Keeping The Secret Space Programme a Secret

Keeping The Secret Space Programme a Secret

Subtitle: The TR3B, Trolls and the Truth

Andrew Johnson (ad.johnson@ntlworld….)

02 July 2014


I sometimes stop to wonder how I can possibly have ended up writing articles like this – and how I can have come to know things that I know. Similarly, I am almost baffled as to how I can have come into contact with the people that I have come into contact with. 20 years ago, I was tutoring and lecturing 16-18 year old pupils in Computing and Maths at a College of Further Education in the East Midlands region of the UK. 10 years ago, I was working from home – still tutoring in a Computing subject, doing some Software Development and also assessing students with disabilities. I had, by that time, started to uncover a different reality – and had realised that there must be a connection between the UFO/ET phenomenon and what has been called “Free Energy” technology. This was mainly because of Dr Steven Greer’s “Disclosure Project” – which brought forward a compelling body of powerful witness testimony, from many highly qualified and highly trained observers. This body of testimony was also, in many cases, accompanied by important pieces of documentary evidence, detailed in Steven Greer’s “Disclosure” book and elsewhere. Since then, I have been immersed in a process of following a number of significant “disclosure threads” and have found they are part of a much larger tapestry of reality than most want to acknowledge. I have found that, surprisingly, even people such as Dr Greer himself do not want to acknowledge that parts of this tapestry are connected to other parts. I have written and spoken, fairly extensively, on the connections between the “free energy” issue and the events of 9/11. This discovery, for me, happened because of the research of Dr Judy Wood into the destruction of the WTC Towers on 9/11.


Following my discovery of the Disclosure Project in 2003, I started to research into topics related to Antigravity Technology and theories – and I avidly read Nick Cook’s book, The Hunt For Zero Point and watched a number of videos online. In 2004, I compiled some of the additional information I had come across into a PowerPoint presentation which I then narrated, using a desktop microphone, to create a video – called “The Case for Antigravity”. (I created some introductory music using a free package called eJay and added some simple graphics.) In the video, I included information about current thinking about gravity and also historical research by figures like Thomas Townsend Brown. I uploaded this to Google Video – which had just come into service. In this video, I mentioned the disclosures of a certain Edgar Fouche, who gave a few public presentations, starting in 1998, where he gave an account of his knowledge of a secret aircraft – called the TR-3B, developed as part of the “Aurora” Programme. According to Edgar Fouche


  • The operational model of the TR3B is 600 feet across.
  • At least 3 of the billion dollar plus TR-3Bs were flying by 1994.
  • The craft can travel at up to Mach 9 in any direction (due to reduced G-forces).
  • At times a corona of silver blue light glowed around the circumference of the massive TR-3B.
  • The TR-3B’s outer coating is reactive and changes with radar stimulation and can change reflectiveness, radar absorptiveness, and colour.
  • Quasi-Crystals are used in the vehicle’s skin.
  • Part of the propulsion as being by Magnetic Field Disruption (MFD), which has been reverse engineered. Mercury based Plasma, pressurised at 250,000 atmospheres & at a temperature of 150K (-123C) is rotated at 50,000 rpm. (MFD research had started as early as 1955.)
  • This reduces the weight of the centre of the craft by 89%. This increases manoeuvrability by 89% as well.
  • TR-3B uses Nuclear Thermal Hydrogen / Oxygen Engines for manoeuvring


I included this information in the video, and in a short booklet that I later made to accompany this presentation. (An updated version of this video was posted in 2010 by Anthony Beckett, following a presentation I gave at one his Exopolitics Conference.) Since 2005, several people have re-uploaded this video (a matter I will return to in a few moments). What struck me about Edgar Fouche’s account was the level of technical detail he gave. This level of detail is rare in the accounts of so-called whistleblowers who have appeared on websites such as “Project Camelot” and “Coast to Coast”.


Edgar Fouche’s account is told from his position as someone who was both in the US Air Force and as someone who later worked as a defence contractor. He has posted a number of documents about his background (discussed later).


Going back to the matter of the “Case for Antigravity” video that I made in 2004/2005, one poster that re-uploaded the video was “Alien Scientist”. Interestingly, this poster included my original description/summary and then added the following text:


This was one of the videos I stumbled upon in my initial research into anti-gravity which lead me into researching Ed Fouche and first revealed to me the existence of Metamaterials and Quasicrystals (which I had no idea about at the time) I credit this video for inspiring me to take the research a step further and create the AlienScientist YouTube Channel. I am now paying my respects to the author of this video by re-uploading it here to YouTube so that more people can learn about the work that inspired me.


I would now like to spend some time discussing “Alien Scientist,” as he is a key figure in the workings of the cover up and “muddle-up” of important evidence and disclosures related to 9/11 and anti-gravity technology.

Alienated Scientist


It was somewhat ironic to later discover that this “AlienScientist” who had been “inspired” by my 2005 video, would not “pay me respect” when I pointed out errors and mistakes in one of his other videos. It became clear that his motivations were significantly different to my own. “Alien Scientist” was not interested in “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth,” as I am. He later demonstrated that his main interest in the truth was so he could help cover parts of it up. This YouTube poster, Alien Scientist – later revealed his identity to be Jeremy Rys. It became clear that he was posting lies about what happened on 9/11 and in doing so, he was deliberately leading people away from the truth – and I wrote about this in an article that I posted in October 2011. The main issues which that article documents were Jeremy Rys’s repeated lies about Dr Judy Wood’s research. Rys stated that Dr Judy Wood had claimed “space lasers” had destroyed the WTC. In one particular video, he used a defaced image of Dr Judy Wood’s book “Where Did the Towers Go?” – which was the reason a copyright violation was filed against his channel (i.e. it was not “fair use” of said image). This ultimately resulted in the whole channel being taken down by YouTube, for a period of time. However, Jeremy Rys reposted this same video on 30 Nov 2012. Why would he want to do this and put his channel at risk of termination again? Clearly, Rys was quite determined to have this video online – even though it contains many mis-characterisations, propaganda and mistakes. (At this point, readers can also note the image at the top of a page on Rys’s website entitled “The "Directed Energy Weapons" Hypothesis vs. Real Science and see if the image has been drawn up by a “real scientist.”)


Also of note is Alien Scientist’s Facebook Page, where it states:


A non-profit educational foundation teaching science, logic, and critical thinking skills and how to apply them to complex topics with an overall goal of bettering humanity by promoting the creation of a peaceful, sustainable, space faring society.


It is unclear what the components of his “educational foundation” actually are, however – beyond a YouTube channel and a website (i.e. perhaps I have inadvertently created my own “educational foundation” by creating a website and YouTube channel. That is to say, the description is meaningless in this context).


Alien Scientist – Connections


In researching Jeremy Rys, two significant connections came to light. Firstly Rys had a connection to Richard Heene, the father of “balloon boy.” The Balloon Boy Story received blanket coverage in the US media for a short period in late 2009. Richard Heene claimed that, without him knowing, his son was carried off inside a helium filled balloon that he had made in his back garden – a home video showed them launching the balloon then panicking after realising their son was in the balloon” as it floated upwards. The “media drama” revolved around the story of the child being endangered by this situation – as no one knew where it would land. However, Richard Heene was later charged with wasting police time, as he lied about his son being in the balloon. He pleaded guilty to the charge and went to prison in early 2010.


The peculiar thing is, a photo on the American Antigravity Website (archived here) shows Jeremy Rys filming Richard Heene – with what seems to be a good quality video camera. So what, exactly, is the connection between these two people (apart from them both being proven liars)?


The other interesting connection is Jeremy Rys’s father – Richard A Rys. A page on his website documents:



June 2010 – present – Working with Invensys to provide control systems for 8 PWR style Nuclear reactors to be located in Fuqing, Fangjiashan, and Hainan China. The projects total about 7300 MW of power. The main role has been to test the control system software and hardware. The control platform is a combination of IA systems, Triconex, and ATOS for the graphical user interface.


Further inspection of this web page reveals that Richard A Rys works in the energy industry, with a company called Invensys – in a project engineer’s role. A quick look at the Invensys Website reveals


Invensys works with: 23 of the top 25 petroleum companies, 48 of the top 50 chemical companies, 18 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies, 35 of the top 50 nuclear power plants, all of the top 10 mining companies, 7 of the top 10 appliance manufacturers.


Invensys enables:, 20% of the world’s electricity generation, 18% of the world’s crude oil refining, 37% of the world’s nuclear energy generation, 62% of the world’s liquefied natural gas production, 23% of the world’s chemical production.


I am given to wonder if (because I have no evidence that) Richard A Rys knows Tony Craddock


Having established certain facts about Jeremy “Alien Scientist” Rys, let us return to his association with Edgar Fouche, which I wrote about in the afore-mentioned “Alien Scientist and His Alien Science” October 2011 article.

Alien Scientist supports Edgar Fouche!


On the same day I posted my article – 11 Oct 2011, Jeremy Rys posted a new YouTube video to promote his new internet discussion forum, linked to his website. In this video, starting at 0:32, Jeremy Rys states:


Former Area 51 Employee Edgar Fouche is a special guest on my forum, so you have the rare opportunity to directly talk with a former employee of the top secret military base at Groom Dry lake and ask him any questions you’d like.


If Jeremy Rys is using this to promote his new forum, he must think that Ed’s information is important and truthful, must he not?


The Alien Scientist Forum and Its Demise – Edgar Fouche Writes to Andrew Johnson


The Alien Scientist Forum ran for almost 2 years – it has been defunct since early November 2013. Around 20th November 2013, Edgar Fouche contacted me via my YouTube channel and we arranged to talk on Skype. He acknowledged our earlier correspondence back in 2010 regarding Jeremy Rys and we agreed to do some interviews. I can only presume that Ed Fouche decided to contact me because I had mentioned him in earlier videos that I had made and I had also some of knowledge of Jeremy Rys and how he was “operating”. Perhaps his decision to contact me was connected to the demise of the Alien Scientist forum, which Ed had apparently invested a considerable amount of time posting information on (all of these posts are no longer accessible).


Edgar Fouche – Disclosing Secret Technologies (Video Series)


In early January 2014, Ed and I recorded about 6 hours of interviews. By the middle of February 2014, I had edited together these videos and posted them on my website and 2 YouTube Channels. I later added images of some of the documents he sent electronic copies of in relation to his military career and training. Anyone who has not yet done so can review this information (independent of what is written in this article) and decide for themselves on the validity of the evidence). I did not make any effort to promote these interviews – I just posted a link to them to my email list and on my Facebook page.


In Feb. 2014 I discussed, with Richard D Hall, the possible connection between Ed’s disclosures about the TR3B and the flying triangle cases that Richard had documented in his film "Almost Identifed Flying Objects". He later decided he would like to film an interview / discussion with me about Ed’s disclosures and this was recorded in May 2014, posted on Richard’s Website on 14th Jun 2014 and it was broadcast on Sky Satellite Channel 192 (UK and Europe) on 21st June 2014.


David Hilton writes to Andrew Johnson


David Hilton has a YouTube channel, where he describes himself as an Anthropologist, Historian and Researcher.



He has several interesting videos, among the 20 or so that he has uploaded since his channel was created on 28 June 2012. He has 3 videos relating to Charles Hall’s account of meeting Tall White Aliens in Area 51 while he was working as a Weather Man there in the 1960’s (my friend Richard D Hall interviewed Charles Hall in 2011).


Out of the blue, on 22 June 2014 David Hilton wrote to me, sending me a link to a video he had posted called “Edgar Fouche – Faked Documents”.


Recipient: info@checktheevidenc…


Message text: Mr. Johnson,


I suggest you view this video.




David Hilton


David Hilton’s name was already familiar to me, as it had come up during the interviews I did with Ed Fouche.


As you can see, David Hilton made no reference in his message to the videos I had made with Ed and neither did he make any reference to the interview with Richard D Hall. Presumably, David Hilton had become aware of Richard D Hall’s programme and decided to write to me, the day after Richard D Hall’s programme had aired – he seemed to have posted the video around the same time Richard D Hall’s programme aired. However, it is worth noting that I had posted 6 hours of interviews with Edgar Fouche on my YouTube channels and website 3 – 4 months earlier. (i.e. why didn’t David Hilton write to me then, and send me his video?)


When I watched the video he had made, I noticed he had used a clip of the interview between Richard D Hall and myself and then Hilton went on to make claims that Ed had faked one of his documents. I was uncomfortable that David Hilton had used this clip, without permission, in what was to me, essentially, a “hit piece.”


I therefore asked him to re-edit the clip and post a new version excluding the clip of myself and Richard Hall. Initially, he was reluctant to do this and stated:


I respectfully disagree. The Richard Hall clip is indicative of the community at large, and of media in general. The clip, and almost all other sources place great emphasis on Edgar Fouche’s documents as establishing his credentials. In fact the clip states "he worked at Area 51 which is proven with lots of documents that he has released." If fact only one document has anything to do with Area 51, as per Edgar Fouche’s claim, and that is the AF Form 77a document. Most of his documents are mundane documents which prove nothing except that he was in the US Air Force. I’m sorry, but I must regretfully decline your request to remove the clip. Removing the current video would destroy all the current links the video has gotten, take away an establishing point about media, and its only about a 45 second clip so it is not overly long. I really hope that this point does not sour communication as I have enjoyed our exchange.


In conversation with Richard he said that normally, he would not have minded David Hilton using the clip, but Richard added that as he was talking to me about Ed Fouche’s disclosures and the interviews I’d done with Ed, he did not grant permission for Hilton to use the clip. Richard shared the email exchange he had had with Hilton about use of the clip, in which David Hilton said:


Actually Mr. Johnson is only seem for a couple of seconds. The clip features you and your words. However, fine I’ll change the video to unlisted, so as to preserve it for those that have posted it on forums. In the mean time I’ll re-edit and re-post it without your footage.


I wrote back to Hilton saying that making the video unlisted "so that he could post in on forums” was not really in the spirit of what I had asked. He then made the original video (including a clip of myself and Richard D Hall) private and he re-posted a new version (without the clip of Richard D Hall and myself) on 26 June 2014. His description for this video read


Edgar Fouche’s Air Force Form 77a is a fake document. He also says he wants to hide his tampering on camera.


So, what of the claims that Hilton had made in his video? I decided to ask him some questions, which I have pasted below, along with his answers.


From: David Hilton

Sent: 22 June 2014 18:06

To: ad.johnson@ntlworld….

Cc: Richard Hall; Jeremy Rys; Dan B; MW

Subject: RE: Edgar Fouche "Fake Document" Video

Mr. Johnson,


Thank you for your response. Below are my answers to your questions. I encourage you to find a copy of the document in question, AF Form 77a, from multiple sources and check it for yourself.


AJ: Did you record yourself using Photoshop in this video and this your voice and use of Photoshop? 

DH: Yes it is my voice.


AJ: Did you get Edgar Fouche’s permission to post this?

DH: No. His permission was not requested or required. Jeremy Rys found this video in his file server, and provided it to me. It is a conversation between Edgar Fouche and Jeremy Rys. Jeremy Rys recorded it in 2011, gave me a copy of it, and gave me permission to use it. I enlarged the view of Edgar Fouche to concentrate on him. When you see slight flips or flashes in the Fouche footage, it is because of adjusting the video to maintain concentration on Edgar Fouche.


AJ: Did you get Richard D Hall’s permission to use a portion of our interview? 

DH: I did not get Richard Hall’s permission. I looked, but could find no way to contact him. I see that you copied your email to him, so I will also do likewise. Regardless my usage of his video is only a short clip, and is used as criticism which is allowed under Fair Use. No copyright claim or infringement is intended on his footage, that’s why I gave credit to him in the clip with the title "Richplanet TV."


AJ: The recording, near the end, with Ed where he says "I want to find a filter whereby it doesn’t look like I have tampered with it" (or words similar to that) was recorded in Feb 2011 – 3 years ago. Why are you posting this video now – Ed’s been saying the same thing not only since 2011 but since 1998?

DH: I am posting this now because I only received the footage a few days ago, and prior to that had no knowledge of it. As said before this had been stored on a file server used for dumping large amounts of video to. Jeremy Rys was going through the old storage, and ran across this video. He knew I had found problems with Fouche’s document, and he provided it to me.


AJ: Let us, for the sake of argument, assume that what you are claiming is true, that he has faked this document, do you know or have you studied any of the others he has presented and found them to be fake ?


DH:I have not yet, but I plan to. However all of his other documents present no proof other than a normal career of a mechanic. They make no grand claims. AF Form 77a on the other hand, Edgar Fouche claims as proof he was at Area 51.


AJ: Has  anyone else you know repeated your study and come to the same conclusion?


DH: Not to my knowledge. I only posted the video yesterday. I invite everyone to repeat my study, and come to their own conclusion. I state this clearly at the end of the video.


AJ: Do you have any other main areas (go into as much detail as you like) where you think Ed has "made stuff up"?


DH: After knowing Ed on a personal level since February of 2012, it is my opinion that he made up/lied about everything. I’ve caught him in so many lies and contradictions that I can’t keep up with them all. Its not really something that can be completely hashed out in an email. I may be over-reaching here, but I’d like to invite both you and Mr. Hall to a skpye conversation on the matter with myself, Dan B and Jeremy Rys, if they are willing. Another friend of ours MW can give you many examples of Fouche lying. I know that both you and Jeremy have very differing opinions between the two of you, however I hope that we can put that aside for now to address this Fouche issue.


AJ: Just as a note Jeremy Rys claims various things about 9/11 and I KNOW for sure that some of what he claims is untrue. Also, he is a smart guy and should also know himself that what he has claimed, multiple times is untrue. (He has been told multiple times it is untrue yet still claims the same things). Do you have any thoughts on that side of things?


DH:I’d don’t have much knowledge of the 9-11 subject, as I have said before. I am interested, but it is not a subject I have delved into. To be honest, I watched Loose Change years ago, but that’s been about it.  I have had practically no conversation with Jeremy Rys concerning 9-11. The only 9-11 interaction I have with him is by occasionally watching his videos, or reading his facebook posts about it.


I was particularly interested in the parts I have emboldened in his response and note that his response was cc’d to Jeremy Rys (and Jeremy Rys never responded to any of our exchange). Clearly David Hilton had made some bold accusations regarding Ed’s document and I now point the reader at Edgar Fouche’s public response to the accusations in the video, which I have pasted a portion of here:


This document was created by Typewriter or Electronic Typewriter, no admin had ANY type of computers in 1979! Didn’t see Admin PCs until the LATE 1980s! Also Jeremy Rys altered the contrast and definition as he told us. I have the original draft, the corrected second version, and the final version written by my boss and typed by his secretary.


". Instead we concentrate on the quality of the original. This can be a problem for the following reasons:


1. the original is old, and has suffered physical degradation.


2. the original was produced on a manual typewriter, so the individual characters can show variations in pressure and position.


3. the original is a carbon copy produced on a typewriter.


4. the original is a low quality photocopy, and shows variations in toner density and character spread, as well as general copier "grunge" caused by a dirty glass or background.



I noticed that David Hilton had another video on his channel entitled Edgar Fouche Confesses – Liar & NSA Agent – posted 8th June 2014 (only about 3 weeks after Richard D Hall had posted our interview about Ed Fouche and the TR-3B on his website). Those who watch the video may be fooled into thinking Ed Fouche was indeed confessing – but the video is clearly not one that was an “organised” or “ordered” discussion of matters. David Hilton has given this description for the video:


Recorded 2-11-2013. This video was originally going to be about an F-15 crash I was researching, but the conversation never turned to it. Edgar Fouche claims he did not know he was being recorded. Edgar Fouche was fully aware he was being recorded. It was a planned recording that he wanted to do. He had a huge red button on Oovoo that advised him that he was being recorded, and told him to press it to end the call if he did not want to be recorded. AlienScientist made a video on his YouTube Channel using parts of this. I’m posting the unedited version here for all to see since many have requested it, and since Edgar Fouche himself decided to slander and libel me.


Again, Edgar Fouche has told his side of the story – which is basically that he did not know he was being recorded, he was “not in good shape” and he was being sarcastic at various points in the late-night conversation and at other times he was being deadly serious. As David Hilton states above, this video was recorded in February 2013 – so why did it take 9 months or more for it to be come “important”, if what Hilton claims in the description is true? Again, I have emboldened the reference to Alien Scientist. Now let us compare this to an earlier comment David Hilton made about the “forged document” video, where Edgar Fouche appears towards the end. David Hilton says:


Jeremy Rys recorded it in 2011, gave me a copy of it, and gave me permission to use it.


So, both David Hilton and Jeremy Rys have recorded Ed and posted videos of him without his permission. If you watch both videos carefully, neither of them support the claims that Rys and David Hilton have made against Ed.


I also asked David Hilton about the FOIA he had done for information on Ed Fouche – and he explained he had written to the Air Force but had not yet received a response.


On 27 June 2014, I wrote back to David Hilton with some further questions about his videos.

Ed admits on camera he doesn’t want people to think he’s forged/tampered with it – he repeats this in the email to Jeremy dated 7 Feb 2011. Why would he admit that he’d changed it in writing if he was trying to hide something?


Where you compare your Uncle’s document with the colour curves, it’s not exactly a fair comparison – as you use a colour scan of your Uncle’s document and a grey-scale of Ed’s document, so I think this makes the comparison less useful really.


When Ed is reading the document he actually reads the words "cryptological", even though he reads some of the other words slightly differently, so I didn’t really see this as evidence of tampering with the document either. (He said he was "skimming through" anyway).


As a general "concept" Ed has already said that his work on black programmes turned him into a liar – because he had to lie to his wife and tell her that he was somewhere doing something when he was somewhere else doing something else. So, by your logic, this makes absolutely everything he says untrustworthy – so why even bother listening to him in the 1st place?


As I alluded to in an earlier message, I find that other parts of Ed’s account corroborate with completely separate areas of research (and I know these have been discussed on the AS forum and other forums – but sadly those discussions degenerate into "slanging matches" all too easily and quickly and any objective of establishing the truth about these things is quickly submerged). I won’t repeat those thoughts here, because they are mostly covered in the video interviews I did with him that I posted a couple of months or more ago.


Has Ed been used as a "carrier" to promulgate disinformation about the TR-3B and related technologies? I am not totally sure. But what I can say with certainty is that 100’s or 1000’s of people have seen craft near and far which seem to closely resemble what Ed described.


(My original email to David Hilton contained additional points, ones which I was not aware Ed himself had addressed in the forum postings already linked above). To date, I have received no response from David Hilton to these questions and comments.


At this point I would ask – why would someone want to post these videos of Ed, without permission? What was the objective? Does it truly contain reliable evidence that Ed has deliberately given false information in his disclosures about the TR3B and related topics? What exactly has David Hilton proved with his videos and illegal recordings? If you consider the "fake document" video and Ed’s response to it, and Hilton’s lack of response to my questions, can we make any conclusions about his true reasons for editing and posting these videos?


Observations about David Hilton’s Channel and Other Videos


A further video posted by David Hilton on the Outpost forum is entitled “Edgar Fouche’s Lie”. This video, in which David Hilton appears briefly is, however, set as “unlisted” on David Hilton’s YouTube Channel. The video is about an alleged Skype conversation with Edgar Fouche, but I could not see the screen clearly enough in Hilton’s video to verify the claims he was making.


David Hilton has posted no other videos about Ed Fouche or the TR-3B – not one! He has, however, posted 3 videos featuring Jeremy Rys – one about the termination of Rys’s YouTube channel. In the description of this video, he writes


AlienScientist talks about how his channel is being attacked by Judy Wood’s people. 


Hilton fails to point out that Jeremy Rys was lying about Dr Judy Wood’s research and he, like Hilton used material without permission, in order to denigrate the character of the person he was making the video about (i.e. this was not “fair use”). Another video by Hilton is entitled AlienScientist Channel Terminated, and another one was AlienScientist Is Back. For me, at least, this makes the nature of what David Hilton is supporting very clear.




Sometimes (not always), on internet forums and on YouTube channels, the use of a particular avatar can reveal something about the poster. In my own case, I often use a picture of an apparent artificial dome on Mars as photographed by Mars Global Surveyor and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. I use this avatar in the hope that someone will ask me “what the hell is it?” I.e. I use it because I am very curious about this image and want to encourage others to “check it out.”


I would now like to note the Avatar image on David Hilton’s YouTube channel



Perhaps David Hilton is interested in Science Fiction – but the image is one associated with a particular Science Fiction story – H.G. Wells’ “The Invisible Man”. I note this because David Hilton wrote in an email to me that he “does not have a Web Camera” and he only seems to appear in one of his videos. So is this how David Hilton would like to think of himself as “The Invisible Man”? I can only guess…


Car Accident


Sadly, on 28 June 2014, about 1 week after the Richard D Hall programme aired, Edgar Fouche was involved in a car accident – about which he later sent me the following message, which was typed by a friend of his:


I’m here at his home, writing this to only two people using one of his comps. Ed asked me to write you this. I wrote it down, here it is. Friday early afternoon Ed was returning home from the grocery store. A dark US made pickup truck came a top a hill in front of him halfway in his lane. Ed made evasive manoeuvres and hit a tree. Breaking two ribs, and fracturing 2. Ed head knocked out the front window. He had/has a mild concussion. No tickets were issued. The driver of the pickup was not identified, nor did he stop. His head is a bloody mess still.


You don’t know Ed like I do. Some of us think someone tried to murder or shut him up


I’m the one picked him up at hospital. His car was total totalled.


Summary and Conclusion


Previously, I had documented how Jeremy Rys had lied about Dr Judy Wood’s research (and he continues to do this to this day). Here I have discussed how David Hilton tried to mischaracterise what Ed Fouche has said (i.e. he has not fairly described the circumstances under which Ed made these statements). Further, David Hilton has made dubious claims about one document that Ed Fouche has produced, and Ed Fouche has explained why these claims are unfounded. Let me now summarise some observations and data in this article.


  • Jeremy Rys has had a past association with convicted fraudster Richard Heeney.


  • Both David Hilton and Jeremy Rys have admitted to recording conversations with Ed Fouche and posting these recordings on the internet without permission.


  • David Hilton has made 3 videos about Jeremy Rys and his Youtube channel (in relation to its termination due to copyright violations).


  • David Hilton has made zero videos about the TR-3B or any of the technology that Edgar Fouche has talked about.


Only in one short section of this lengthy article have I discussed the actual evidence and testimony that Edgar Fouche has repeatedly and consistently made since 1998 – and the fact that parts of that testimony – such as that regarding the MJ12 documents researched, completely independently, by Stanton Friedman et al, add significant weight to the validity of Ed’s testimony. Additionally, the information Ed brought forward regarding the "Alien Autopsy" seems to fit with what we know about the Santilli film.


Finally, I myself cannot ignore the fact that Jeremy Rys has now attacked Edgar Fouche and Dr Judy Wood – both of whom have brought forward credible information relating, in some way, to secret energy technology and secret antigravity technology.


Due to the length and complexity of this article, and others that I have written of a similar structure, few people will read it through to the end. The doubt and uncertainty introduced and promoted by the likes of Jeremy Rys, David Hilton and many, many others – is effective in preventing the development an accurate understanding of these stupendously important technologies. With all the back-biting, character smears and internet forum noise, few if any people will be able to work out what the real truth is. Mission accomplished.





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