Re: Cyprus Mail Mentions the Chemtrail Issue in a Longish Article

From: tognola

Date: 2014-02-18 07:38:43

Hi Andrew, this Fernando from swiss911,  This chemtrai issue turn to be so mind boggling that I avoided it almost completely because the scope  made my focus spread too thin, I was right since naturally I noticed that specialization and depth has naturally grown. Last time we talked I retracted from my conspiratorial view a few steps pondering on the effect rather than cause view (  I typed that last sentence as if one could hardly hear my voice, at  ahigher pitch and stuttering for I see this view lead others to be persecuted and accused of being paid bunkers ) . Because the size and modernization of engines could explain their relatively unprecedented historical appearance, since I also remember that planes left heavy black smoke of which I stopped seeing during the 80s.  Still, here in Geneva, I will never forget one day with so many of them with con/chem trails , so long, persistent, low altitude with airplanes whose shapes were so elusive, highly reflective and glassy looking at times, and even younger kids born in the dvd generation with no clue about the conspiracy were literally wondering “whats up” . Some of the planes left no trail at all, or at intervals only, and although flying at what appeared very low altitude and following circular or sharp turns very unlike a holding pattern to put it mildly) the next day, there were no such trails at all. Geneva is not a big town but its airport runway as long as the town, making the situation more striking. Back in 2008, my uncle told me about him being told by a friend, airforce pilot  being handled very weird flight paths in absolute secrecy, I am wondering if going back to my uncle and pursue that line, or if it is worth it. ANYWAY, lol, all this came after I saw  a cool map… even liked it as a regards, keep up the quest for the truth, which if true, is good, for it is of God.

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