Gary Mckinnon’s Case becomes a Party Politics Issue

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2009-11-27 15:13:51

Attachments : Truly shocking……   Gary McKinnon extradition being fast-tracked by Labour ‘to stop Tories reversing it’ Alan Johnson has been accused of fast-tracking the controversial extradition of alleged computer hacker Gary McKinnon to make sure that the Tories do not reverse his decision if they win power at the next election.   By Christopher Hope, Whitehall EditorPublished: 2:20PM GMT 27 Nov 2009 Mr McKinnon?s distraught mother Janis Sharp suggested Mr Johnson was keen to ‘expedite’ the extradition Photo: AFP The Home Secretary told Mr McKinnon’s family on Thursday evening that he would not block on medical grounds Mr McKinnon’s extradition to America, to answer charges of hacking into American military computers. Mr Johnson also said that Mr McKinnon had just seven days to launch a judicial review of his decision in the High Court – when normally such cases can take three months to be heard. He also has 14 days to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights. Mr McKinnon’s distraught mother Janis Sharp suggested Mr Johnson was keen to “expedite” the extradition to ensure that the legal process is not dragging on if the Conservatives win power at the next election. Mrs Sharp suggested the Government was keen to speed up the extradition to make sure that a Tory Government was not elected in the interim “who might want to change things”. The Conservatives had been voluble opponents of the “unfair” treaty which is being used to extradite Mr McKinnon – they have pledged to amend it if they win power – and have provided strong backing for his family. Karen Todner, Mr McKinnon’s solicitor, added: “The way this Government are trying to rush Gary out of the country, by demanding a speedy application for Judicial Review, beggars belief. “Their determination to subjugate mental suffering in favour of political expediency in the run up to a general election is as cynical as it is shocking.” Mr McKinnon, who is said by experts to be at risk of committing suicide if he is extradited, could be sent for trial in America by Christmas, if he loses his final two legal challenges. Mr McKinnon, 43, from Wood Green, North London, has insisted that his hacking of Pentagon computers was nothing more than him searching for reports of UFO sightings. Mrs Sharp added: “We have 7 days to seek a Judicial Review of this awful decision, or an intervention from the European Court of Human Rights. If not, Gary could be extradited before Christmas – what a heartless and cowardly decision this is.” The Home Office declined to comment. However a source said that given that Mr McKinnon had already been to the High Court about his extradition, Mr Johnson was “under an obligation” to speed up the legal process. Related Articles Gary McKinnon suicide ‘almost inevitable’ Britain always does America’s bidding? Gary McKinnon should not be extradited to the US, say MPs on Home Affairs committee Gary McKinnon’s mother in tears after snub from Alan Johnson Gary McKinnon: peers reject change to extradition rules Gary McKinnon: change to law by peers could prevent repeat of extradition attempt   Are you interested in what’s really going on in the world, behind the facade? Then…www.checktheevidence… happened on 9/11?    

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