9 or 11 “Clues” about Simon Shack” and a 3D-Analysis of Flight 175

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2012-05-21 01:17:10

For some time Richard D Hall has been working on a new analysis regarding Flight 175. In relation to this, I have posted a new article about Simon Shack – creator of “September Clues” – for anyone interested in a data about “No Planes” issues, I think this is a necessary read/watch…   www.checktheevidence…   You can see the analysis on Richard D Hall’s site on this page:   www.richplanet.net/9…     9 or 11 “Clues” about Simon Shack” and a 3D-Analysis of Flight 175 Andrew Johnson (ad.johnson@ntlworld….) 21 May 2012 September Clues   Around the beginning of June 2007, a new video – called “September Clues” appeared. It presented an analysis of the events as they were shown on TV on 9/11/2001. It tried to present the evidence that some of the images we were shown of the events could not have been real. The person who had produced/edited this video used the pseudonym “Social Service” and he seemed to be associated with a band of the same name.   Around this time, I had been following the discussion and presentation of the so-called “video fakery” and “no planes” evidence by people such as Nico Haupt, Rosalee Grable and Ace Baker, and so I was very interested in this new video series and I watched all of it.   Over the next few months “Social Service” produced additional “episodes” documenting further anomalies in the video record of 9/11. One of the interesting things he noted that, as the events unfolded on TV, a number of phone calls were made to various TV stations where witnesses claimed to have seen a plane hitting the tower. Oddly, most – if not all – of these calls that were aired were from media people – TV producers, their wives or other staff from TV stations. Some of the callers – like Teresa Renaud – seemed to describe events they could not possibly have seen clearly, based on where they said they were when they made the call (this is illustrated in one part of “September Clues”).   If you watch the September Clues series, you will probably see why I was impressed by the detail that “Social Service” had studied and pointed out in his videos.   Social Service released several updates to September clues and it finally ended up as 8 ten-minute segments and a couple of additional “epilogue” videos. Around this time, it was revealed that Social Service’s name was “Simon Shack”.   It seemed Shack could be “onto something” – as he was being attacked by quite a number of people – even by  “fellow” 9/11 researchers like Ace Baker and Anthony Lawson. One particular area of “confrontation” was the so called “nose out” video – where it was illustrated that in one video, the nose of the plane appeared to have penetrated the whole WTC tower! (Arguments then circulated about the details of this).   Andrew Johnson Offers Support to Simon Shack   In July or August 2008, on a forum, Simon Shack made a request for some web storage space for his videos. At the time, I had set up some web space, and paid a 1-year subscription – but then the people I set the website up for didn’t want it and I had no real use for it, so I offered some of the space to Simon Shack to store his video files etc, and I gave him the passwords.  Additionally, I purchased a domain name for Simon Shack www.septclues.com – at modest cost.   Sometime after this, because I thought Simon Shack was interested in finding the truth, I asked him if he would be interested in recording a “Podcast” about his “September Clues” research and also about his thoughts on the research of Dr Judy Wood. This research has proved that an energy weapon or weapons, which appear(s) to operate on a principle of “field interference” was/were used to destroy the WTC complex. (It was also used as the basis of a Qui Tam Fraud case). Simon Shack never responded to my request – and I moved on to other things without repeating my request. However, this didn’t really matter, because it later became clear what his thoughts on these issues were.   Approximately 1 year later in August 2009, Simon Shack wrote to me pointing out that the webspace I had given him was “no longer accessible”. This was because the package I had originally bought (for someone else – not me and not Simon Shack) had “expired” and I had chosen not to renew it. I therefore sent Simon Shack the passwords to access the Website control panel so that he would be able to use his own credit card to pay for a renewal – in no way did I block access to the site.   Since 2007, I have given out hundreds of copies of September Clues on DVD. Whilst arguments about details are ongoing, I still find parts of the analysis of the “plane” related video clips compelling. Despite everything, Shack’s research helped to illustrate that real planes could not have crashed at any of the 4 sites, it also highlighted other oddities, such as a news reporter going to LAX airport to meet with families and friends that would have been waiting for people to disembark from the hijacked flights (which never made it to LAX airport). However, when he got there, he found only 2 people waiting – and that the airport was going to be evacuated.   911 Actors!   Over time, I have become more suspicious of what Simon Shack has been doing – especially when he started to claim that all the video and images from 911 are fake. He has made a video called “911 Actors” where he has claimed that relatives and friends of victims of the events – such as Bob McIlvane are actors and are simply “going through the motions” when they have been speaking about their anguish at public events. However, Shack presents no other real evidence in this video other than what he interprets as their odd behaviour. This sort of analysis or view seemed to follow on from other (to me, more convincing) videos that showed that people did seem to have been “planted” early on to “cement” the official story – even as it was unfolding.   In his “911 Actors” Video, at 6:47, Shack declares (with a clever design) “What a Smart Scheme it was. A total simulation upheld by a group of actors doing what they do best: SIMULATION”   911 Shills!   Following this, in his “911 Actors” video, Shack plays in quick succession a number of photos of various researchers and figures who have spoken out against the official story of 911. If you look carefully, at 6:57, you will notice that he includes a picture of Dr Judy Wood. Some of the other pictures that Simon shows really are of actors – such as Charlie Sheen. What subliminal message is Simon Shack trying to embed? (Note: he flashes up pictures and includes no specific evidence to back up any allegations – in fact, he makes no specific allegations in this part of the video.)   Dr Judy Wood Sent Hate Mail, Right?   Earlier on, I mentioned that it became clear to me why Simon Shack was not interested in the truth about 911 – as proved by Dr Judy Wood’s research. The inclusion of Dr Wood’s photo in his “Actors” video, described above, is one reason.  On his forum, he made a post that implied Dr Judy Wood had sent him some hate mail through a YouTube account. (This wasn’t the first time he had referred to this supposed hate mail.) In this same post he writes:   I see that Judy Wood has published a new book. However, her research is based on fake pictures. The sole purpose of her existence is, imho, to provide ‘a plausible explanation’ for the very stupid-looking WTC ‘pulverization’ animations.   So, Shack thinks the research is inconclusive because “the photos are fake”. It seems clear, if one reads the language used in the supposed hate mail sent via YouTube that it could not have been Dr Judy Wood. Simon Shack seems to think that because the YouTube channel is there, it must be Dr Wood’s. (There are apparent efforts of fellow posters to “bolster” this idea.)  However, if you look at this channel, you will see that there are no videos uploaded on it – and it is decidedly “austere”.   Simon Shack also stated:   “Is this really Judy’s YT channel”, you may ask… Well, at the time I did ask Andrew Johnson (her research colleague whom I’ve been in touch with in the past) for clarification.   That may have been true when he made the post (May 6th 2011) – but soon after, he contacted me via Skype text chat and I confirmed to him that this was not Dr Judy Wood’s channel (more on this “chat” later).   Also, the message said Dr Judy Wood would “sue” Simon Shack, but Simon doesn’t make it clear in the post why Dr Wood would want to sue him. It is not clear now either.   I can confirm that the YouTube channel “DrJudyWood” does not belong to Dr Judy Wood and it does not belong to me. I do not know who it does belong to. Also, as far as I can remember, when I originally looked at this channel, it was only subscribed to one other channel – that of SimonShack (though that has since changed). I can also confirm that Simon Shack is the only person I am aware of that received hate mail from the YouTube channel with the name “DrJudyWood”. Real Names Vs. Aliases and Psuedonym’s   People who have seen how I approach things will know that I avoid any kind of anonymity. There are a number of reasons for this, one of the main ones being that the culture of anonymity that was created on forums some years ago is a big factor in making them what they are – for discussing subjects such as 9/11, they are largely a waste of time now. You don’t know who you’re talking to unless (like me) everyone uses their real name or can be immediately known by the name they use.   As it turns out, Simon Shack is actually a Psuedonym. Simon Shack’s real name is Simon Hytten and he disclosed this on his forum in March 2011. (Hytten is Norwegian for “hut” or “cabin” – hence “Shack”.) So, Simon Shack has not been using his real name – only a possible translation of it. It’s All Fake!   Mr Shack (Hytten) has now gone to the ridiculous extent of claiming ALL 9/11 video and photo footage is fake – and he therefore claims it cannot be relied upon to determine how the towers were destroyed. Yes, really! He confirmed this in a Skype chat I had with him.   Simon’s Skype Chat   On several occasions, Simon Hytten has contacted me via Skype text chat. On Aug 24th 2010, he asked me:   [24/08/2010 22:29:08] simon shack: Andrew, why don’t you return to our forum? Tell me frankly now: are you somehow connected to the UK intelligence agencies? Don’t get offended now – you know that I’m a quite normal person making my utmost to understand the oddities of this planet.   Some slightly odd questions. However, I have never posted on Simon Shack’s “clues” forum. He did have another forum (z6.invisionfree.com/…) though I am fairly sure I never posted there either. I confirmed to Simon that I do not work for any UK (or other) intelligence services – and that I work for the [Contact Me Ref-1] – as I have stated many times. I encourage everyone and anyone to study what I have posted and I openly challenge them to find errors or misleading statements or any evidence at all that I am anything other than just an ordinary person.   During in this chat, Simon Hytten made his position clear:   [24/08/2010 22:35:11

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