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From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2013-04-24 14:39:52

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J. Gevaerd (Gmail) [mailto:ajgevaerd@gmail.com] Sent: 24 April 2013 12:45To: ‘Paradigm Research Group’Subject: Brazilian Ministry of Defense establishes a channel of communication with UFO researchers unique in the world Important information  Brazilian Ministry of Defense establishes a channel of communication with UFO researchers unique in the world     For the first time in history a Ministry of Defense of a country has officially invited UFO researchers to discuss the UFO Phenomena, how to handle its investigation and the information it may come from it. The meeting happened last April 18 at the Brazilian Ministry of Defense building, in Brasilia, the Federal Capital, and over 20 people took part of it.    On behalf of the minister of Defense, Ambassador Celso Amorim, his Secretary Ari Matos Cardoso and his associates received the Brazilian Committee of UFO Researchers (CBU) members to discuss the subject. Present at the meeting, that lasted some 75 minutes, were also present several representatives from the Brazilian Air Force, Navy and Army, all subordinated to the Brazilian Ministry of Defense, and who were asked to fully comply with the ufologists’ requests.   The meeting is a direct reply to the Iguassu Falls Letter, issued during the 4th World UFO Forum, that happened last December 2012 in Iguassu Falls. In the document, signed by nearly 30 speakers from over a dozen countries and some 600 people attending the conference, it is formally requested to the Brazilian Ministry of Defense that all UFO secret archives are disclosed and an official committee for UFO investigations is created under the Brazilian Air Force. It is on its way now!   An English version of the Letter is here:www.ufo.com.br/publi…   The Iguassu Falls Letter is the latest step of the well-known and very well succeeded campaign “UFOs: Freedom of Information Now”, created by Brazilian Committee of UFO Researchers (CBU) through the Brazilian UFO Magazine, and has so far resulted in the disclosure of approximately 4,5 thousand pages of previously classified UFO documents by the Brazilian Government.    All the documents released are here: www.ufo.com.br/documentos     I am very happy to announce this information to the entire World UFO Community, as it is the result of my colleagues and mine efforts at the Brazilian Committee of UFO Researchers (CBU) to make the UFO Phenomena a clear and public issue in Brazil. The Brazilian UFO disclosure is a direct result of our strategies in the last years, through the above mentioned campaign, and the Brazilian Ministry of Defense meeting is a recognition of it.   Photos of the meeting are here: www.ufo.com.br/public/mod    A. J. Gevaerd Editor, Brazilian UFO Magazine  Coordinator, IV World UFO Forum www.ufo.com.br www.ufoz.com.br    See more info below photo   In the photo aboive, Brazilian UFO Magazine editor A. J. Gevaerd explains to the Military present at the meeting the objectives of the Brazilian Committee of UFO Researcher (CBU) and requests the creation of an official entity for UFO investigations under the Brazilian Air Force. The note below was published at the Brazilian Ministry of Defense official website as a proof of recognition of the Brazilian Committee of UFO Researchers (CBU) efforts. Ministry of Defense Receives Ufologists to Discuss Documents on UFOs Brasília, April 18, 2013 Members of the Brazilian Committee of UFO Researchers (CBU) and members of the Armed Forces met this Thursday afternoon at the Ministry of Defense (MD)’s headquarters to discuss access to military documents on reports of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). The meeting was a follow-up to a previous gathering earlier this month, when the Ministry discussed administrative procedures in response to a request for information delivered by over 30 Brazilian speakers during the 4th World UFO Forum, promoted by the Brazilian UFO Magazine (www.ufo.com.br). At the Forum, a decision was made to the effect that all documents under the responsibility of the Navy, the Army and the Air Force pertaining to the subject should be made public, in accordance with the Access to Information Act (LAI).During this Thursday’s meeting, the UFO researchers reported their difficulties accessing documents classified as either secret or ultra-secret. “Many questions remained unsolved about famous incidents such as the Varginha Case, the Mearim corvette incident and the Trindade Island sightings,” says A. J. Gevaerd, Brazilian UFO Magazine’s editor.The Secretary for the Ministry’s Institutional Coordination and Organization, Ari Matos, declares that cases in which information is still not publicly disclosed are exceptions. “The general rule is to make all documents accessible. Some cases still have to go through the legal deadlines, but that is an issue that will soon be resolved,” he adds. According to the Director of the MD’s Organization and Legislation Department, Adriano Portella, the Defense has been making every effort to meet LAI’s established deadlines as far as declassification and public exposure of documents is concerned. “The Act determines a 2-year term, from the date of its promulgation, for the revision of information that has been classified as secret and ultra-secret,” Portella explained. “The job is being done, and the documents will be declassified within the legal deadlines.”According to Ari Matos’ evaluation, the meeting’s most important result was a mutual partnership established between the militaries and the ufologists. “LAI has opened to the general public the possibility of accessing a great deal of information produced by the government. A regular means of contact must be created to suit the needs of both the UFO researchers and society in general,” says the Secretary.After the meeting with the militaries, the ufologists celebrated the initiative. “Today is a Day to remember in the history of Ufology,” said Fernando Aragão Ramalho, from UFO Magazine. “Never before did a country’s Ministry of Defense summon Ufologists to a formal discussion about flying saucers,” he celebrated. “We are optimistically standing at the door that has been opened to us, and we expect to move forward with our discussions,” Aragão says.Original source can be reached here: http://tinyurl.com/ch9bt2v—————————————————– Thanks to Carlos Casalicchio and Marcos Malvezzi for translations.     

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