FW: More good Starchild news

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2009-01-14 09:07:17

 Sorry if some of you have already had this!—–Original Message—–From: webmaster@belllapboo… [mailto:webmaster@belllapboo…]Sent: 14 January 2009 06:07To: ad.johnson@ntlworld….: More good Starchild newsEveryone:1. Update on one-hour Starchild skull documentary2. Starchild skull to be featured on “UFO Hunters”3. Upcoming article in Nexus Magazine4. 100 copies left of hardback book5. Starchild skull website has been updated6. Note about “Everything You Know Is Wrong”1. As we enter this potentially momentous new year, things areaccelerating with the Starchild skull. The last update announced thata British TV documentary company had committed the $200,000 needed topay for the Starchild’s DNA to be tested by the highly sophisticatedprotocol developed by 454 Life Science technology. This test will bedone during three to four months in the middle of the year, and thefinished film will be shown on TV around the world in the latter partof 2009. That hour-long special is still on track and looking good atthis point.2. This coming weekend, on Sunday, January 18th, we’ll be in Houstonfilming a segment of the popular History Channel show, “UFO Hunters.”We’ll be one segment among several that will examine the question ofGrey aliens. I’m told the finished episode could be broadcast as soonas March or April of this year.3. More widespread publicity will come from an extensive “overview”article in Nexus Magazine that I will write for its next issue, dueout in March-April, the same time as the “UFO Hunters” show is due tobe broadcast. So more good luck and good timing with that exposure.4. The chips finally seem to be falling our way, so let me mentionthat we have only about 100 copies left of the hardback first editionof “The Starchild Skull.” If you don’t yet have a copy of it, pleasetake this last opportunity to get one. When we have the result weknow we’ll get from the DNA test, all things Starchild will have anautomatic increase in value, and this book will be no exception. Tobook collectors it will be worth considerably more than its $30.00cover price (shipping included), so this is an investment as much asa book purchase, and it tells a heck of a good story. The producer of”UFO Hunters” told me it’s the best written of all the UFO books he’sever read while doing his job. That’s high praise indeed, so ifyou’re interested please order it at www.starchildproject… orwww.belllapbooks.c….5. If you go to the Starchild website you will notice that it hasbeen completely updated.6. For those many of you who have asked when the revised version of”Everything You Know Is Wrong” will be ready, I am 1/3 of the waythrough it and trying hard to get to the end of it. I deeply regretletting it lapse out of print last year, but I truly thought I’d befinished with it by now. If you can stay patient, I will keepplugging away at it and it should be available in 2010.I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season, and that theeconomic meltdown has impacted you as lightly as possible. 10trillion dollars seems to have gone somewhere, so I hope at leastsome of it has found its way into your pockets…. ;-)Last but not least, we’ve gone to a new system of mailing theseupdates. If you’ve received this by accident and want to be removedfrom the list, please use the links below. Thanks!Lloyd Pyewww.lloydpye.comw…–To unsubscribe from this mailing list update your preferences by PHPlist, www.phplist.com

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