Plasmic Engine – FBI and SEC work to Prevent Its Availability

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2013-05-03 09:10:54

Thanks to Kathy Roberts for passing this on. Sorry if you get 2 copies…   This is exactly the sort of outcome I mentioned in my presentation (www.checktheevidence…)   The FBI and the SEC are, of course, run by criminals – hidden in the shadows. They have no interest in preserving our environment and allowing these sorts of technologies into general usage – exactly the same as all the oil and energy companies.…   Announcement,     As of 10 AM March 5th, 2013 Inteligentry, LTD (USA) is closed. At that time 12 or 14 FBI agents entered our building with Guns Drawn and at gun point herded us into the front room and sat us down. They explained they were not there to arrest anyone but to serve, and service a”Search Warrant” to Confiscate documents, engines and materials so they could search them for any “illegal” acts, ie. a “Fishing” trip.      04/02/13 – We just found out the FBI has “Experts” trying to make the confiscated engines Run. We can only assume, since standard Phyicists would not know how that they are using Our competitors and thus allowing them to see what we have discovered. Problem is our competitors don’t understand the engine NOR how it works. Nor How to use the controllers. But it probably is what they wanted since they have spent over 30 years trying.      here is a list of what they took.      here is a document that roughly values what they removed from our premises. 
Note this is probably very UNDER Valued as it does not consider the License Value which exceeds 18 million dollars!

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