Dr Eric Larsen on Paul Levy “Dispelling Wetiko”

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2014-06-28 15:29:22

This is long, but hopefully you will get something out of reading it – such as:   A collective psychosis driven and imbued by wetiko can have the appearance of being absolute, permanent, unalterable, and unapproachable. Levy describes the phenomenon: A psychic epidemic is a closed system, which is to say that it is insular and not open to any new information or informing influences from the outside world which contradict its fixed, limited, and limiting perspective. In a co-dependent, self-perpetuating feedback loop, any reflection that is offered from others, rather than being reflected upon, utilized, and integrated in a way that supports the growth and evolution of the system, is perversely misinterpreted to support the agreed-upon delusion biding the collective psychosis together. Anyone challenging this shared reality is seen as a threat and demonized. An impenetrable field, like a protective bubble, is collectively conjured up around their shared psychosis that literally resists consciousness and perpetuates the spell-like trance of those in its thrall. There is no talking rationally. Using logic or facts, with someone under the spell of the psychic epidemic, as their ability to reason and to use discernment has been disabled and distorted in service to the psychic pathogen which they carry. [50]http://www.awakeninthedream.com/wordpress/dispelling-wetiko-paul-levy-and-the-future-of-humanity/

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