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Date: 2010-01-17 10:55:27

This will be posted in a number of places, as well as here:   www.checktheevidence…       WHY SO MUCH ABOUT SCIENCE IS WRONG   Lloyd Pye © 2010     Michael Crichton once said, “In the end, science offers us the only way out of politics. And if we allow science to become politicized, then we are lost. We will enter the Internet version of the Dark Ages, an era of shifting fears and wild prejudices transmitted to people who don’t know any better. That’s not a good future for the human race. That’s our past.”   Unfortunately, since long before those words were written science has been politicized to a point where it is no better than the religions it once replaced as the arbiters of “official” wisdom and knowledge. A brief history lesson is in order for those who don’t know how science came to be what it is today.   In the recorded history of all world cultures, religion dominated all thought. Virtually everyone believed what their religious leaders told them to believe because the rare individuals who dared to challenge them were soon dead or regretted not being dead. Then, in the mid-1400s, printing presses appeared. Within 200 years the infection of literacy became widespread. In 200 more years, by1800, it was widespread enough for any rebellious person to write and publish “heretical” thoughts about any aspects of life or “knowledge.”   These early heretics were the “scientists” of their day. Earth wasn’t flat. It wasn’t the center of the solar system. It was vastly ancient. Its landmasses shifted. We all know the gradual progression from profound ignorance to a certain degree of enlightenment. Slowly, methodically, heretical scientists began to jostle the catbird seat where religion was securely ensconced. But nothing could dislodge them until 1859, when Charles Darwin published “On the Origin of Species.” That was the lever the heretics needed to pry religion out of its catbird seat so science could deservedly take its place.   In the 150 years since Darwin, science has become every bit as entrenched as religion once was, and every bit as belligerent and vindictive against any who dare to question their right to absolute correctness in all that they utter or pronounce. Now, however, the invention of the Internet confronts science with a serious challenge to their authority and autonomy, identical to what science inflicted on religion after the printing press. Science required several centuries to gradually disperse enough force of reason to dislodge religion. Religion had plenty of time to prepare for the end. Not so with science.   The Internet is so pervasive, so fast, and so useful, science will be out of its catbird seat in the lifetimes of many who witnessed the birth of the Internet in 1980. In only 30 years since then, science finds itself quaking in its boots. They have to frantically create instructional seminars to train “skeptics” to ruthlessly “defend the faith” against people like me who challenge them. They would surely execute us all, as religion used to do, if they could get away with it. But they can’t, so they have to deal with us as best they can, which is to ridicule, insult, dismiss, ignore….whatever works for however long it works. But their day of reckoning is coming, and they know it.   The brainwashing process that passes for education around the world is still controlled by science, and that will hold true well into the future. However, the Internet will diminish science’s impact to a shadow of itself in the next decade and down to nothing in the decade following. Students will still be taught garbage in school, and will have to learn to pick out reliable truths from among the rantings posted on the Internet. It will indeed be Michael Crichton’s world of “shifting fears and wild prejudices.” But amidst all the junk and nonsense will be pearls of wisdom and truths similar to those that emerged from the speculations of early scientists who knew for certain that religion was wrong but weren’t quite sure which new ideas were correct.   Out of all the clutter and confusion of early scientific work, certain ideas emerged that were taken to be truths. Galileo put the Sun at the center of a fixed and unchanging solar system in the early 1600s, an idea that needed time to stick. Newton’s gravity became accepted reality by 1700. Evolution was the capstone theory, making the wildest speculations of scientists seem tolerable or even reasonable. Thus, Einstein could successfully introduce relativity, which paved the way for the bizarre world of quantum physics. Since Darwin and Einstein, science has come to be viewed by most people as all-powerful and all-knowing, capable of solving any conundrum if given enough time and tolerance for its practitioners to arrive at their answers.   The problem with all of those “truths” is that they are fundamentally flawed. Galileo.…way off base. Newton….hate to say it. Microevolution, which was actually documented, yes—but macroevolution….species turning into other species… ridiculous from its first glimmer. Even Darwin doubted it could be proved, but he saw no other viable alternative. And Einstein skewed science onto a tangent they may need decades to backtrack from. All of it is wrong.   Galileo’s fixed solar system took a hard shot to the chops in 1950, when a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst named Immanuel Velikovsky proposed that the solar system has not always been as it is now, that Mars and Venus were relatively recent additions to it. He “called his shot,” a la Joe Namath and Babe Ruth, when he predicted the surface of Venus would be exceedingly hot, even after its bright albedo convinced early mainstream scientists that the Evening Star was a frozen blob. Velikovsky’s “outrageous” prediction was proved true, as were several others he made, yet no success he enjoyed could rehabilitate him in the eyes of mainstream critics. When the subject of his book, Worlds in Collision, was announced, scientists ganged up on his publisher to force its cancellation. It was later published by another company and became a bestseller. Yet sixty years later he remains hated and reviled by cosmologists and other scientists who remember the black eye he gave them, just as Galileo was reviled by the religionists of his era, despite more and more evidence coming in to indicate or prove Velikovsky was correct.   This is not “forbidden” knowledge in the sense it was when religion ruled the roost, but a terrified mainstream labors to suppress any information that in any way could seriously challenge one of their baseline beliefs. When faced with such a challenge, they heap as much scorn as possible on it, then studiously ignore it, refusing to discuss it, saying it has “already been put in its proper place.” Yet it is precisely these volatile subjects they should be investigating to the hilt. Take Velikovsky’s evidence for impermanence in the solar system, and that planetary catastrophe can occur at any time.   This idea is especially threatening to scientists because they are so adamant that the solar system has remained the way it is today since it gathered itself together out of a primeval cloud of dust and gas. If mainstream scientists had to admit to any degree of error regarding such a fundamental aspect of their knowledge base, it would cast serious doubt on everything else they purport to know. Thus, they fight tooth and claw against anyone who suggests they could be wrong about anything, anything at all, in order to prevent anybody from doubting where they absolutely must be correct: the critical arena where religion still chooses to vigorously challenge them—creation.   Creation comes in two flavors: (1) the creation of everything; and (2) the creation of humans. We all know the diametric positions. Religion says “God did it all,” science insists “Nature did it all.” From both perspectives there is no middle ground in the dispute, but that viewpoint is wrong. The middle ground is where I do the majority of my research and work, which is readily available on YouTube and Google videos, and in many writings. No need to discuss that further. Let’s focus on Newton and his laws of gravity.   Of the many profoundly stupid ideas mainstream science tries to insist are real and true, perhaps the stupidest is the notion that gravity is the driving and binding force throughout the universe. Gravity is supposed to be what brought everything together in the first place, and what holds it all together in the magical “dance of the spheres” that occurs across a vastness so wide and deep that no words are really adequate to describe it. Yet gravity does not now have, nor has it ever possessed, the physical power to do that. In addition, science still does not fully understand gravity or how it works.   Newton knew that as a binding force in nature, gravity was vanishingly weak: In 1692, in his third letter to Bentley, he [Newton] wrote: “That one body may act upon another at a distance through a vacuum without the mediation of anything else, by and through which their action and force may be conveyed from one another, is to me so great an absurdity that, I believe, no man who has in philosophic matters a competent faculty of thinking could ever fall into it.” After celestial bodies were in place, their great masses did produce gravitational effects on each other, as Newton noted, but to say that gravity was how they came together in the first place….that was nonsense.   Despite Newton knowing gravity could not be nature’s binding force, today scientists inflict on the world the specious notion that infinitesimal particles of matter drifting through the vacuum of space aggregated into ever larger pieces. It could never happen. Yet cosmologists have decided to support the absurdity that somehow in the ancient past it could. So, why is this? Why won’t mainstream scientists consider that they might be wrong about gravity and look for another, more plausible answer? Because they don’t want to give up the early foundations of cosmology laid by Newton and Einstein!   Cosmology should have been revamped decades ago, but that would mean scrapping all that science claims to know now. They can’t do that because only the “outsiders” who support the Electric Universe theory know about the truth of it. (See www.Thunderbolts.inf…). Scientists loathe giving credit to outsiders, even those with credentials to equal their own, which many in the Electric Universe crowd possess. However, many do not, and that’s the sticking point. Outsiders lacking credentials can’t be given credit for being right. To do that makes a mockery of their entire system of exclusivity.   Let’s consider some Electric Universe basics: in a particle of dust floating in the vacuum of space, gravity does not exist. To give it even an infinitesimal degree of attractive force requires the electrical charge in the plasma that permeates everything around Earth and, as far as we can tell, is thoroughly ubiquitous throughout the universe. Well, then, what about charged plasma? Might it have a role in holding everything together? Yes, it might! In fact, charged plasma, rather than gravity, is the binding force in the universe.   Electrically charged plasma is 39 orders of magnitude more powerful than gravity. (See www.Thunderbolts.inf… and other sources). Let us further understand that if charged plasma is placed at the heart of the universe’s obvious attractive force, the math works. By itself, electricity is strong enough to get the job done. But science refuses to recognize this for the reason mentioned above: no gravity means no Newton or Einstein, and a nightmare of embarrassment and recriminations will have to be faced.   Given those options, it is much easier to create massive “fudge factors” to hide their glaring errors from Michael Crichton’s “people who don’t know any better.” That means most of you reading this, whether you like to think of yourself in that way or not. Scientists don’t care how ignorant of the truth you are, as long as you don’t make them confess that all along they’ve been flagrantly misrepresenting their knowledge base. Believe me, if I know the truth you can be sure they know it. They’re running an enormous scam on you at the level of Bernie Madoff. The stakes are that toweringly high.   Dark matter, dark energy, black holes.…each has been created to follow through on this old saying: “If you can’t fool them with facts, blind them with bulls**t.” Like good chocolate, “the darks” are the mathematical fudge factors mentioned above, all of them impervious to disproving because they are as invisible and unfathomable as the God of religion. “Please, just take our word that those things must be there.” Why? So the gravity math will make sense. With 99% of everything “missing,” gravity remains viable.   I can do this for pages and pages, example upon example, right up to and including Darwinian evolution, the Holy Grail of science and the one idea they will defend almost to the death because it remains so sacrosanct. Why? Because to concede one inch against evolution is to grant a mile of highly contested turf to their mortal enemies, the Creationists. Let me say right here that I’m not a Creationist, and I consider their arguments every bit as flawed and specious as the Darwinists. Both are flatly wrong, wrong, wrong. Yet for now the battle rages on, and those of us fighting it must stay fully engaged.   I do what I do, the way I do it, because I’m no different than scientists were when they saw and understood a clearer vision of truth than religionists had. I and others like me do the same thing now. We know we are closer to the truth than mainstream science because our theories aren’t structured around their flagrantly incorrect baseline realities. That’s a contentious statement, but it’s true. We look back at the people living on Earth 300 years ago and we howl at their level of ignorance. With the speed at which we can access information today, I think it’s safe to say people only 100 years from now will look back at what we “know” and will gasp with shock at the profound depth of our ignorance. That’s why I called my book about these matters Everything You Know Is Wrong. The most important of it really is wrong.   One way you can be sure the mainstream knows it’s wrong is how hard they work to suppress dissenting opinions. If someone says, “You have an acorn sprouting on the top of your head,” you know immediately they’re wrong and you dismiss it. But if someone says, “You have chunks of wax in your ears,” you go to work trying to keep them from telling more people about it. You try to suppress that knowledge until you can find a way to repair things so you don’t appear to be a doofus walking around with unclean ears.   This is science today, doofuses with wax in their ears that they don’t want ordinary people to know about. So how do they do their suppressing? One of many ways is the annoying tactic of forcing a naysayer critic or skeptic onto any television show that presents opinions that challenge the mainstream in any way. This came about after 1993, when NBC aired a documentary film called Mystery of the Sphinx. It brilliantly presented overwhelming evidence that Egypt’s Sphinx has been weathered by heavy rainfall, which had not occurred in Egypt before 10,000 years earlier. That date blew a gaping hole in classic Egyptology, so thousands of mainstreamers inundated NBC with complaints for not having one of them on the show to counter the claims as the nonsense they insisted it had to be. “The Sphinx Rule” has been in place ever since. No anti-mainstream position can ever be aired without a critic or skeptic on the show to provide the “truth” to the viewing audience.   Such belligerent behavior makes clear how mortally afraid scientists are of the evidence piling up beneath their catbird seat, steadily reaching up to their precarious perch. Someday, any day, even this day, an alien from a UFO, or a bigfoot, or some other hominoid will climb up that mound with a stick in hand and, in front of all of us, it will shatter science’s catbird seat and send them all tumbling down onto a bed of nails of their own making. They will have to pick themselves up, tend to their wounds, and try to walk away with as much dignity as their bruised egos will allow. It won’t be the end of their lives, but for a long time it will mean the loss of their intellectual authority.   They all understand that outcome, which makes them desperate to protect their precious status quos. This is why people like me are subjected to their persistent ridicule and abuse across the Internet, starting with the thoroughly corrupt Wikipedia and covering every other base they can find to cover. It’s a never-ending battle between them and us, just as it was between them and religion. They won against religion and they will lose against us, but what comes after they lose? I’m not sure, and I don’t believe anyone can be.   What I think is that they’ll do everything they can to take credit for every shred of the new knowledge, finding ways to insist that “one of our own thought of it first.” This is what they do. They learned from the mistakes religion made when they were overthrown. Religion would never stoop to even grudgingly accommodate the new realities science imposed on them. Therefore, I’m confident science will take what people like me cram down their unwilling throats and, with graceless aplomb, claim it for themselves.   Three things science will ultimately claim as their own are a trio that today they refuse to take seriously. Any of the three will topple the fragile edifice they have constructed to explain the world as we currently perceive it. (1) UFOs don’t exist. (2) Aliens in those UFOs don’t exist. (3) Hominoids such as yeti and bigfoot don’t exist. And why don’t they exist? Because scientists insist they don’t. Why do they insist? Because the undeniable reality of any of those three would mean that neither science nor humanity is what it is cracked up to be. Scientists would be exposed in all their buffoonery, and humanity would be seen as having no roots or existence in the flowchart of ancient life on Earth. Our world as we know it would never be the same.   As it happens, I have the distinct honor and genuine pleasure of being up to my neck in the process of proving all three are as real as real gets. Scientists have no trouble dismissing ghosts, werewolves, vampires, fairies, trolls, etc., but the reality of UFOs, aliens, or hominoids will devastate them when they have to deal with the fallout from their decades of denial-based deceptions. And their loyal toadies of today, mainstream media, which willingly defers to their academic “credentials” because that is the easy and safe thing to do, will turn on their former masters like a pack of rabid dogs. Science will be shredded by endless recriminations like, “You’re supposed to be experts! Expert means knowledgeable! So why didn’t you tell us about this?”   Experts do, in fact, tend to be highly knowledgeable about one subject, but seldom more than one. They learn one tree from roots to tip-top limbs. They stand beside other experts who know their trees from roots to tip-top limbs. Standing together makes for an impressive group photo. However, split them apart and in terms of the forest they’re in, they don’t know poop. Their focus on their individual trees blinds them to the forest that surrounds them, and it certainly provides no view of any horizon. They know what they know and that’s pretty much it. However, their credentials and the automatic respect it grants frequently lulls them into thinking they are expert on more topics than the one in which they are credentialed. And worse than that, they invariably believe other experts who pontificate about the trees apart from their own.   If every expert always told the truth about his or her tree, it would be much more difficult to challenge them on a given point. But because each one is habitually dishonest in the ways they’ve been taught are necessary to make their tree fit into the mainstream forest, none really do tell the truth as they know it. They put out the truth as they understand it needs to be for them to remain members of the “expert” club. It’s an exclusive club, too, invariably rejecting independent thinkers at the graduate level, so they have no trouble making absurdities seem at least possible. This is why ordinary people live blissfully floating in a sea of deceptions spewing from mainstream science, and it’s also why so many “truths” we take for granted really are wrong.   Lest you think mine are sour grapes from being rejected by some graduate school in my college days, let me say that I had no inkling of how corrupt the system was when I was young. Had my mind been captured at that point I would have bought into “the system” as wholeheartedly as those who buy into it today. Get people young and they have literally no way to know the difference. I was almost 30 and well away from academics before I gained the first inklings of how corrupt their system was. And even then I couldn’t bring myself to completely reject it. My early beliefs were as typical as any mainstreamer reading these words. My revelations were slow and difficult, and my job is making similar revelations for others less slow and difficult.   Science is, on the whole, as full of crap as the proverbial Christmas turkey. Very little of what they say, or pretend to know, is reliably true because so many of their pontifications are based on blatantly wrong information. My special area of interest is human origins, and I’ve collected, and continue to collect, wonderfully convincing evidence for the argument that humans did not evolve on Earth but were genetically created to live and work as slaves and servants of superior beings sojourning here for thousands of years.   The same goes for hominoids, the indigenous bipedal primates on Earth, with a presence in the fossil record extending back to over 20 million years ago. (See The Upright Ape by Dr. Aaron Filler.) Humans don’t appear as we are today until only about 200,000 years ago, a date verified by geneticists in 1986, but which was also provided by ancient Sumerians in descriptions of how the many “gods” living among them told them it happened, and which they then transcribed onto clay tablets they fired into stone 5,000 years ago.   To the unaware or the uninitiated, I know how the above must sound, but the evidence for it is astonishing if it can be approached with even a quasi-open mind. Millions of good people can’t do that, of course, because they are so thoroughly brainwashed against thinking that far “outside the box.” But for those who can face such an emotional challenge, the rewards are manifest. Nobody in the alternative community demands that anyone see the world as we do. That’s what religion and science inflict on others. All we want is an opportunity to have our opinions heard and our ideas evaluated, fairly and objectively, with no harping about our lack of “credentials” or “credibility.”   My most compelling urge is to help all of us come to know and accept who we actually are, rather than believing the ridiculous fairy tale concocted for gullible billions by modern science. That fantasy reduces us all to little more than cartoon characters in a Disney classic. Until we firmly establish who we actually are and how we’ve come to be here on Earth, we can never take our proper place in the larger scheme of life in the universe. We can never take our rightful seat at any Galactic Roundtable that might be out there, or take a seat in a bar like the one in Star Wars. Until we dare to acknowledge that life “out there” is real and highly varied, such life is unlikely to acknowledge us.   Acknowledge now or acknowledge later, eventually the Truth with a capital “T” will be established by someone who, like Albert Einstein in 1905 when he published his famous paper, will have neither credentials nor credibility, because no one with either will dare to think what must be thought to reach toward capital “T” Truth. That Truth is clearly on our side, and History with a capital “H” will prove it, exactly as it proved the flat-Earthers were wrong.   When today’s flat-Earthers are dislodged from their catbird seat, we can be sure the Internet that Michael Crichton wrote about will play the dominant role because people like me, the serious alternative researchers hard at work around the world, will be able to communicate with people like you, as is being done right now in this essay. However, the catbird seat will never pass to us. A new one will be created in place of the one we will shatter, and a new group of “credentialed” egos will climb into it, more enlightened than the ossified scholars of today, but no less protective of their positions and status, and so no less vulnerable to the mistakes of their predecessors.   The enlightenment that I and my cohorts will force on today’s mainstream will have no carryover effect. Humans will still be humans, their egos will still be fragile, and pompous arrogance will always be associated with high rank and prestige. That won’t change until the end of time…or until genetic engineering turns us into a species worthy of our magnificent planet.   *****   About the author: Lloyd Pye is an authority on the Intervention Theory of origins, of both life and humans. He bases his writings on over 40 years of research experience. His book Everything You Know Is Wrong is available from www.iuniverse.com or www.barnesandnoble.c…. His book The Starchild Skull is available from www.amazon.com. His eBook, Starchild Skull Essentials, is at www.starchildproject… His free newsletter, Bytes of Pye, is at: www.starchildproject…        Are you interested in what’s really going on in the world, behind the facade? Then…www.checktheevidence… happened on 9/11?www.drjudywood.com/    

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