Re: Anti-G or not?

From: benthejrporter

Date: 2014-05-11 08:35:16

Thanks for replying, Neil, glad you appreciated my contribution cheers. (Sorry I’ve not replied to your emails; I’ve been tied up preparing my speech for BUFOG next week) There is what could be a cloud of dust underneath the craft in the shots you mean; jet-driven hovering platforms like this do exist. I think this video might be concocted by clips of several different films. The speed of the launch making the craft a jet? There certainly would be a maximum speed that it could ascend, as you say, and it doesn’t exceed that. However this does not necessarily mean that it is a jet. Especially seeing as there is that curious lack of blast. Somebody on a forum said that some of the shots are fake and are just a model being hoisted by a crane. The dashboard shots are definitely not connected to the earlier ones; those definitely are controls from a game or arcade machine. The fact that the vid is a screenover makes it very hard to watch. The shouts of children in the background sound like they’re in a large room, like a shopping centre. There are also lights reflected off the screen obscuring the image. I can’t find the original of this, if it is online. Here’s a hovering platform from 1955; this one uses propellers: First Flying Platform – 1955 Hover Board First Flying Platform – 1955 Hover Board Flying Platform. US Navy demonstrates its Flying Platform in 1955, a “flying skateboard” or “hover board” vehicle that uses a direct lift rotor … View on Preview by Yahoo  

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