Blank 597. hydrogen and nickel, producing copper

From: frankferg

Date: 2011-05-21 02:30:51

Attachments :Blank 597.docJohn Hutchison has done transmutation using tesla coil, van de graph generator, and hydrogen from air using free almost infinite electrical energy. If gold and silver continue to fall transmutation of base metals may be at work. The concept of cold fusion has been mentioned and would refer to a nuclear reaction between hydrogen and nickel, producing copper. Another term is LENR – Low Energy Nuclear Reaction. Attached totally scientific documentation of example of transmutation of elements producing energy at overunity. Over unity systems can recycle percent of energy output to input creating almost infinite almost free energy Why are people of world forced to use NEVER safe nuclear energy! What are the inter dimensional ramifications of Electro Magnetic Force (EMF)…?

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