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Date: 2010-03-12 08:37:53

Attachments : Isn’t Pakistan where the kidnapped child has been reported to be (news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/…)? From: Kathy Roberts [mailto:weerkhr@pacbell.net] Sent: 12 March 2010 06:19To: Undisclosed-Recipient: ;@smtp101.sbc.mail.gq1.yahoo.comSubject: Good Article on Holly Greig Case www.paltelegraph.com…   Hollie had the potential to topple government! Thursday, 11 March 2010 10:25 Added by PT Editor maysaa jarour   UK, March 11, 2010 (Pal Telegraph) – The case of Hollie Greig really did open a can of worms and even to this day it is what the media would call a “Scoop”. It reveals the evil working of a pedophilia ring that stretches all the way to the highest authority. The pain and suffering by this girl started when she was only six years old and continued on for fourteen years. Her mum Anne gave a graphic account of what her daughter had been through when she was interviewed by Manchester Radio Online. You can hear the 13 part series about Hollie on the following link: www.youtube.com/watc… So why is this story not reaching the media in the UK and who is behind this gagging. It all comes down to Elish Angiolini who has gagged the Scottish mainstream media from publishing anything about the Hollie Greign case. This is enforced through her Glasgow based Lawyer, Peter Watson of Levy & Macrae.   What has become apparent is the fact that this intentional gagging as infuriated the citizens of the UK into creating their own outlets. There are so many supporters now with webs and blogs that even Peter Watson cannot silence them and the “Hollie Army” continues to grow from strength to strength. Hollie and her mum Anne are now regular features on many overseas radio stations. This week alone has seen them both inundated for requests to be interviewed. We can clearly see that people power is now taking over and believe me there is a very clear indication that this case will reach the courts and those that attempted to silence or derail it will fall victim to their own misguided ways. I also think that this case alone will cause immeasurable damage to Peter Watson’s credibility and to Levy & Macrae. The main obstacle, Elish Amgiolini I am sure will be forced to resign from her post within a reasonable time frame and it’s only a matter of time before Sheriff Buchannan looses his protection and eventually is brought to trial (this man is at the centre of this case). There are still a few more people to name and shame in this article…obviously the First Minister for Scotland Alex Salmond must top the list for not having the guts to stop this in its tracks and still continues to evade the Hollie topic as does the entire Scottish Government and also the head of the three main parties in Westminster i.e. Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg. I also have to mention others such as Kenneth Clarke, William Hague, Danny Alexander and Ester Rantzen to name a few. Locally one must also remember the current Labour member for Aberdeen South Anne Begg who was contacted by Hollie’s mum Anne some time ago and failed to offer any assistance despite the fact that she herself is disabled. It is obvious that as it stands at the moment the Scottish legal system is well and truly sewn up by the two partners in crime: Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill and Lord Advocate in Scotland Elish Angiolini. Despite numerous emails to Gordon Brown and the other leaders we are left in the depth of total government silence.   I would like to warn these political elite that the momentum is growing extremely fast and the noose is tightening around the necks of those that choose to hide this from the public or prefer not to become involved. There is a mountain of evidence and many names to be named and if the main political parties continue to ignore this case then their parties will also fall victim to those they choose to ignore. It is clearly time for the greater public to start bringing in the big guns to keep firing broadsides at the evaders! Why can’t they understand that to nip this in the bud very quickly will stop their own political parties from becoming embarrassed! They must understand that in  their midst there are people who will eventually be named and shamed as being part of the problem. Holly had an exceptional memory not only listing the offenders but also naming other children that fell victim to the same group of mentally warped pedophiles. As a result of this information being on hand we again urge the political sector to become involved in Hollie’s case as it would serve to be in their own best interest. In the event the political elite continue to evade Hollie I am sure that all those names will enter the public domain in the near future. I came across some interesting archived information that formed part of a leading  newspaper that goes back a long way with the headlines: “commons clerk on trial after IT find thousands of images of children performing sexual acts” I also extracted some very good comments from www.tpuc.org/node/34 Tony Blair’s closest confidante’s is a practicing pedophile, are even suggesting that this particular scandal, and not Blair’s repeated lies and fabricated reports in regard to Iraq, may well prove the downfall of a government mired in sleaze and corruption. The Sunday Times is reported to have obtained an FBI list of Labour MPs who have used credit cards to pay for internet child pornography, and Blair has responded by imposing a massive news blackout, failing however to stop the arrest of one of his most important aides, Phillip Lyon.   One of the articles went on to say that George Robertson’s (ex UK Defence Secretary 1997/98 and Sec Gen of Nato) had links with Thomas Hamilton (Dunblane), procurer of young boys and a massive British  establishment [Masonic] cover up.   Blair government insider Lord Robertson has threatened to sue Scotland’s leading independent newspaper over internet allegations that he not only used his influence as a Freemason to procure a gun licence for child killer Thomas Hamilton, but was also a member of a clandestine paedophile ring reportedly set up by Hamilton for the British elite. On 13 March 1996, Hamilton, armed with four hand-guns, opened fire on a junior school class, killing 16 children and one teacher before turning the gun on himself, shattering forever the idyllic 13th century Scottish town of Dunblane. Lord Robertson was the referee on Thomas Hamilton’s shotgun licence. It was obvious that Blair went into damage control almost immediately -The article went on to read:  Blair government, which has already issued a D-Notice to gag the press from revealing the names of known pedophiles within the British executive, including at least two senior ministers; and the case highlights the government’s NATO boss and Blair government insider Lord Robertson has threatened to sue Scotland’s leading independent newspaper over internet allegations that he not only used his influence as a Freemason to procure a gun licence for child killer Thomas Hamilton, but was also a member of a clandestine pedophile ring reportedly set up by Hamilton for the British elite. A campaign was launched to lift the secrecy on the Dunblane massacre. Large sections of the police report were banned from the public domain under a 100-year secrecy order. Lord Cullen, an establishment insider, also omitted and censored references to the documents in his final report. Parents and teachers were advised to concentrate their efforts on a campaign to outlaw handguns instead of focusing on how the mentally unstable Freemason, already known by the police to be a paedophile, had obtained a firearms licence for six handguns. Hamilton allegedly enjoyed good relations with local Labour luminary George Robertson and Michael Forsyth, the then Scottish Secretary of State and MP for Stirling. Forsyth congratulated and encouraged Hamilton for running a boy’s club.   Now where in this is there a national security risk so great, that documents part of the public enquiry are now state secrets to be held for 100 years? Funny kind of public enquiry. Why, when Thomas Hamilton’s application for a gun licence was turned down, due to him being regarded as a man of unsound character [and] him being the object of several paedophilia investigations, did his MP, our friend George Robertson (now Lord Robertson, Secretary-General of NATO), write him a glowing character reference, and personally see to it that his application was successful, when he knew the grounds for the original refusal were because he was suspected of procuring boys for sexual services?” As I pointed out in my previous article, regarding the D Notice…….if this is all about national security then wouldn’t one think that holding a position in high office with such an evil private life makes that a person a security risk? It is obvious that this was certainly a government panic measure to protect those around them. Dunblane may have been just over 11 years ago, but the questions still loom, that have to be answered. 1. No proper Autopsy and no inquest on Hamilton? 2. Reasons unknown – Shoots Kids? – was he a scapegoat to get rid of evidence of a paedophile ring of MP’s and Mason’s in Scotland? – There seems to be mounting evidence to prove this theory. 3. Receives Shotgun Licence even though he was turned down by normal channels – Why was Lord Robertson not prosecuted for refereeing his application? 4. Why did he shoot himself with a different gun from the one he shot the kid’s with, even though the first gun still hand rounds in it? – Strange to say the least. So there we have it…….all the time we can now see a connection between the Dunblane Massacre and the Hollie story which all link in with an extensive paedophile ring. The screws continue to tighten up and again I emphasise the fact that those political figures that have chosen to ignore this story will certainly reap in the reward very soon! Again I repeat “Become involved or suffer the consequences”   Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 11/3/2010 No virus found in this incoming message.Checked by AVG – www.avg.comVersion: 9.0.733 / Virus Database: 271.1.1/2733 – Release Date: 03/11/10 21:50:00

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