New Book by a friend of mine – Evolution Through Contact

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2012-03-22 22:15:12

Attachments :  Here is a message from Don Daniels, a friend of mine, who has just published a book. Feel free to forward / post on blogs etc. Below is a summary, some short reviews and a sample of the text that he sent to me.       After several years and more work than I ever imagined, my book  Evolution Through Contact – Becoming a Cosmic Citizen  is finally out. Everyone who has read it has been most enthusiastic, which is very encouraging to me. I’m also getting higher level confirmation that this book is very timely and important, especially for those friends of yours who are just starting to wake up to the larger paradigm. I’ve included a PDF of the next to the last version of the cover, don’t have the latest version of the full cover from my layout person yet, but it is close.   Also, and again not nearly as nicely formatted as in the book, I’ve included basically the front page through the first chapter to give you a clue what it is all about. Basically this book follows my 13 year journey from knowing to understanding, and offers suggestions and exercises you and your friends can use to become comfortable and proficient in the new paradigm that is rapidly occurring all around us.  It has already helped people like Sierra Neblina, who has and continues to have ET encounters, find comfort and meaning in them. It also will help any open minded person to become ready for their own contact experiences.   I will bring some copies to the PRF meeting which is on Wed, March 21st  It is also  available now and you can order from my web site   www.EvolutionThrough…     and go to the Online Store link. My next big learning curve is how to make the web site do what I want it to do.   For a quick link to my Create Space (the Publishers) online eStore for direct ordering you can go to…   It will be available via Amazon in a week or two, and next month your local bookstore should be able to get it via Ingram’s. If you know a local bookstore they can also get it through Create Space Direct.   I’ll be very happy to sign any copies, and if you are out of the area and want an autographed copy I am working on a special option on the web site for that. In the meantime you can send me an e-note and we can work out a way to get an autographed copy to you.   May we create a better world for our grand-kids, From the back cover:   This book changes lives! “You have put things in a way people can understand—Very accurate and tasteful. The hope is many will read and apply what is there—Keep up the great work—You are a bridge between worlds—Namasté”  “Sarah 5”   “Evolution through Contact is a very mind expanding book. It brought me further along in my thought processes about what contact could be like and brought my attention to attitudes that could be obstacles to building rapport. Was I ready for high strangeness? Could I be open to beings that looked very different from us? It offers a new perspective.  The exercises are helpful for raising consciousness and developing necessary skills, such as remaining calm and communicating telepathically. It was a fascinating read!” Shirley Morgan, Denver, CO   Don presents a unique approach to achieving true personal growth and “Evolution through Contact.” He has seriously, and with humor, presented techniques that if practiced as given will greatly increase the probability of experiencing your own peaceful ET contact, even before Open Contact begins. Recognizing that the People of this planet are about to experience a paradigm shift that will affect their lives in ways most cannot even imagine, Don captures the essence of what it means to be truly Human in these changing times. He makes a magnificent case for continuing the search… and encourages you to expect with great joy the long awaited “Disclosure” and subsequent reunion with our cosmic brethren. Phil Catalano    Aerospace Engineer/Wizard   My deepest gratitude needs to be acknowledged for Don. His guidance was so helpful and practical that it led me to become centered and balanced in the midst of my own personal and evolutionary experiences.   I highly recommend this book to people who would like practical tips on how to deal with their own evolutionary experiences, especially related to UFO/ET encounters and the general spiritual changes that are occurring in our world at this time. Rev. Sierra Neblina, DD, Author, Medicine Woman, Radio Host at Starseed Radio Academy and Contactee     Evolution through Contact Becoming a Cosmic Citizen   They were definitely not human. In fact, they were not even mammalian. They were all around me, and they were touching me gently, like a blind person feeling someone’s face… © 2012 Don Daniels ETC Books, Evergreen, CO www.EvolutionThrough… Paranormal / Non-Fiction / Philosophy   TABLE OF CONTENTS   Table of Contents 3  How Quickly it becomes real 8 CHAPTER EXERCISE: BASIC MEDITATION 13 In the Beginning 15 CHAPTER EXERCISE: LIFE REVIEW 19 Aviation vs. Mysticism 20 CHAPTER EXERCISE: CONFORMITY 34 Airline Job and another Pay Cut 35 CHAPTER EXERCISE: SPEAKING YOUR TRUTH. 36 The Mystic Connection 37 CHAPTER EXERCISE: CREATIVE VISUALIZATION 40 Paradigm Shift 42 CREATING AN EGREGORE 48 The Interplanetary Council 51 CHAPTER EXERCISE: MEDITATION FOR INTERPLANETARY COUNCIL 52 Communication through Inspiration 55 FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES 56 Chapter Exercise: Oneness 58 Side note on raising our vibrations 60 Why all the secrecy and denial? 62 Disclosure – Or at Least a Darn Good Try 68 FIVE DAYS IN MAY 69 FOLLOWING UP 81 CHAPTER EXERCISE: GETTING IT OFF YOUR CHEST 87 Taking the Show on the Road 88 THE CONDON REPORT 90 CHAPTER EXERCISE: TALKING ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCES 98 Changing Tactics 100 POWER FOR THE PEOPLE 101 EVOLUTION 104 CHAPTER EXERCISE: MEETING THE UNEXPECTED 107 Close Encounters of the Crustacean Kind! 109 CHAPTER EXERCISE: HIGH STRANGENESS 112 Physiological Effects of Contact and How to Handle Them 113 WHO’S WHO? 115 CHAPTER EXERCISE – PSYCHOLOGICAL CHARACTER STUDY 119 The Concept of Dimensions 121 CHAPTER EXERCISE – MOVING INWARD TO REACH OUT! 125 An Unexpected surprise 128 CHAPTER EXERCISE – CLASH OF CULTURES: 134 “Talking” with ET 136 CHAPTER EXERCISE – WHAT WOULD YOU SAY? 140 Random Thoughts about Random Thoughts 141 CHAPTER EXERCISE – TELEPATHY 149 What are they waiting for? 150 CHAPTER EXERCISE: SEE OURSELVES THROUGH THEIR EYES. 154 Service to Self, Service to Others, Service to the Universe 156 SERVICE TO SELF, SERVICE TO OTHERS, SERVICE TO THE UNIVERSE 157 CHAPTER EXERCISE: LEAD YOUR OWN DISCUSSION GROUP 167 What do we have to offer? 168 CHAPTER EXERCISE: CONTRIBUTING TO THE UNIVERSE 173 What do they have to offer us? 174 CHAPTER EXERCISE: NEW TECHNOLOGIES 176 How to Relate to Your ET Friends 177 THE MOVIE STAR AND THE ET! 179 CHAPTER EXERCISE – MEETING OTHER PEOPLES. 184 Talking About UFO/ET 186 CHAPTER EXERCISE – TALKING ABOUT THE NEW PARADIGM. 187 Mary, Mother of ET –  Building bridges between worlds 188 What is next for humanity 201 © 2011 Don DanielsConclusion 207 Appendix A  –  Remote Viewing 209   While most pilots choose to stay silent regarding UFO sightings and/or ET contact, Don Daniels is not one of them! In Evolution Through Contact, Don writes candidly about his journey from curiosity to experience to understanding. From his experiences with Dr. Stephen Greer and CSETI to his descriptions of contact and communication, he provides an interesting mix of humorous, philosophical, and inspiring stories andcommentary that are sure to capture the attention of the reader. In addition, each chapter is enhanced with links to informational resources, a chapter exercise (designed to enhance your personal understanding and experience with the topics in the chapter), and poems by the author.   Have you ever wondered, much less even known about, what you should do if you were psychotronically attacked? What ET communication is really like? The how’s and why’s—and importance—of creating an egregore? What happened behind the scenes during and after the Disclosure Project presentation at the National Press Club? What was commonly misunderstood about the Condon Report? What openness gets you when you’re a commercial pilot? How you can prepare yourself for contact? Or how OOBE (Out of Body Experience) relates to extraterrestrial contact? If you’re preparing to read “just another book” on the subject, prepare yourself, instead, to expect the unexpected as this book takes YOU on a journey of personal discovery.   Sandy Jones, Consultant, Coach, and Dolores Cannon Hypnotherapist   Very interesting reading and I like the exercises at the end of the chapters. You just can’t read and put it down, you get something to do. Heidi Moller   Loved your open, friendly, humorous style. Monique Kesos   Don Daniels takes the high road in Evolution through Contact, everything about his experiences lends a very positive note to the whole subject of extraterrestrial contact. I’ll recommend it to friends who are dragging their feet about the larger picture. Mark Kimmel Author, Teacher & Channel   Preface    This book started out as a simple How-To on preparing yourself mentally, emotionally, and psychologically for your own ET Contact experiences, and some suggestions on how to attempt to initiate your own contacts when you were ready. However, in the writing this book has evolved into something much more important, a treatise on Becoming a Cosmic Citizen.   There are many indications that 2012 will be a pivotal year in human evolution, a time when many—if not most of us—will move into a fourth dimensional way of being, one that is Love and Oneness based. There are also some who have consciously chosen darkness, hate, fear and greed, and they have free will to continue in a third dimensional fear-based world to continue learning those lessons.    Then there is a significant portion of the population who are still asleep, unaware of the epic decisions that will be upon us in the very near future. If you have friends and loved ones in that category, and you like the messages I share, then perhaps passing this book on to them can help awaken them to the possibilities before them. Each person has to decide for themselves whether to personally ascend or to remain in the familiar fear-based world of separation and limited consciousness. It is a bold leap to move into a world that is love and oneness based, fully conscious and enlightened, but it will be very rewarding.    There will be other opportunities in the future, but the energies for enlightenment and moving into Full Consciousness will not be this strong again for a very long time. The best you can do is offer enlightenment and encouragement while respecting each individual’s free will to choose their own path.    While this book relates many of my own personal experiences, the journey should be even more about you than it is about me. There are many suggestions and concepts offered that will help you move towards Cosmic Citizenship in your own right.    If you bought this book because you are interested in having your own personal Extraterrestrial Contact experiences, place yourself in my shoes as the events occur andfeel how YOU would react. Then use the chapter exercises to improve your thoughts and reactions so that they would be proper and appropriate for your own peaceful contact experience. I’ve been there, done that. This book is about helping you to do likewise in a safe and comfortable manner.      If you bought this book to try to find closure with some experience you have had in the past, there are a number of people who have already found clarity and comfort from what you will learn here. Hopefully it will help you in that respect also. In fact, this book has changed lives already. Almost everyone who has previewed Evolution Through Contact has told me that it gave them comfort and insight, and changed their outlook for the better. It is guaranteed to give you a new perspective on our place in the universe and even change the way you look at your fellow travelers on this Earth adventure.    Be ready for some high strangeness and astounding synchronicities, because there are no coincidences. As you prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, and psychologically for exploration into the larger realities, you will be given signs that you are making progress. For us sometimes these synchronistic events became so common that we would just smile and say, “Well, there was another one!” We came to expect and look forward to the high strangeness, and revel in what we could learn from it.    The recommendations contained within this book were gleaned from several sources and mostly from 12 years of my own personal journey. If you follow my advice and honestly work on preparing yourself in the ways that I suggest, it is my belief that you will greatly increase your chances of peaceful encounters with our cosmic neighbors even before Open Contact is officially declared, as well as being ready when open contact is announced. Your efforts will be noticed and appreciated, and you will be given experiences at the rate that you are ready for them. The only thing that can stop you is fear, ego, or greed.    You do not need to travel to anywhere special to have contact experiences, for it is not where you are physically, but where you are mentally, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically that matters most. You can have contact in your own home in the middle of a major city. You may be more likely to see a UFO if you get out into more rural or remote areas where you are in nature and the sky is dark and clear. You will also find that there is a beautiful spiritual aspect to meditating out under the stars that can help facilitate your progress. Going out in nature with a small group provides mutual support and a commonality of purpose that makes it easier to meet whatever high strangeness you encounter with courage and great joy.    Most of all have fun with it as now is the time for humanity to go out and become cosmic citizens. There is so much to explore and endless adventures await you in the Cosmos. Don Daniels Foreword A chance conversation with the author of this book caused me to recall my first UFO sighting which occurred about sixteen years ago. It was a clear night, and I was just wrapping up my shift working the complaint desk of a police department in the San Francisco Bay Area. I had received approximately four phone calls from bewildered citizens who each cited a big bright light hovering some distance above them. The reports were merely shrugged off as nonsense by our dispatchers, and the duty sergeant hypothesized that people were just noticing the bright lights of the fishing vessels. During my drive home I saw the bright steady single light at twenty degrees above the city’s skyline. It was not an aircraft and definitely not a police helicopter’s spotlight. It hovered and then suddenly dashed about the sky like no conventional aircraft possibly could before it disappeared. Much to my chagrin, I was rather nonchalant about the sighting. However, it did cause me to realize that we were probably not alone in this universe. The myriad of questions that stemmed from that moment remained un-entertained until I came across the author and this book.   Evolution Through Contact helped me understand that there are others who have experienced the extraordinary. The book presented such a refreshing take on the subject. Don Daniels is a credible professional who speaks of his evolutionary experience boldly for the sake of others. The experiences shared by the author exemplify how the universe is a mystery waiting to be discovered, and he has assumed a strong role as a proponent for the official disclosure of extraterrestrial existence. Furthermore, the experiences shared are testaments that we have much room left to grow into our role as galactic citizens. Evolution Through Contact is an engaging, intelligent, and thought-provoking read, which will surely challenge our thoughts on religion, government, and science. For the open-minded reader, this book also serves as a compelling introduction to a far more interesting universe.   Patrick Magalang   Airline Captain    Acknowledgments   I would like to thank all who have helped on this project over the past several years. Their input and suggestions helped make sure this book achieved its primary objectives, helping people who are interested prepare for their own ET contact experiences, and helping those who have already had such experiences find peace and meaning in them.   My very special thanks to Sierra Neblina for trusting me enough to share her very unusual experiences with me, and trusting my advice enough to find peace with what has happened to her. In a way it allowed me a test case to prove that what had worked for me will also work well for others. Sierra is now counseling others who have had contact experiences, and really finding her power to control and continue her ongoing contact experiences and proceed with her mission to share her experiences and help educate the rest of us as to the changes that are coming. It has been a pleasure getting to know her better and to be working toward the same goals in our own ways. Thanks, Sierra, for allowing me to be a friend.   Thanks to Shirley Morgan for her help with editing and breaking my paragraph long sentences into more readable form.   Phil Catalano, Mark Kimmel, Sandy Jones, Alan Moses, Patrick Magalang, Karen Ong, and Monique Kesos for their reviews and comments, as well as the students and staff of the Youngstown State University Psychology class: “Extraterrestrials, Meditation and Free Energy” who used parts of my book in their class and then interviewed me via Skype Conference. Their enthusiasm encouraged me to finish the project.   I would also like to thank all my friends who encouraged me to keep going when the learning curve of writing a book, with all the related details, seemed overwhelming.   Thanks to Annie Miller at Earth Star Publicat(Message over 64 KB, truncated)

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