Dr Morgan Reynolds and Jarrah White discuss the 1986 Challenger Shut

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2014-03-20 14:03:46

This is well worth listening to. Near the end, Jarrah White makes the excellent point that the Apollo Hoax, and all the baggage with it, has held up the development of space travel – of course, it’s more complicated than just that, but it is true – it is one strong factor which helps to keep the truth covered up. I tried to make this point in the presentation I put together.   87 mins approx (no commercials). Thanks to Pete Santilli’s GMN for hosting this interview.   www.checktheevidence…   www.checktheevidence…   Jarrah White – Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster – Reynolds-Reveal-Episode-42.mp3 (20.1 MB) (Modified: Mar 20 2014 01:54:08 PM)    

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