FW: 3/20/2012 – Mexico 7.9M earthquake PRE-PLANNED = verified simul

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2012-03-21 13:28:51

There has been some talk of an “event” tomorrow such as a large earthquake and some people have made more dire predictions. However, I see nothing wrong with keeping our eyes and ears open as to what is being unfolded… Here is some info from another observer… From: Sent: 21 March 2012 13:08Subject: 3/20/2012 — ALERT ! Mexico 7.9M earthquake PRE-PLANNED = verified simulation for march 20, 2012 sincedutch.wordpress…   This looks real from watching the short video clip. What he’s saying is that a “simulation” of a 7.9 earthquake was scheduled for March 20 and on March 20 they got a 7.4 quake. Now the interesting thing is Obama’s daughter was in the area of the epicenter. Why is that of interest? Well, as much as I dislike Jerry-the-apostate-Mazza, I did listen to him on Imam Barrett’s program, and he mentioned the crazed gunman that shot at the White House, hitting the living quarters of Obama, but not injuring anyone. He actually shot off his gun and walked off. Here’s Mazz’s report. www.intrepidreport.c… Now the question he posits in the interview but not in this article is: Was this  warning by Mossad to attack Iran or else? Good question, considering the latest meeting between Netanyahu and Obama. So then the question is: Was this earthquake a shot across the bow for Obama via his daughter? As we all know, anything is possible, but if we try to say it out loud, we would end up in the loony bin.   

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