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Date: 2008-10-07 21:23:24

As Ambrose Lane would say : Got it.   In a message dated 10/7/2008 3:36:14 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, ad.johnson@ntlworld…. writes: As Rolf Harris used to say “Can you tell what it is yet?”   BERLIN (AP) ��� Germany’s governing coalition partners want to change the constitution to allow for military deployment within the country if needed to combat terrorism, officials said Monday.The proposal would allow use of the military only if police are overwhelmed and cannot properly respond to a situation themselves.”It is not to be used generally, but only in very specific cases,” Interior Ministry spokeswoman Daniela-Alexandra Pietsch said.The center-left Social Democratic Party ��� which makes up half of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s coalition ��� had been opposed to the proposal but agreed late Sunday after working out an agreement that includes strict guidelines for domestic deployment.”The military has no role domestically for historic, political, legal and professional reasons,” Pau said.Germany used Tornado fighter jets to secure airspace during last year’s Group of Eight summit, while troops helped provide support to police controlling demonstrations.Full Article
news. s/ap/20081006/ ap_on_re_ eu/eu_germany_ fighting_ . com/article/ ALeqM5jHlrJ3QdZG _ojqGm_x3pE2_ U3kPQD93L1HJO0  Back in July, Italy deployed the army on the their streets. This is becoming a disturbing trend… what are the police for? Italy puts the army on the streets to fight crime and illegal immigrationItaly is sending troops on to its streets to fight crime, stem illegal immigration and defend terrorist targets.Its Centre-Right government signed a decree yesterday that will deploy 4,000 soldiers starting next week.They will patrol with police officers in large cities such as Rome, Milan, Naples and Palermo. British tourists, who are out in force in Rome’s piazzas and trattorias, were a little surprised. “Has there been a coup?” was the bemused response of one pensioner from Scotland.  http://www.dailymai worldnews/ article-1039649/ Italy-puts- army-streets- fight-crime- illegal-immigrat ion.html http://www.telegrap worldnews/ europe/italy/ 2529024/Italians -welcome- army-on-streets- as-anti-gipsy- sentiment- sweeps-country. html New MapQuest Local shows what’s happening at your destination. Dining, Movies, Events, News & more. Try it out!

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