them we want their help. If some entropic event happens (nuclear war), the controllers will not make contact. “This is something they will not tolerate,” our source stated.13) The controllers will not give us technology to expand our ability to feed ourselvesif we do not recognize the necessity to stabilize our population growth. They don’twant our planet’s population to double because of a technological innovation seededby them. Our source used India as an example, ” India has over 1 billion people. It is clearly a country out of balance in terms of its population size.”14) A contentious moment in the meeting had to do with the religious implications of contact. It is this issue which is of most concern. Our source stated that the moresecular societies will adjust more easily to contact than the fundamentalist. He stated,” The Roman Catholic countries will not have a rough time, except for the population problem; the Roman Catholics already have three Gods in one, so accepting others is not that much of a stretch. The dividing point is going to be the containment ofpopulation. The Protestant countries will deal fairly easily with contact. So will countries with indigenous religions connected to nature. The Muslim, Hindu, and fundamentalist Christian religions will have the most difficult time, possibly even theelimination of said religions; we can expect mass suicides, social unrest and upheaval. The ETs will help with re-programming and the concept of an inclusivegalactic order. However, society will have to step up to the plate to assist – one onone – those people who have shattered belief systems The Chinese will have no problem because of the Buddhist and Taoist influences.”Clay and Shawn Pickering ***…   Forward as you wish. Permission is granted to circulate among private individuals and groups, post on all Internet sites and publish in full in all not-for-profit publications. Contact author for all other rights, which are reserved. JOIN OVER 6,300 FELLOW COSMIC CITIZENS  & SIGN PETITION TO GENERAL ASSEMBLY FOR U.N. DECADE OF CONTACT: www.thepetitionsite…. VIEW/COMMENT:… _________________________________Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEdICIS-Institute for Cooperation in Space3339 West 41 AvenueVancouver, B.C. 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