Is Richard Hoagland on a ‘Dark Mission’?

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2011-04-11 19:32:42

Attachments : Sorry this is so long, but we had to cover the issues thoroughly.   Please forward/re-post as appropriate.   www.checktheevidence…   Is Richard Hoagland on a ‘Dark Mission’?   Andrew Johnson (ad.johnson@ntlworld….) Apr 11th 2011   Richard C Hoagland   Readers of other articles I have written will perhaps be wondering why I now seem to be writing an article about Mr Richard Hoagland – a well known researcher who is a regular guest and contributor to the popular “alternative” late night US syndicated talk show “Coast to Coast”. Mr Hoagland is billed as “Science Advisor” to the programme, though he does not have any formal qualifications in science subjects.  Mr Hoagland, however, did apparently work as a Curator for NASA for some time and he also worked with famed CBS reporter, Walter Kronkite – presumably on reports relating to NASA and/or the Apollo and other space missions.   Richard C. Hoagland’s Main Areas of Research   Starting in about 1983, Richard Hoagland has presented some very interesting information about Mars, the Moon and especially Iapetus and he (and others) have highlighted a number of anomalies in various photos which have been sent back by unmanned probes. Mr Hoagland has posted some quite fascinating, if at times verbose, articles on his website “Enterprise Mission”. He has mainly focused on “space-related” research topics and he has covered these at length in books such as “Monuments of Mars” and more recently “Dark Mission”. Readers of some of his articles may conclude that Mr Hoagland is something of a “trekker” – although unlike this author, Mr Hoagland apparently knew Gene Roddenberry for some time.   Outside of space research, Mr Hoagland posted a very interesting series of articles about the so-called “Norway Spiral”. However, in July 2010, he stated on Coast to Coast that a large undersea region in the Gulf of Mexico could explode from a methane build up, causing a tsunami. This has not happened, however.   Secret Space Programme Conference   With this said, it can perhaps be seen why I was interested that on Sunday April 3rd, 2011, Richard Hoagland gave a presentation in Amsterdam, as part of a conference entitled “The Secret Space Programme”. In August 2010, I was made aware by the organiser, Jeroen Van Stratten, that this conference would be happening. At that time, I had spoken to Jeroen at the Exopolitics Leeds Conference, where I presented “The Case For Antigravity”. (This presentation fits directly into the “Secret Space Programme” research area.) Jeroen did invite me to have a table to distribute some materials there. However, due to certain timing and family commitments, I decided not to attend. I was also grateful to Jeroen for offering to display a few copies of my self-published book entitled “9/11 Finding the Truth”. Jeroen also displayed some DVDs of a TV presentation by myself and Dr. Judy Wood that was done in Feb 2009 – about the destruction of the WTC, along with some flyers for Dr. Judy Wood’s hugely important book “Where Did the Towers Go? Evidence of Directed Free-Energy Technology on 9/11”   I wish, in retrospect, I had decided to attend, as I may have been able to question Mr Hoagland about a number of aspects of what he presented. One might have thought that Mr Hoagland would present something about his research from his “Dark Mission” book (co-authored with Mike Bara) However, much of the material that he presented was nothing to do with “Dark Mission”, Mars, Iapetus or any of those subjects. Rather, the material he presented was primarily about the events of 9/11.   Dr. Judy Wood’s 9/11 Research and Court Case   Some readers may know of my special interest in 9/11, as it is the topic I have written about the most on this website – and about which I have the most information posted. Similarly, readers will likely know of my association with Dr. Judy Wood – who has singularly done more than any other researcher to determine what actually happened – and take that knowledge forwards into a “Qui Tam” complaint against NIST’s contractors for Science Fraud. The complaint was eventually filed in the U.S. Supreme Court.   Very recently, Dr. Wood has made a fabulously important new book available – called simply “Where Did The Towers Go?” with a subtitle of “Evidence of Directed Free-Energy Technology on 9/11.” This is the only book about 9/11, which, examines with a wealth of scientific data, what happened to the World Trade Centre Complex. In this work (and on her website) once the “what” has been established, the evidence of the “how it was done” is also explored.   Dr. Wood’s forensic studies have shown the importance of what are known as “field effects” in relation to the destruction of the WTC Complex. This has been determined from a study of something known as “The Hutchison Effect” and Dr. Wood has also examined the likely role of Hurricane Erin in the events of 9/11. Some time ago, I made a 20-minute video summary of the evidence. Dr. Wood has also posted a “cliff notes” summary of the evidence.   Richard Hoagland’s Presentation   When I first listened to Mr Hoagland’s presentation, I was, frankly, shocked. For about 1½ hours, he presented some of the catalogue of evidence that Dr. Judy Wood had compiled and made available on her website. Though Mr Hoagland did reference Dr. Judy Wood’s name and made brief mention of her website, but it was rather odd that he did not seem to remember the name of her website when he began talking about her work (at 44:15), even though the name of her website is her name. It must be pointed out that Mr Hoagland has never been in contact with either Dr. Wood or myself – before or after this presentation. Neither of us had any idea that he would be presenting this research in as much detail as he did.   A number of people have already made remarks such as “Isn’t it fantastic that someone like Richard Hoagland is endorsing Dr. Judy Wood’s research??” Well, this might be true if he was presenting it fairly and accurately. However, as you will see from details discussed below, Mr Hoagland made a number of serious errors and omissions in his presentation and, had he consulted Dr. Wood or myself – or if the organisers had invited Dr. Wood to present this evidence, these mistakes could have been avoided.   Both myself and especially Dr. Wood work very, very hard to get details correct – science and engineering are nothing without details being correct. Hence, we both felt we needed to point out where there are mistakes in his presentation so we can ensure a “true and accurate record” of these matters becomes available to people.   Some people, I am sure, will criticise me – or us – for what may be termed “nitpicking” – however, my response is simply to refer to the previous paragraph about why details are important. Additionally, both Dr. Wood and myself are, or have been, involved in education professionally – which again means we must do our absolute best to ensure that information is passed on accurately and truthfully to those whom we are attempting to guide towards a complete understanding of whatever topic we are tasked with explaining to them. Finally, if “details” are to be submitted to court (as Dr. Wood and Jerry Leaphart did), they must be absolutely solid and definitive.   Telling the Truth   People will need to analyse the presentation closely to see some of the subtlety of the errors and mis-representations – and also, again, consider why Mr Hoagland did not present research from “Dark Mission” or other research from his own lengthy articles. Perhaps it is a measure of the importance of Dr. Judy Wood’s research that he decided to do what he did.   It is worth noting carefully what Richard Hoagland stated about the events of 9/11 in a Coast to Coast Broadcast on 16 April 2008. In discussing some developments in Solar Power with George Noory, he seemed to believe (what can be called) the “Bin Laden fantasy”:   www.checktheevidence… Hoagland  on  9-11  Coast  to  Coast  –  Apr  16  2008.mp3   At 1:00 into this clip he states:   “This is a revolution that’s here – and all it’s waiting for is the right president to say ‘this is what we’re going to do – who wants to get on board’…. This is the way we change the world, I mean if you look at CNN, you look at NBC, you look at Fox, you look at the litany of awful bad news that we’ve been living with for almost 10 years now – since 2001 – since 9/11. What was the single biggest reason why Bin Laden ostensibly  killed 3000 Americans?”   So, an initial question then is, what made Mr. Hoagland change his mind so much in the intervening 3 years? Dr. Judy Wood’s research has been posted quite prominently since at least 2006 and she has been speaking about it since then.   It makes it all the more ironic – laughable even – that in his Apr 3rd  2011 presentation, Mr. Hoagland should rebuff a statement from the audience about Mohammad Atta’s Passport being found on the ground. That is, at 1:14:50 Mr. Hoagland states:   …If you believe that, I’ve got a really cool bridge deal that I… OK?   Meeting Mr. Hoagland   Personally, I wonder if he “secretly” paid attention to some of the materials and signs I had on display during the Beyond Knowledge Conference in Sept 2009 (when I gave a presentation about Crop Circles). At that event, I even attempted to strike up a conversation with Mr Hoagland, but he expressed no apparent interest – he never looked at any of booklets, leaflets or DVDs I had on display. At the same conference, Mr Hoagland did a presentation about The Secret Space programme (but the first hour which I watched was centred on anomalies in the Rings of Saturn.)    And I say again, Richard Hoagland has never communicated with either myself or Dr. Judy Wood before or since his Amsterdam presentation (as of writing this article). Prior to this, I had resisted contacting Mr Hoagland myself because of the volume of e-mails I considered he would receive and that I had hoped he would find the available information and realise its importance without any need for me to contact him.   We can safely say, however, that he has been aware of Dr. Judy Wood’s research and website since at least January or February 2010 – when he included reference to it in the third part of his “Norway Spiral” series of articles.   Of course, many people – including myself, often reference or re-use images from Websites in presentations they give. However, it is rare that someone will present material exclusively from a website other than their own – for 1½ hours of a 2¾ hour presentation. Also, why did Mr Hoagland not take such an opportunity to present research from “Dark Mission” and raise awareness – and sales – of this book? Surely his publisher would have preferred this! (More about publishers later…)   Friends   One of the interesting things Mr. Hoagland said early in his presentation, at about 03:18 was “As my friend Alex Jones keeps saying…”   and then he mentions the concept of a “Prison Planet” (the title of one of Jones’ websites). Mr. Hoagland  mentioned several “friends” in this presentation and a couple of these statements we will examine later. My reason for flagging this up is that Alex Jones has attacked or censored any mention of Dr. Judy Wood’s research when it has come up in discussions. One example happened on a radio show hosted by Kevin Barrett and another was when his own show was being hosted by Jason Bermas. Finally, Jerry Leaphart had to write a letter to Alex Jones, discouraging him from disparaging certain researchers whilst 9/11-related legal action was in progress. (Alex Jones, to my knowledge, never mentioned this legal case either, nor did he reply to the letter).   Around 53:00 into the presentation, Mr. Hoagland describes Dr. Joseph Farrell as his friend and he states that Joseph Farrell gave Mr. Hoagland permission to present some of Farrell’s Research. However, at no point in the presentation does Mr. Hoagland describe Dr. Judy Wood as a friend. Also, he does not state whether she gave permission for Mr. Hoagland to present her research (as already implied, she did not – as she was never contacted and asked this question). However, he refers to Dr. Wood by her first name only for much of his presentation, giving the audience the impression they are “close friends.” Dr. Joseph Farrell has had a number of his own books published with the same publisher as Mr. Hoagland – Feral House – a topic we will return to later. Richard Hoagland has appeared with Joseph Farrell on “Coast to Coast” on August 21 2008. Joseph Farrell has also spoken about Dr. Judy Wood’s research on one or two radio appearances – for example, in one of a number of broadcasts on “The Byte Show”. More recently, however, Dr. Farrell seemed to be rather less interested in talking about 9/11, it seems.   Another Friend – John Hutchison…?   At around 95:20 into the presentation Mr. Hoagland states (presumably showing a slide):   This is John Hutchison. John is a character – I’ve known him for 10 or 15 years. John is one of those exquisite, no holds barred ‘let me see what I can come up with tomorrow to just play with the universe’ kind of garage tinkerers.   As Dr. Wood has documented – and I have also stated – John Hutchison’s research is one of the keys to understanding how 9/11 was “done” – few people will talk about this in relation to 9/11 (so I was initially surprised when Mr. Hoagland did).   At around 95:30, Mr. Hoagland stated that John Hutchison was in the Navy – I doubted this was true, so e-mailed John to ask him. John confirmed he was never in the Navy (see e-mails below).   At about 103:00, Mr. Hoagland stated there was a petition to “get John out of his apartment” (in New Westminster, Vancouver, Canada) – John said in e-mail to me that no one wanted him to leave – he left to be with his partner Nancy Lazaryan and work on the Gulf Oil aftermath – with some success. (see e-mails below)   These are significant errors – the second of which appears to be some kind of attempt to cast John in a bad light.   Masonic Symbols and Presidents and the 9/11 “Truth” Movement   In his presentation, Mr. Hoagland does not start talking about 9/11 until around the 37 minute mark. In doing so, he mentions Masonic symbolism (e.g. the Twin Towers represent Jachin and Boaz). At around 39:30, he criticises the 9/11 “truth” movement, suggesting it is   …not truth, at least in the sense of the leadership – because the story they’re spinning is as fictional as the story that the Bush administration was spinning – that Rumsfeld was spinning – that Cheney was spinning. None of it is true.   He does not present any evidence to back up his statement about the “leadership of 9/11 truth”. For example, he could have referenced one of a number of articles on – or even my free e-book 9/11 – Finding the Truth. Perhaps Mr. Hoagland was a little nervous – because if he had gone any further, he may have had to mention what one of his fellow conference speakers, Richard Dolan, said in September 2009 about 9/11 “truth”.   His comments about the Bush administration are also rather odd, bearing in mind that at about 32:50 he praised Obama for “thinking” and even likened him to President Kennedy! Perhaps Mr. Hoagland had not considered that something very odd happened with Obama – when he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize some time during his first four weeks in office (and later received this award) and he was perhaps the only presidential candidate to tour Europe before he was elected!   The Devil is in The Detail   From around 40:00 minutes, Mr. Hoagland moves on in to his discussion of the destruction of the WTC.   At around 40:30, he lauds “Judy” (not Dr. Wood) for some time but then says   …it’s our analysis..   Later, it becomes clear that he has put his own “spin” on what the evidence actually shows. However, he does this having made some serious errors and omissions (see below). Though he says “it’s our analysis”, he never states who else has contributed to it – and arguably no real analysis is even presented.   One error that he makes is repeated several times in his presentation. He talks about the “collapse” of the towers. For example at around 42:20 he describes it as a “free fall collapse”. This is not correct, because the towers, as he proceeds to illustrate with photos from Dr. Wood’s collection, turned to dust. That is, the towers did not collapse – if they had “collapsed”, they would have hit the ground and created a seismic signature, among other things. This did not happen.   At around 44:10, Mr. Hoagland describes what sounds like Dr. Wood’s “Billiard Ball Example” (BBE) refutation of the “collapse” story and gives an illustration of how the towers were destroyed. Mr. Hoagland thought it would take 40 seconds for the building to “pancake” down, floor-by-floor.  It seems he does not understand the BBE (this is covered in Chapter 2 of “Where Did the Towers Go”, but Dr. Wood has had it on the web since 2005.)   At 47:08, Hoagland notes the lack of debris, but then quite a bit later, at around 1:49:00 confuses the issue and repeats an unverified story:   “Judy has found… these are in a huge warehouse at Kennedy airport – they snuck all this stuff out and trucked it to China to quickly melt so that all the evidence would be gone” You are looking at the biggest crime against humanity.   It appears that Mr. Hoagland must be referring to someone other than Dr. Wood because these issues are not part of a scientific analysis of empirical evidence that Dr. Wood has presented.   At around the 48:00 mark, Mr. Hoagland states that    “Judy” is a materials scientist/engineer. Her professional credentials are that she basically back engineers stuff that breaks so the new stuff won’t break.   Quite a number of times, he mentions “Judy” rather than “Dr. Judy” or “Dr. Wood” – and in this case he makes no mention of one of her special areas of expertise – Interference and Optical Methods which are used in Stress Analysis.   At 49:30, Mr. Hoagland states he has not publicly spoken about 9/11 until now, but it is clear the evidence has been available for at least 5 years. For example,  Dr. Wood had posted: The BBE in 2005, DEW series in 2006, RFC in 2007 and qui-tam in 2007.  In 2008 Mr. Hoagland was still talking about Osama Bin Laden (see above).   In a statement quite reminiscent of Richard Gage of the bogus AE9/11 group, at 49:50 Mr. Hoagland asks   “for people to ‘demand’ a new investigation.”    Why did he do this?  He seems to be neglecting the comprehensive-forensic investigation that Dr. Wood has conducted and that he is (misre)presenting!   At 51:46, Mr. Hoagland makes a smaller error and refers to the “Union Trust”  building – which should be the Bankers Trust or Deutsche Bank building.   At 59:00 Mr. Hoagland mentions the Toasted cars stating   “They burned they melted, they ran like puddles of liquid iron. They flipped over upside down.”   Dr. Wood has not catalogued any evidence of melted and “running puddles” of iron. Indeed, this is what Steve Jones and Richard Gage have tried to convince people of – why is Mr. Hoagland so confused about the issue of heat?   Fair Use?   At around 52:50 into the presentation, Mr. Hoagland begins to describe a specific set of photographs collected by Dr. Judy Wood which show the “spire” turning to dust over a period of a few seconds.   This is a key piece of evidence – also clearly shown in this video clip I edited together.…   Thanks to a “blogger”, we have an image of the screen shown at around this time. On a blog in Dutch<(Message over 64 KB, truncated)

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