FW: Roswell – Interview with an Alien “Airl”

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2012-05-02 22:08:51

I have had a read of some of this   www.thenewearth.org/…   and it tells the story of a woman who was a nurse in the Army who, over a period of several weeks, conducted a number of “interviews” with an alien being called Airl.   The person who put this book/document together makes no claims about its veracity, but what I have read is rather interesting… From: Sent: 01 May 2012 23:21To: Andrew JohnsonSubject: It seems there was more to Roswell than we knew … Andrew,I believe this to be true for many reasons.When I first started reading it, my ‘bullshit’ monitor went into overdrive … as to how an 83-year-old-woman could write a letter in such an erudite fashion (you’ll understand when you read it).However … when you get all the way through … to the ‘final drama’ … you fully understand how that was possible.It is ‘incredible’ … it is ‘unbelievable’ … but it explains JUST EVERYTHING, and places the whole of the Jig-Saw Puzzle together (and ties it with a bow!). I think it explains the Starchild … 9/11 … you name it. I don’t see why not. Look at the dates,Andrew … 1100 AD is the date for the Starchild … read what the Entity said was happening at exactly that time …And – to me – it has the undeniable ring of ‘authenticity’ about it … I was unable to fault it (after I’d read it all the way through!)
It is 319 pages long … but a good half of them are Footnotes … because the author has gone to extreme lengths to nail down every single aspect.There are about a dozen pages to wade through before you get to the ‘meat’. Also ignore the Author’s ‘praise’ of Wackypedia … it doesn’t count, and it doesn’t matter.The document is here: www.thenewearth.org/… really can’t recommend it high enough. If you read nothing else in your life … read this … and find out who/what you ACTUALLY are. (We were told … in 1947)Best,

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