Re: WTC Destruction – Aftermath – 13 min video Video

From: realiseyourefree

Date: 2014-03-15 11:03:59

Good footage Andrew, thanks. Despite the cars with their obvious shells mostly intact (at 4:55mins) there are still people who claim the buildings collapsed and/or there were bombs…but these observers have been so ‘psy-oped’ (including myself until 2008) that the evidence itself seems completely irrelevant because they are still taking-in the enormity of the event itself, without pausing to really look.  Even today some 13 years later there are people who still cannot look at the footage properly without becoming so emotionally embroiled in the event…it’s as if the evidence is all but irrelevant now…they are blinded to it.   On my four month bike tour in Europe this summer I will of course be spreading the word about Dr Wood’s evidence. I can do this in German, but not in Spanish or French i’m afraid.

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