The Price of Secrecy, The Consequences of Cover Up

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2011-03-13 12:21:39

Please re-post on blogs, websites etc if you feel comfortable in doing so.   www.checktheevidence… The Price of Secrecy, The Consequences of Cover Up Andrew Johnson (ad.johnson@ntlworld….) 13 March 2011   Today, I was sent two unrelated YouTube clips by 2 different people. I include one of them below, which shows a few snapshots and some commentary regarding the large scale and highly distressing catastrophe in Japan. For myself, I find the disaster deeply, deeply troubling – because I know that even if the earthquake was just a “natural event”, the effects of it could be mitigated much more comprehensively than they surely will be.…   Additionally, as I write this, there is a further crisis developing, which could result in further radioactive contamination  of the area surrounding Fukushima Daiichi Reactor complex due to the damage caused to the nuclear reactors there. Along the ongoing environmental destruction in other areas – such as the Gulf of Mexico – is often attributed to “human folly” and the thirst for energy sources. Whilst this is true at one level, it is a view which is given from one “living in a world of scarcity”. However, my own study and research has shown that a number of people have literally given their lives and proved that any thirst for energy can be quenched with clean non-polluting (or very much less polluting) sources of energy – a world of abundance. Some time ago, I compiled a presentation which included the evidence for this statement being true.   Over 2 years ago, I wrote an article called Manufacturing The Apocalypse which suggested that some agency was involved in engineering “natural” disasters, such as the one now seen in Japan. Whilst a number of internet posters have already claimed that HAARP (in Alaska) is responsible, I doubt this is true – it is more likely that other technology is in use – possibly utilising the same “ether physics” that was exploited in the destruction of the WTC complex on 911. I wish to make 2 main points here. Firstly, I hold those who support the secrecy and cover up related to energy technologies as significantly responsible for the loss of life, danger and destruction which occurs in events like the ones unfolding in Japan. Secondly, I challenge all people working in areas which involve keeping technologies secret to think about their own responsibilities to humanity:…   What is area 51 for? What technologies are sequestered there? At whose behest are they sequestered? Is it the case that the people who patrol the borders have had their brains and souls removed and have no “human connection” to the rest of us? What would they prefer a 4-wheeled pick up truck which they have to fill up with gas/petrol every 400 miles (for perhaps $100), or an antigravity craft running on vacuum energy? It seems they like the pick up truck idea more… And of course, Area 51 does not seem to be the only area “dedicated to secrecy”.   Is it true, then, that some type of mind control is in operation – preventing people working in these areas from choosing the correct option? Perhaps it’s not so much “mind control” as HAARP – “High Amplitude Advancement of Real Propaganda” – as we have seen in the mainstream media, 9/11 “truth” movement and in other branches of the “alternative knowledge” community.   In relation to energy – specifically “Cold Fusion”, or Low Energy Nuclear Reactions as it should more correctly be called, a certain Professor Steven E. “Thermite” Jones declared, in 1989, there was no possibility of using this to produce cheap energy:   www.checktheevidence… Steven E Jones “Read My Lips”   Let it be known that, from hereon in, I hold him and all those acting in similar ways, partly responsible for creating the circumstances that have lead to death and destruction in Japan and elsewhere, at least some of which could have been avoided if Jones and his “colleagues” had acted wisely and encouraged and nurtured careful development of these, and related sequestered energy technologies.   Again, I appeal to all those in the security services and those under the influence of vested interests (e.g. oil companies) to reanalyze and re-consider their position on these matters very, very closely and carefully indeed – before there are no nations left to have security.…   Are you interested in what’s really going on in the world, behind the facade? Then…www.checktheevidence… happened on 9/11?    

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