Chilling Out about 9/11 With Sterling D Allan and Steven E Jones

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2013-09-17 10:49:08

Attachments : This was the “half-finished” article I referred to a week or so ago. It has now been finished and posted here. Length was necessary to cover and explain the details properly.   Summary: “More of the same…” re energy and 9/11 cover up.….   “Chilling Out” about 9/11 With Sterling D Allan and Steven E Jones   Andrew Johnson – ad.johnson@ntlworld…. 17 Sep 2013   In early November 2012, I was honoured to be invited to the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement (BEM) Conference in Hilversum , Netherlands , to give a talk entitled “Infinite Energy, But Not For the Masses”. A slightly different version of this talk was posted on my website some time ago.   In the presentation, I discuss how free energy technologies have been and are being covered up, using various methods. One method involves the way in which certain groups or individuals function – in that they give the appearance they are interested in helping to bring out free energy technologies but when the evidence pertaining to their activities is studied carefully, it becomes clear there is “something missing.” It seems that they are not helping people to understand the fullest picture of what has been discovered about free energy technology. It seems that in many cases, free energy researchers will not talk about the evidence that free energy technology has already been turned into a weapons system – and this weapons system was used on 9/11. Granted, some of these researchers are still not aware of Dr Judy Wood’s research, which proves this is the case. The cover up of this research has been quite successful – which is why I have been writing about it since 2007 – and my experiences in trying to raise awareness of same.   Sterling Allan and   One such experience involves one of the other speakers at the November 2012 BEM Conference – Sterling D Allan. Over the last few years, Sterling D Allan has built up a and large interesting Website / WIKI about Free Energy Systems, researchers and Projects – it holds a considerable amount of information – in a well-organised structure. It is updated daily, or almost daily see There is no doubt that this is a valuable resource – but I am afraid that due to recent developments, I have to raise serious questions about the integrity of the 911-related information on the site, which as readers will know, has been an area of special interest of mine over the last few years. Again, as with Steven Greer’s “Free Energy” initiatives – Seaspower, Aero2012, The Orion Project and, lately,  Sirius Technologies, (which I have analysed and written about before), the intent seems good, but actual concrete results seem to be minimal or non-existent.   My concern about some pages on the site increased when I realised that initially, there was little reference to Dr Judy Wood’s research – even though the site held articles about the research of John Hutchison. However, there was, at the time more reference to the Steven E. “thermite” Jones – the site mentions him on quite a number of pages. The site also references Alien Scientist videos – describing one as “outstanding”. Alien Scientist (check out his page about Dr Judy Wood) was originally an anonymous YouTube Poster but he has now revealed that his name is Jeremy Rys – and again, I felt I had to write an article about his “activities”.   Sterling D Allan at Global BEM 2012   As mentioned earlier in this article, Sterling Allan was a speaker at the 2012 Conference. Curiously he did spend some time talking about 9/11 (which isn’t talked about all that much in proportion to the amount of information on No prizes for guessing what particular part of 9/11 research he chose to discuss… (Note: in the video linked below, there are some problems with flashing images due to some issues with the video editing which can be a little uncomfortable to watch)…   Even though this is only a “preview” of the presentation (full versions can be accessed  at www.globalbemvoices…. ), there is a section which is approximately 4 minutes long where he says he will be “going on a tangent” about something he has “never talked about” (presumably, in public). He then says he is (reading a book – Dr. Judy Wood’s “Where Did the Towers Go”) and he proceeds to present and discuss some of the details. However, in a manner similar to what Richard Hoagland did in 2011, Allan makes significant errors in his presentation. As with Mr Hoagland, Dr. Wood was not consulted about the content of this part of Allan’s presentation, neither was she aware he was going to speak about this at the conference. Some errors in the presentation are discussed below.   Initially when he starts discussing Dr Wood’s research, at 8:37, Allan describes a “pillar of iron”, though he then corrects himself to say “steel”.   8:47: Sterling Allan says, “The is new technology based on a lot of energy, probably a free-energy technology.”    9:22: The seismic signature was not that of an earthquake and therefore is not rated as a seismic signal, but can only be referred to as producing an equivalent magnitude with certain waves.    9:30: Sterling Allan claims it made the same seismic signature as “a superdome” that was 1/70th the size of (the towers)?   Which “superdome”?   In Dr. Wood’s presentation, she shows that WTC1 had about 30 times the potential energy of the Seattle Kingdome.  In any case, it did not make “the same seismic signature.”  The Seattle Kingdome generated S waves, P waves, and surface waves. No S wave or P waves were generated during the destruction of WTC1,2,3,4,5,6,7.  Only a surface wave was generated during the destruction of these buildings. So they did not leave “the same seismic signature.”   9:55: Sterling Allan claims the signal lasted only six seconds.  (It should be eight seconds for WTC1.) Sterling Allan claims “it would take 9 seconds for the things on the top to hit the bottom.”  Is Sterling Allan claiming the buildings would have collapsed in 9 seconds?  Apparently he has not developed any collapse models and done energy calculations for them. (It would take 9.22 seconds to drop a bowling ball from the roof to the ground in a vacuum.)   10:20: Sterling Allan claims “right next door, 200 feet from this, 12 firemen in a part of a stairwell that wasn’t collapsed by the dust.” Contrary to what Sterling Allan says, there were 14 people in Stairway B who survived [and two more who survived higher up in Stairway B, even though the Stairway didn’t survive].     10:35: Sterling Allan implies a directed energy weapon would have to cut everything like a saw at one level and is surprised that this is not what happened, as if he is setting up to claim that therefore a directed energy weapon could not have been used.   10:45: Sterling Allan claims “This was new technology they deployed on that day.”  How does he know this?  Does he know who “they” are and has been given a tour through the facility where it was kept?   10:50: Sterling Allan claims that WTC7 was destroyed by classic controlled demolition.  He obviously hasn’t done his homework.     11:40: Sterling Allan discusses the height of the rubble pile of WTC7.  Using the image Sterling Allan presents (albeit distorted), one can see that the “rubble pile” of WTC7 is not 6 or 7 stories tall.  WTC6 was an 8 story building and the “rubble pile” of WTC7 is much lower down than that.  And how does he know where “the energy weapon went in”?   12:50: Sterling Allan says “this was Black Ops top of the line stuff that they were pulling on us that day.” How does he know it was “Black Ops”? Isn’t this is a conspiracy theory? (i.e. though the evidence of what happened is now clear, it is still not clear who was responsible – or what the precise motive was. All we can deduce is who is likely to have more information about “who did it”.)     It is interesting to note that Sterling Allan does not say anything similar to “well, Dr Wood will be presenting her research at this conference, so if you attend her presentation, you will get the full picture.” Sterling Allan should have been well-aware that Dr Wood was scheduled to speak on the subject of 911 at the conference later that day.   Sterling Allan has made a gross misrepresentation of the evidence. Perhaps he will ask to be excused for his errors by claiming he is not a scientist?  Yet he claims Dr. Wood has “some holes in her logic and contradictions,” yet has failed to identify any errors or even take responsibility for making unfounded accusations such as this.  One must wonder why Sterling Allan, without a background in physics or structural engineering feels comfortable making claims that contradict physical evidence that has already been presented.   I’d like to suggest that the easiest way to convince the general and less-informed public that free-energy technology does not exist is to promote false information about what does exist so that it can simply be refuted by people with more knowledge and expertise in relevant fields.  So one can ask why Sterling Allan is presenting false information about someone else’s work.  Sterling Allan is not a scientist, so why is he pretending to present scientific work done by someone else where he makes many errors?    BEM Conference review by Sterling D Allan   Following the BEM Nov 2012 conference, Allan posted a review, in which he writes:   Her premise is that some kind of exotic technology was used to turn the buildings to dust, so that hardly any rubble was left (via a combination of Tesla’s Death Ray and Hutchison type effects). She presents a wide range of compelling evidence; and in her three hours of lecture, she also showed video footage. Her PowerPoint presentation is well formatted to highlight things in such a way that they cannot be overlooked any more. While there are some holes in her logic and contradictions, overall, I’m convinced there is something to the premise, which the controlled demolition model doesn’t satisfy.   I’m working on a story about that, but it is not an easy subject. There are some strong points on both sides of the argument. But one thing they both agree on is that the government cover-up story is ridiculously erroneous and impossible — that the buildings came down (in free-fall speed) because they were hit by jets.   This essentially repeats errors from his presentation, but goes further and states “there are some holes in her logic and contradictions”. These “holes and contradictions” are not identified and discussed and therefore, for the casual reader of Allan’s articles, doubt and uncertainty is introduced – possibly without the reader realising this. Additionally, in coming with others, Allan mis-characterises the evidence and research of Dr Wood as “a premise”. Was this an intention of Allan’s review? Mr. Allan introduces division by referring to “sides of the argument,” but truth doesn’t have sides. Either something is true or it is not true.   Stephen E Jones and Cold Fusion and Tritium   I first became aware of the connection between Steven E Jones and what is mis-known as Cold Fusion in 2006 or 2007. (Cold Fusion is better described as “Low Energy Nuclear Reactions” – LENR.)  In Feb 2007, I mentioned the Jones-Cold Fusion connection in the New 9/11 Hijackers? article that I had posted. Since then, more has become known about the connection between the evidence found in LENR research and evidence found at the World Trade Centre. This is to do with Tritium levels – a radioactive “sub-form” of Hydrogen. In LENR, anomalous levels of tritium were found in experiments carried out my many groups of researchers – one group being headed by Prof John Bockris at Texas A & M University. Dr Wood (and myself) discussed this connection in our respective presentations at the BEM 2012 Conference (November 9-11, 2012).   It was of great interest to me, then, when I found out that Sterling Allan had made a new posting on his website less than 1 week after the conference. The posting included a letter from Steven E Jones – about LENR / Cold Fusion – which Steven E Jones had given a presentation on in Oct 2012.   From: Steven Jones Sent: Saturday, November 17, 2012 4:15 PM [GMT-7] Subject: Slides (with minor edits) from Seminar given at Univ of Missouri , 25 Oct 2012   Gents,   Scientists at the University of Missouri invited me to give a seminar and also provided a tour of their lab, where they are doing related experiments. I’m excited about this, and even if my hypothesis turns out to be incorrect, the research is proceeding well!   I wish to re-emphasize that I find data for anomalous excess heat (without evidence for commensurate fusion products) to be compelling at this time. Back in 1989, I tried repeatedly to get P&F to drop their claim that the “excess heat” was due to d-d fusion, to no avail at the time. In fact, my insistence on this point — that it was NOT d-d fusion, earned me some enemies it seems.   In recent years, many if not most researchers in the field have come to share this view (it’s not d-d cold fusion, but something else!). Even Fleischman admitted it was not d-d fusion, before his passing.   Here I raise an hypothesis to account for the “anomalous excess heat” — an idea that (evidently) none of the Univ of Missouri researchers had heard of before…   Best wishes, Steven Jones Emeritus etc   PS — Slides from the Naval Research Lab which I cited are publicly available from the ICCF-17, Aug 2012, conference in Korea , here:…   talk WEA1-2 (Dominguez et al.)   It is interesting to note that this was posted on Sterling Allan’s website in the days immediately following Dr Wood’s presentation at BEM – because Dr Wood’s presentation included a discussion of a  “vote” on Cold Fusion Research that Steven E Jones led in 1989:     It has become clear to me that Steven E Jones has lied about Martin Fleischmann’s work in the field of LENR – when he said:   Even Fleischman admitted it was not d-d fusion, before his passing.   He repeats this false statement in a 2012 interview with Charles Giuliani. The truth is that Pons and Fleischmann soon revised their conclusion that nuclear fusion was involved:    (Source: New Energy Times) Within a year, Fleischmann and Pons backed off on their claim that their experiment showed evidence of fusion, but they did not retract their claim that their experiment revealed something new and inexplicable. They wrote the following in their 1990 paper:   “The preliminary note was to have been published under the title ‘Electrochemically Induced Fusion of Deuterium?’ but the all-important question mark was omitted. It is our view that there can be little doubt that one must invoke nuclear processes to account for the magnitudes of the enthalpy releases, although the nature of these processes is an open question at this stage.    Also, Jones himself admits that he coined the term “cold fusion” to describe the process and research that he and a colleague, Paul Palmer, had been working on in the mid 1980’s. Jones implies that Pons / Fleischmann then decided to adopt this term to label their own research (which was in a completely different area than Jones’ research).  The truth seems to be that Pons and Fleischmann, in common with other researchers working in the same field, were not happy about ongoing use of the “Jones-coined” term “Cold Fusion”.   One might ask – are both Sterling D Allan and Steven E Jones being deliberately careless in their description of important details – to divert people away from making connections between disparate sets of evidence? Steven E Jones – Remembering WTC Molten Metal and “Paint on Thermite”   I would now like to remind readers that Steven E Jones was one of the first researchers to talk about molten metal in relation to the events and aftermath of the WTC destruction. Indeed, Jones referred repeatedly to a video clip I helped him edit together in 2006 which he claimed showed molten metal flowing from one of the WTC towers, before its destruction. Jones falsely claimed that molten aluminium is silvery in appearance at all temperatures in daylight conditions. As I have repeatedly noted, molten metal was spoken of frequently by Jones and later by Richard Gage of AE911, but Jones and his co-authors did not mention molten metal in their Request for Corrections (RFC) submission to NIST in 2007. I contend that the molten metal “stories” were promulgated because some people really did see molten metal (firefighters apparently saw it) and Jones knew this. However, the metal was made to melt and/or glow by a process other than heating (i.e. some kind of process similar to what happens in some of John Hutchison’s experiments).   In order to keep the hot molten metal myth alive, it seems Steven E Jones had to come up with some highly dubious suggestions – such as beams in the towers being “painted with thermite or thermate”!   Paint on Thermate www.checktheevidence…   Molten Aluminium www.checktheevidence…   Keeping it in the Family?   Another curious thing which arose shortly before the BEM conference was  that Sterling Allan’s brother, Nathan Allan, posted a review of “Where Did the Towers Go?” on the Amazon page. Apparently, it was Nathan Allan who described Dr Judy Wood’s book to Sterling Allan and he became interested in it.   Though the review is favourable, in his review he wrote:   Her scholarship is so great in some areas, though unfortunately in parts she strays a bit far into tenuous tangents. For instance, even mentioning the “coral castle” and its surrounding hearsay unnecessarily discredits her efforts. The best nougats are tantalizingly hidden in subtle places throughout the book.   He also claims “her math surrounding pancaking is incorrect” – a reference to  Dr. Wood’s “Billiard Ball Example” (BBE) (this is not a model, it is a “thought experiment” to encourage people to re-evaluate, in a dispassionate way, the rapid demise of the towers). Nathan Allan has not fully understood this example, it seems – i.e. it is an “example” not “a model” or “a simulation.” Note that Dr. Wood’s “Billiard Ball Example” (BBE) was accepted through peer review and presented at an international engineering conference in June, 2006.   Nathan Allan also takes issue with the references to Coral Castle . In an article posted on his brother’s site,  he claims to have “busted” the idea that it is not well understood how it could have been built by one man. Nathan Allan makes a bold claim – Coral Castle has mystified engineers such as Chris Dunne as to how it was built.   Certainly, from my own examination of Coral Castle, I have concluded that the man who built (and rebuilt) it – Ed Leedskalnin – seemed to have knowledge about how to move and carve rock that no one else in modern times seems to have. Sterling D Allan “Reviews” Dr Wood’s Book   On December 9th 2012 – 1 month after the BEM conference, Sterling Allan posted an article entitled “Part I: The Ambulance that Survived WTC1 on 9/11 = Best Evidence for Dustification and Free Energy Demo” Though this article seems to be reasonably accurate in its description about some of what is covered in the book, although it repeats an earlier claim by Steven E Jones et al that “Active Thermitic Material [was] Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe”. (And again, the claims of thermite do not explain the evidence shown in the book Allan claimed to be reviewing. These thermite claims were not submitted to NIST in 2007 by Jones, et al.). Allan has included a number of images scanned directly from Dr Wood’s book – and these were used without consultation or permission, but at this point, no action was taken. At the end of this article – seemingly out of sequence with what else is covered, Allan writes:   Steven Jones is not a “disinformation agent”. He sincerely believes that controlled demolition, using nanothermite along with conventional explosives, was used to bring down the towers, based on the evidence he has personally witnessed and studied. (See my November 19, 2012 report about his reasons for saying that what people are calling “cold fusion” isn’t “fusion.”)   This statement implies that something to the contrary is stated in “Where Did The Towers Go,” which is not the case.   Vote for the Evidence, Vote for the Truth!   The finalisation of this article/documentation was prompted by an anniversary posting about Dr Wood’s book on Sterling D Allan’s pesn Website. Allan entitles this as being “Part II” of an earlier review of Dr Wood’s book. Again, Allan has included a number of images scanned directly from Dr Wood’s book – and these were used without consultation or permission.   Whilst the thrust of what is written seems sincere and well-meant, there are again important errors which could have been avoided through prior consultation with Dr Wood (who is referred to as “Judy” in the article). Some of these errors will be discussed below.   First, however, I would like to discuss Sterling Allan’s inclusion of “polling” in the article – is this to encourage doubt and uncertainty about what may or may not be in the book? As the article is not a full reproduction of what is in the book, then really, because of the importance of the evidence, I ask how can people make a fair judgement? Similarly, voting on whether the towers turned to dust is a ridiculous notion – especially when no images or video of this process are shown in the article! Additionally voting on who committed this crime (i.e. “Inside job”) is a ridiculous notion, considering that no evidence or discussion whatsoever is presented as to who committed these crimes. This appears to be an attempt to associate Dr. Wood’s work with opinions that are void of evidence.   Cold Fusion and Space Beams   Due to the concerns expressed above – especially Allan’s connection to Steven E Jones, I finally decided to write to him and present these concerns to him. I also included the following audio clips of Steven E Jones   “Spacebeams” www.checktheevidence…   “Pons/Fleischmann shouldn’t call their process fusion” www.checktheevidence…   Steven E Jones coined the term Cold Fusion www.checktheevidence…   As has been the case in the past, for me at least, responses to the emails I have sent have been quite illuminating (you can read the full exchange below).   The tone of his response is pleasant enough and, after all, he was not obliged to respond at all – but he did, and in some detail. I asked Sterling Allan why he had decided to use the pictures without permission. His response was:   I didn’t finally decide to do this article until last night, and I wanted to have it as the 9/11 feature, hence I didn’t have time to first get permission from Dr. Wood.   A lack of planning does not negate the need for permission. I asked Sterling Allan if he had used polls on any other articles and he kindly responded:   You can see a list of the polls I’ve done at… You will see there that in the past few months I’ve done polls with other technology postings, including the Yildiz magnet motor demo and a feature on Geoffrey Miller, See…    and why he had gone to some trouble to use them in this article. He responded:   Just curiosity. I’ve actually been very pleased with the response so far. I had thought there was more hesitation in my audience regarding 9/11. However, a lot of this traffic is coming from, which isn’t my usual audience.   I also asked him about a comment he made at the end of Dr Wood’s BEM presentation where he stated he would discuss what he had seen in the presentation with his friend Steven E Jones (Sterling Allan actually stated that what he had seen was “obvious”). I enquired if such a discussion had taken place and what the “outcome”, if any, had been. Allan replied:   Yes, I met with him. He remains a good friend. I’ve gotten two emails and a phone call from him in the past week. I reported on my conversation with him following the Holland Global BEM conference at:… and ever since that meeting, I’ve been driving home the point with my audience that “cold fusion” is probably not a proper terminology for what is happening. It’s most likely not fusion but transmutation, if that. It is a high energy reaction, and most likely nuclear, but almost definitely not “fusion”. That is the point that Steve was trying to make all those years ago, and it has taken this long for it to start catching on. Now, I bet if I were to take a poll of my audience (I should do this soon), I bet that around 70% would say it is “transmutation}, 10% would say “fusion”, and 10% would say “anomylous heat”, and 10% would say “nothing, bogus”.   It can be seen that this reply included nothing about Dr Wood’s presentation – nor Allan’s statement that following Dr Wood’s presentation, certain things that happened on 9/11 became “obvious”. Instead, he re-iterates Jones’ position on Cold Fusion (which, as discussed above, is not accurate). This was not really what I had asked him.   In a subsequent e-mail I put it to Sterling Allan that Steven E Jones had lied – both about Pons and Fleischmann and the true nature of molten metal discovered at the WTC site. I suggested that Jones may, indeed, have some kind of knowledge about what really happened to the WTC and he was helping to keep this covered up – just as he had been helping to keep certain evidence, research and knowledge about LENR covered up. Allan responded:   Regarding Steve Jones, I don’t find any problems in the audio files you attached. He’s stating his position from how he sees things. Yes, he coined the term “cold fusion”; and yes, he admonished that the term “fusion” not be used where “fusion” was not indicated by the evidence. If he has a misunderstanding of Judy’s presentation and mislabels it “space-based directed energy weaponry”, chalk it up to misunderstanding and seek to set the record straight through cordial, not accusatory and inflammatory dialogue. Judy’s portrayal of Steve is one of a crass conspirator, and I find it very offensive. She is very wrong on that, and will have to answer by karma; and perhaps part of that is the misportrayals of her work by others who are supposed to be on the same team.   I have yet to find a case where Steve “lies” making a statement on something he knows not to be the case. He might portray something contrary to your believe on the matter, but that is not a lie, it is a difference of opinion or paradigm.   We note that Mr. Allan refers to his good friend as “Steve Jones” but refers to Dr. Wood as “Judy.”   Allan is very keen to defend Jones – making excuses that he does not “understand” the evidence in Dr Wood’s book and on her website.  This is extremely odd – because Jones is a professor of Physics and Allan has no advanced degrees and openly states “he is not a scientist”. Allan stated that Dr Wood’s evidence made it “obvious” what happened – but here we have Allan making excuses for Jones. Also, Jones used the term “Space Beams” not “space-based directed energy weaponry” – why did Allan “translate” this term? Dr. Wood does not even discuss “space-based directed energy weaponry.” Dr. Wood does not discuss what the weapon was, much less where it was located. She only discusses the category of the type of energy involved. She has ruled out thermal energy weaponry, kinetic energy weaponry, but has not ruled out directed-energy weaponry. Dr. Wood has never stated where the weapon or weapons were located. This is even stated on the conclusions page of her original article in 2006.   Also Allan, criticises “Judy” – claiming she “castigated” Steven E Jones. Why does he make this claim, when it was Andrew Johnson that wrote to him about Jones lying – it was not “Judy” that made these statements? He diverts onto other issues, which I was not even aware of and had not questioned him about.   Allan characterises lies as “a difference of a opinion”. This is the sort of language manipulation which is used to help a cover up stay in place.   Perhaps I should just “Chill Out”?   Again, there will be some who will chastise me for being over critical of Sterling Allan – perhaps suggesting he is giving “free publicity” to Dr Judy Wood’s book. However, the publicity is best when accuracy is checked – and maintained – indeed, it is vital because of the importance of what we are dealing with here. I have found and documented that, on many occasions, the goal of quite a number of people has not been to fairly and accurately document, review or characterise what is in Dr Wood’s book and on her website. This has been true even though it seems, on the surface, like those people are trying to be “helpful”.   In his email Sterling Allan says to me   Sorry this appears to be a hot-button issue for you. You’re hyper sensitive to it. Chill out.   And then   Judy really needs to chill in her castigation of the whole 9/11 Truth movement. She has a victim mentality that really sours the potential reach of her material. She, unfortunately, is her own worst enemy. She commits treason against her own mission in life.   Amazing stuff. An ad hominem is a logical fallacy. Instead of addressing the questions posed to him, he insults someone else.   Lest, 12 years after the event, we are starting to forget something, let us remember what we are talking about:   1)      The crime of 9/11 which killed 3000 people and set the stage for all the terrible things that have happened in “the war on terror”. 2)      The use and cover up of an advanced weapons system which operates by using some form of Directed Free Energy.   Sterling Allan wants us to “chill out”…? “Under the Influence”?   I have written before about the evidence which indicates that (a) certain figure(s) in the alternative knowledge “truth” movement seem  to have the ability to influence others in subtle ways.

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