9/11 Research of Dr Judy Wood – An Open Letter to “Coast to Coast”

UPDATE – 04 MAY 2011

Dr Judy Wood appeared on Coast to Coast – after (arguably) 3 years of waiting.
You can access the coast to coast write up/summary here:
Thanks to all those who helped this to happen – Lisa Lyon – George Noory and even Mr R C Hoagland (apparently) – I hope it helps more people to discover the truth of what happened. It is interesting to note that this happened just days after the latest fake Bin Laden story broke.
Let us see where we go from here!

An Open Letter to Coast to Coast

Do You Censor Guests who have Scientific Evidence?

Do You Censor Guests who have Submitted a Federal Qui Tam Case with Scientific Evidence?

Is Coast to Coast for Entertainment only, and does it not care about important truths?


Dear George Noory and Lisa Lyon,


In April 2008, a friend of mine spoke to George Noory when he was attending the X-Conference in Washington DC. He advised George Noory of the nature of the research of Dr Judy Wood and how it ties 9/11 into the “free energy” picture that is often discussed by guests on Coast to Coast. At that time, George expressed a general interest in having Dr Wood as a guest, but no follow up contact was made.


On 31 Aug 2009, I was contacted, through my website, www.checktheevidence… by Lisa Lyon to be a possible guest on Coast to Coast. On 1st Sept I spoke to her on the phone for about 40 minutes with regard to the main and most important research I was involved with – which was that of Dr Judy Wood. I asked Dr Wood to contact Lisa Lyon with a view to Dr Wood going on as a guest on Coast to Coast. Dr Judy Wood contacted Lisa Lyon on Sept 1st 2009 and an appearance date of 7th Sept 2009 was agreed.


However, within a few hours, Dr Wood’s appearance was cancelled due to difficulties or a “conflict with scheduling”, but a statement was made that an effort would be made to “find another time”. We received no contact.


On 10th or 11th February 2009 [Edit – Should have read 2010], Coast to Coast posted a story about “new” 911 photos being released – as reported by ABC.





This story was inaccurate, as many if not all the photos had previously been posted, for a period of at least 3 years, on www.drjudywood.com/ .


It therefore seemed an opportune time for me to remind Coast to Coast of their earlier statement about finding a suitable time for Dr Wood to appear as a guest. I therefore sent the e-mail below to Lisa Lyon.

From: Andrew Johnson [mailto:ad.johnson@ntlworld….]

Sent: 11 February 2010 20:01

To: Lisa Lyon

Subject: "New" 9/11 Photos Released – that have been on Dr Judy Wood’s site for about 3 years


Dear Lisa,


We spoke on the phone a few months ago. Perhaps now is a good time to re-schedule Dr Wood to talk about what these "new" photos tell us – from a scientific point of view – and how she used them as a basis for legal action – and what happened. It would be a pivotal broadcast if it could take place.


I would be willing to come on as well if useful.




Andrew Johnson



I received no response to this e-mail, and Dr Wood was not contacted by anyone either.


On 18th February 2010, with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM, Richard Gage of a group calling itself “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth” appeared for 3½ minutes to talk about their request for a new Congressional Investigation and a series of Press Conferences happening around the world. Gage referred to evidence for “explosive controlled demolition” of all 3 “high-rises that went down almost at free fall on 9/11”. He also mentioned “nano-thermitic composite materials” found in the WTC dust. George Noory asked Richard Gage if he thought the investigation would “ever get opened up again”. Richard Gage also mentioned the Khalid Sheikh Mohammed trial.


After Richard Gage’s statements, George Noory said “As I’ve said on this program before, it’s worthy of a new investigation, especially when several major members of the 9/11 commission have felt that the commission did not do a thorough job. That’s all people are asking for – let’s just find out what happened – with a thorough job. We owe it to ourselves to get that.”


For the past 3 years, I have been working to both raise awareness of Dr Wood’s own independent, thorough and publicly posted investigation into the same events that Richard Gage and his group claim to want to have investigated. This investigation has resulted in a “Qui Tam” action by Dr Wood, details and documents about which are posted here:




It seems that discussion of this case has been censored and covered up by almost everyone – Coast to Coast have been advised of it several times over the years, but to my knowledge have never once mentioned it. This is odd, bearing in mind that George Noory said, on 18th Feb 2010:


“That’s all people are asking for – let’s just find out what happened – with a thorough job. We owe it to ourselves to get that.”


Some of my own work has been involved with checking the claims made by Richard Gage and his associates Steven E Jones, Neils Harrit. Harrit and Jones were featured on Coast to Coast on 30th Apr 2009, in an interview with Linda Moulton Howe of earthfiles.com. It is also interesting to note the connection between Steven E Jones and Dr Eugene Mallove – another former Coast to Coast guest. This prompted me to send the e-mail (included at the bottom) to Linda Moulten Howe and George Noory, a few days later, after I had listened to the broadcast. In the e-mail, I provided links to evidence which proves that thermite could not have destroyed the WTC towers and could not account for the “collateral damage”. I also linked to a critique of the so-called “scientific, peer-reviewed paper” which was discussed in the interview. I also pointed out their evidence had not been included in any type of legal challenge, which is also highlighted in this 10-minute video I made.



Added to all this, the research of Dr Judy Wood documents some effects which would already be familiar to some Coast to Coast listeners – being as they are the result of something very similar to “The Hutchison Effect” – which was discovered in experiments by 4-times-Coast-to-Coast-guest John Hutchison (2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005).


It seems very strange that no one involved with Coast to Coast has picked up these connections and/or wants to discuss them. So, I have to ask why they repeatedly have on guests who have (a) just called for new investigation rather than done one, (b) suppress information about the “new and independent investigation” that has resulted in a federal case, and (c) failed to submit the scientific evidence they have supposedly gathered into a legal framework. It should be noted that it is a crime to defraud the government and it is treason if done so by a government agent (Smith-Mundt Act). Perhaps this explains why no one has filed a federal case about this so-called “thermite evidence.” If this group truly wanted the truth to be heard, they would have vigorously supported the federal qui tam case filed by Dr. Wood that made it all the way to the United States Supreme Court.


On Feb 02 2010, an appearance was made by Richard Hoagland regarding the mysterious “Norway Spiral” and he discussed evidence he had posted in a series of 3 articles. The third of which is:




However, Richard Hoagland did not mention on air that he had referenced Dr Wood’s research on this page, in relation to Directed Energy Weapons.


So, I would like to ask if Coast to Coast, as the largest late night talk show in the world, has been asked not to have Dr Judy Wood as a guest? I ask this because you have expressed an interest, then cancelled, then had on guests to discuss topics who, it can be shown, are not pursuing matters in a way which is consistent with the impression they are presenting to Coast to Coast listeners and to the public in general.


As she has done for former Coast to Coast hosts, Rolleye James, Richard Syrett, as well as other talk show hosts such as Ambrose I Lane Snr, Kevin Smith, Frank Whalen, Gianni Hayes, Scott Stevens, Dr Rebecca Carley, Ralph Winterrowd, and others, Dr Wood (and I) stand ready to present the evidence to you at any mutually convenient opportunity. We think it is important that your audience is given an accurate picture of what appears to be happening in relation to research and action being taken in relation to 9/11 and the free energy cover up – and why it is so very important for people to understand the nature and implications of this evidence. We would also be very pleased for John Hutchison to join the discussion, as he has on several other radio shows.


We very much look forward to your response!




Andrew Johnson


From: Andrew Johnson [mailto:ad.johnson@ntlworld….]

Sent: 05 May 2009 12:15

To: earthfiles@earthfile…

Cc: george@coasttocoasta…



Dear Linda,


I don’t know if you remember me. A couple of years ago, I helped you set up an interview with UK "hacker" Gary McKinnon (who is, thankfully, still in the UK). He is OK, but there were more hearings and posturing earlier this year. There is another hearing on 9th of June. He has gained more support from several well-known figures (see here www.freegary.co.uk/)


I write to you because of your recent appearance on "Coast" when you interviewed Neils Harrit and Steven E Jones. I have communicated with both these people, and have been involved on the sidelines with 911 research and legal action which has all but been censored by both the mainstream media and the alternative knowledge community. This is a long story, but first some points about the unproven thermite theory, which is over 3 years old – and started in late 2005 and evolved from then. The very basic problem with the discussion of thermite is that thermite does not turn steel to dust – it melts steel. We didn’t see melting steel on 9/11 – we saw the towers turn into dust in about 10 seconds (they didn’t "collapse").


Were you aware Dr Judy Wood, former Professor of Mechanical Engineering, submitted an RFC (Request for Correction) to NIST in 2007? Were you aware she sued some of NIST’s contractors for fraud over the WTC reports?




Were you aware that Steven E Jones submitted an RFC to NIST regarding the NCSTAR reports for WTC 1 & 2 (3 weeks after Dr Wood did)?







Why do these documents not mention Prof Jones OWN thermite tests – which are said to be "conclusive"?


I sent some questions to Drs. Jones and Harrit – they have not been able to answer them. I reproduce a couple here, then quite a few more at the bottom.


Can they comment on or explain inverted cars near the WTC on 9/11 and the exploding cars reported by witnesses such Patricia Ondrovich and the exploding Scott Packs (oxygen tanks) reported by some firefighters?




2) Can they comment on the proximity of Hurricane Erin to NYC during the events of 9/11 (were they aware of its proximity and existence?)




These and more questions are raised below. Also, I was very interested to hear your research into the Bentham Open Journal – which appears to be a "vanity" journal, which does not function in the same way as a "normal" journal. A deeper analysis is posted here:




I might mention that George Noory was made aware of Dr Wood’s research by my friend, Anthony Beckett, at the X Conference in April 2008. Since then, Dr Wood has appeared twice on Rollye James show (audios available in her archive), on GCN, on the Kevin Smith show, Frank Whalen. Prior to this, she has featured on Ambrose Lane (WPFW) and other radio shows – quite a number of which are archived here:




I have written a number of articles documenting the curious developments in the cover up, censorship and muddle up of Dr Wood’s research. Anyone can read them at my website:




I hope you find this information useful.




Andrew Johnson


Tel: +4413326742271



Also see:



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