FW: New Youtube video, and Vatican comments

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2010-07-26 10:23:45

  From: Lloyd Pye Updates [mailto:lloyd@lloydpye.com] Sent: 26 July 2010 03:00To: ad.johnson@ntlworld….Subject: New Youtube video, and Vatican comments   Today Jonathan Kerr-Smith of England informed me that the new Youtube video he is creating from my London lecture on July 11th should be finished by next weekend, or perhaps late this week. I will send a new Byte out as soon as I have a link to it because I am as anxious as any of you to see what he does with the two hours of footage he shot. Obviously that is too long for Youtube, but he is a good editor and I’m sure he will do an outstanding job of scaling it down to Youtube size so it won’t consume too much viewing time.   This past week I met with five successful friends in New Orleans, asking them to consider helping me contact wealthy individuals who might be willing to invest in what we must do with the Starchild. I think those meetings went well, but now I can only wait to see if and how they act on what I told them about what is unfolding with the genetics. As you might imagine, it took all of them by surprise, so they all have a bit of digesting to do, I’m sure both mentally and emotionally. When it’s first laid on you, it’s a hammershot.   Speaking of genetics, things are moving on that front, too. Our geneticist is looking at ways to expand the amount of nuclear DNA he is recovering. What he has now is substantial, but it is a pitiful fraction of the entire 3 billion base pairs that must be recovered to squelch any mainstreamers who will be inclined to balk at the result. So anything to increase the output of his manual efforts are welcome until we have the money to pay for the use of a 454 machine.   On another front, people often ask me what I think “official” reactions will be when we formally announce our historic discovery. I have finally made time to address that important question on the Starchild website. There you will find a brief introduction where I give my thoughts about it, and then comes a long article suggesting that NATO is using the Vatican as a kind of stalking horse to prepare the ground for eventual worldwide UFO-alien disclosure. The article is thought-provoking, and I hope you all will inform yourselves about it because of its great importance. I’m sure you’ll be as surprised as I am by the extent of the Vatican’s involvement in this most contentious of issues.   www.starchildproject… Lastly, the eBook is still available for those who haven’t read it. If you haven’t, please consider getting it and taking an hour to read it so you can discuss the Starchild Skull with ease and with factual accuracy. There is no quicker way to inform yourselves about it, and I’m hoping each of you on this list will take a leading role in explaining it to those in your area when the bombshell finally explodes. Okay?   www.starchildproject…     Lloyd Pye www.LloydPye.com
  Starchild eBook: www.starchildproject… Starchild paperback book: www.amazon.com Everything You Know Is Wrong: www.iUniverse.com Mismatch (hi-tech spy thriller): www.iUniverse.com A Darker Shade of Red (football novel): www.amazon.com YouTube address: www.youtube.com/offi…
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