Canadian Prime Minister Harper and the Floods

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2013-07-01 08:24:13

Following the message I sent about this yesterday, a reader there sent me this response. There seem to have been a number of these seemingly “politically-timed weather/environmental events”… such as the Myanmar Cyclone of 2008 and the Haiti Earthquake of 2010.   Also see note from Kathy Roberts (sent to her by someone else) below   Hi Andrew, I find this very interesting. Here in Canada, PM Harper has been going through a very serious Senate scandal. It is the most serious scandal to affect his government and now the RCMP has launch their own investigation. There are more details on the net, but Harper himself may be directly involved, although he has been denying it. The mainstream media has made this scandal front page news for months now. As a result, the Harper government is last in the polls. That usually doesn’t mean much, but this is the first time his government has done poorly in the polls. It seems too that it is not going way and his hardcore supporters are now backing way as well. Parliament has recessed for the summer and it was around this time that the floods took place in Calgary. Further, this happens to be close to Harper’s riding. The timing of the floods made us suspicious and the major mainstream news media has been giving it 24 hour coverage with little or no news reporting of other events. The floods are still dominating the first half of the news. It seems there is something more sinister going on here.  Hi Kathy,Maybe Andrew would be interested in this one too–are we surprised?

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