Japan is Developing Over Unity Power Generators

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Date: 2011-04-07 13:21:08

One might find this interesting to explore in the context of the massive implications.. Japan is Developing Over Unity Power Generators educate-yourself.org… [Editor’s Note: The Illuminati manufactured the March 11 mega-earthquake and caused the explosions at the nuclear reactors to keep Japan on the ropes economically and under the thumb of their banking bailout schemes (IMF) and the US military. This essay explains part of their reason for stomping on Japan…Ken] By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone educate-yourself.org… March 17, 2011 Japan is Developing Over Unity Power Generators by ZS Livingstone (March 17, 2011 Last month there was an article of a Japanese Corporation ready to ship electrical generators on steel boxes which could supply all the electrical power needs for a small factory or an office building. The technology was new and not revealed in the article. It appeared Over Unity power was coming into being. Then the arthquakes, the tsunamis and the sabotage of the nuclear plants. The status quo did not want to allow this technology to replace the oil based economy. Since the first 7.2 earthquake March 9, 2011 at 14.1 kilometres depth off the east coast of Honshu, manmade earthquakes showed as sharp spikes on the seismograms. The strength of the tremors was in the 4.7 to 6.1 range stronger than the cluster of 4.7 to 5.1 artificial quakes which pulverized Port au Prince Haiti. There were over 300 quakes before the 9.0 Richter quake on March 11 2011. Unlike Haitian, the Bonin Island and the Gulf of Aden quakes which were in tight clusters, The Japan earthquakes were spread over a large area between the line where the Pacific Plate subduction zone starts its slide under the Asian Plate. This is similar to the artificial quakes off the coast of Chile which also included a very large quake and a tsunami. The NWO geoscientists had learned how to attempt to destroy Japan in attempting to destroy Chile. Japan was targeted because of the new technology and because it was refusing to be part of the New World Empire based on oil. It was refusing to participate in the massive genocide, the killing of 90% of humanity and so it became the focus one of the attempted planet wide murder plots. Looking at the ferocity of the earthquake attack it appeared the plot was to utterly destroy Japan and kill tens of millions by unleashing a 150 foot tsunami which would have destroyed all the coastal cities on the Pacific Ocean and depopulating all of Polynesia. Part of the plan was to detonate tactical nukes in all the nuclear plants as the tsunamis swept over top of the atomic cores releasing hundreds of tons of uranium and other radioactive elements into the environment of half the Earth. It is likely there are similar tactical nukes hidden in the seven nuclear plants on the US west coast. The western USA would be laid to waste and the survivors forced into concentration camps. The FEMA rail cars were already in position in Seattle. It did not happen. By a miracle it did not happen. The 9.0 Richter earthquake 250 miles northeast of Tokyo should have done more damage than it did. Tokyo can be repaired. The ports on the east coast can be rebuilt. The suitcase or tactical nukes breeched just one of the four atomic pile cores blasting through seven inches of steel. These were not hydrogen explosions, the blasts were too powerful. Something blocked three of the bombs from tearing holes in the other reactors, something deflected the energy. Even as this is written another artificial quake 4.8 Richter 30.4 km deep off the east coast of Honshu on the 18th of March. There have been nearly a thousand quakes over 4.0 in the last month. More than half have been artificial. The NWO is stubbornly keeping to its evil game plan. I would recommend Japan defy the NWO and replace the nuclear plants with the new technologies. The Heavens and Mother Earth have prevented the destruction of Japan. The NWO is losing ground. By this act the NWO has lost face. Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone ———- © Copyright 2011 Educate-Yourself.org All Rights Reserved.

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