FW: Project Camelot interviews John Lear

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2008-05-05 00:38:31

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…now some of you may be asking why so many airlines collapsed that I worked for and why I got fired so many times. My excuse is simple. I am not the brightest crayon in the box, I am extremely lazy, I have a smart mouth and a real poor f**king attitude.
John LearYes, he’s incorrigible and fun loving, with a great sense of humor that has served him well over these many years. Our 2006 interview with John Lear remains one of our favorites.When we met again with him recently, with considerably more time at our disposal than we had two years ago, John piled his studio table high with books, diagrams and research papers and sat down to tell us “everything he knew”.With special emphasis on the Bob Lazar saga – as only John can tell it – we cover the inconsistencies in the 911 theories and why as a world renowned pilot he is uniquely qualified to judge just what kind of planes, if any, hit the World Trade Center (answer, none: John explains why they were holograms); why the moon’s gravity may be as much as 64% that of the Earth’s, and could retain a very thin atmosphere; how Ben Rich, the former Director of the Lockheed Skunk Works, was a Mossad agent; the location of the “new Area 51”, called Sandia, deep within the Nevada desert; what really happened at Above Top Secret, an internet forum where he was attacked and which he has subsequently left… and much more.There’s nothing here about 2012 or ‘Planet X’ – both of which John dismisses – but we think you will be entertained and fascinated by the reported detailed experiences and opinions of someone who deserves to be respected and admired for his courage, character, and maverick commitment to revealing what he believes is the truth.

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