Anti nuclear power .. . lead or get out of the way.


Date: 2011-05-19 21:18:14

Anti nuclear power .. .  lead or get out of the  way.      Ralph Nader in Nov 2009 on BookTV    acknowledges existence of Tesla like free energy.…   Anti nuclear leader from the people.…         One of Ambrose Lane’s last interviews . . .  Jeanne Manning author of Break through  Power……   Breakthrough Power is book Van Jones read before President Obama was elected.   Dr Paul on Gary Null show tells how Sec of DOE Chu received via assistant sec of energy  Gerald Talbert hand delivered three page letter offering to detail free energy technology.  Dr Chu after having letter read to him said he knew all about free energy tech and was NOT interested.…   start at 8 minutes.     Sub title of Dr Judy Wood Where did the Towers go is Evidence of Free Energy Technology.   Ambrose Lane interviewed live on air Dr Wood more over a dozen times before his death.   wheredidthetowersgo…. …   wheredidthetowersgo….  

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