Physicist Discusses 9/11 and Directed Energy Weapons


Caltech Trained Physicist Conrado Salas Cano

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Regarding the 9/11 Cover up, Conrado said:

“this thing was taken to a 2nd level because now, it wasn’t just that it was an inside job, it was that – it had been done probably using some perverted form of this free energy we have discussed – in other words weaponising this energy from the quantum flux – in some way. And [Dr] Judy Wood really showed these scrupulously researched pictures – in which very bizarre effects were shown – like ‘toasted cars’ upside down cars. Like one car upside down, the next car OK, the next car upside down and so forth, paper that had survived where metal was gone. Um the bathtub that was there when the rest of the building was pulverised. I don’t remember that much but OK – that was something that was quite mind-boggling. So obviously the strongest argument of all – I mean those towers went ‘poof’ as Judy Wood likes to say, in 10 seconds – which is the time of freefall. Now, even if conventional explosives had been placed, you know, to enhance the effect of the planes – if there were planes – that’s another conversation – there is no way that they could have come down in 10 seconds – that’s free fall time. For free fall time to happen – there had to be no resistance of material there, right? So, what made them turn into dust so quickly?

So when Judy Wood had the audacity to connect this with the work of John Hutchison and show that these effects were so strikingly similar to what inventor John Hutchison has shown in his lab experiments at home.”

If this John Hutchison is smeared – by Professional Skeptics like James Randi and bla bla – as a clown or a fake, you know like Ace Baker says he faked the videos and whatever – and yet, he’s been visited by the sinister type of Los Alamos – in my suspicion – married to a vampire – John Alexander – and others who have studied his work and inspected it then, what’s going on? I mean, there is a double-standard here – looks like a typical sort of very exotic, covert, unacknowledged black project that they want to keep out of public circulation – discredit all public interest in it and keep it to the industrial military complex and weaponise it in secret. Now, it’s not difficult to think that this could have been weaponised – it takes a huge amount of brutality and insensitivity to deploy it on 3000 human beings, but knowing who controls this planet and for what ends – it’s not far-fetched to imagine – that’s another conversation. So maybe it was used on 9/11. The effects on the towers seem to point to that, yes. How – well – it does look like directed energy was the most possible form… you know.

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