FW: Church Must Release Sex Abuse Files by Friday, Judge Ordered 11

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2013-02-20 09:52:13

 Is this making way for the new “One World Religion”? From: Kathy Roberts [mailto:khr@sonic.net] Sent: 20 February 2013 05:41To: undisclosed-recipients:Subject: Church Must Release Sex Abuse Files by Friday, Judge Ordered 11 Days Before Pope Resigned A Los Angeles judge ruled (January 31), 11 days before Pope Benedict resigned (February 11), that the church must release internal memos about priests’ child sexual abuse as part of a $660 million settlement involving about 500 victims. There seems to be a nearly complete media blackout of the story of this ruling. I really had to dig and I still can’t tell if the judge compromised with the church by allowing the redaction of some names of church officials or if the church is stalling over full disclosure until Friday. The church managed to delay, by years, the release of this document, saying it was too costly or labor-intensive to produce it.
Now that the civil suit has been settled, where’s the criminal suit, in which church authorities serve jail time for raping children?

Trailer for excellent film, Deliver Us from Evil: www.youtube.com/watc…

“The church complained about the cost of restoring the redactions [of archdiocese employees] …”


Although the wealth of the church has been on display throughout history, its financial details are not. Paolo Cipriani – director of The Institute for Works of Religion (IOR), often referred to as the ‘Vatican Bank’ – last year pledged to “lift the veil of secrecy” surrounding the organization. The institute manages $8 billion of the church’s worldwide wealth and investments as well as 33,000 accounts for clergy and parishes, held in euros.latimesblogs.latimes… Judge orders church to release full priest abuse records January 31, 2013 

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