FW: Cervarix

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2009-04-28 09:34:33

   Also  available as A4 sheet / d/sided A5 : by post or e attachment.     The £500 million HPV Vaccine Scam All of those involved must be brought to book. In a programme which cost the UK tax-payer, initially, £100 million and a “catch up” programme a further £200 million in 2009/10 and in 2010/11, “NHS” disease bureaucrats have rushed through a HP virus vaccine programme “to prevent cervical cancer”. Whether the vaccine prevents the HP virus is entirely immaterial : the HPV vaccine pushers, on both sides of the Atlantic, are well aware that the idea that “the HP virus causes cervical cancer” is a total fabrication. To help convince the masses of girls, women and parents, the bureaucrats, at enormous public expense, produced a four-page advertisement on behalf of the pharmaceutical company, Glaxo SmithKline. The advert contained various statements which had no basis in fact. ” …two strains of the HPV… cause over 70% of cases of cervical cancer.” “There are 100 types of HPV ..13…are known to cause cancer.” “The HPV vaccine protects against over 70% of cervical cancers.” “It is estimated to save the lives of up to 400 women each year.” There is no evidence, from anywhere, of any causal link between any virus and any form of cancer. Cancer and viruses require anaerobic – airless – conditions. This is why a virus is, sometimes, found at the site of a cancerous tumour : that is all. Cancer is a whole body, systemic, constitutional disorder : present in the body for many years before the appearance of any tumour. A few, localised abnormal cells are not “cervical cancer.” The source of the “estimates” was not revealed : the figure of “up to 400” was plucked out of the air. The use of the term “up to” was, deliberately, grossly deceptive : as a figure of 1 could be described as “up to 400” . The vaccine – not named in the advert – is Cervarix. It contains genetically engineered ingredients : the vaccine’s effects on the human body , NOT MENTIONED IN THE ADVERT – include :- headache, dizziness, gastrointestinal symptoms including nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and abdominal pain, itching/pruritus, rash, urticaria, myalgia, arthralgia, upper respiratory tract infection injection, site reactions including pain, redness, swelling; fatigue,  fever … A complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority produced the following reply – extract  “…we can intervene if,  …..   an ad… poses a realistic risk  …  of materially misleading consumers about goods or services….what we require of advertisers is that they can substantiate claims they make in their ads. ….  We are satisfied that this advertiser would be able to do that  … the ad reflects generally accepted medical thinking …” “Would” : the ASA did not even ask the fraudulent advertisers to substantiate these claims. Legal action has now been iniated : five girls and their  parents have  formed a  group to sue the  makers of  the vaccine, GlaxoSmithKline, for damages ;  under the  Consumer Protection  Act. The girls are seeking up  to  £120,000 each, depending  on  the severity of the  side-effects. The US Food and Drug Administration, not famous for its reluctance to grant licences to pharmaceutical products, has refused permission, on safety grounds, for the use of Cervarix. The rival HPV vaccine, Merck’s Gardasil, used in the US for nearly three years, is linked to almost 12,000 reactions including 32 deaths, paralysis, seizures, blood clots, heart ­attacks, sight problems and blackouts. The death of Jade Goody from the effects of “chemotherapy”, was used to push the HPV shot. The inference being that her cancer was caused by the virus and that her death was due to being caught too late : both cynical lies. Almost 85 per cent of girls have now had the first of the three injections.Dr Lesley Walker, of “Cancer Research UK”, said: “Jade’s courage has been hugely beneficial in terms of saving lives.” A total fabrication, in typical CRUK fashion. Cancer cannot be prevented by screening or by vaccination or by surgery. READING The Killing of Jade Goody. Breast Cancer : myth, malpractice & femicide. £1 post-paid, each. or free by email attachment hera@nemesisawake.co… The Cancer Business. £1 post-paid. Pat Rattigan N.D. NEMESIS PO Box 73 CHESTERFIELD S41 0YZ

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